[exclusive] in-depth interpretation of Google SEO-29 ‘s involvement in the $80 billion international SEO market

Intro:   With the rapid development of mobile Internet and artificial intelligence, many people think that the SEO industry has been declining day by day, especially the domestic SEO industry is gradually decl

With the rapid development of mobile Internet and artificial intelligence, many people think that the SEO industry has been declining day by day, especially the domestic SEO industry is gradually declining under the guidance of Baidu. But on the contrary, there are more opportunities for overseas digital marketing, or SEO, led by Google SEO. Next, I will take a look at the international SEO market through a large number of cases.

Here is my deep interpretation of 29 companies involved in the $80 billion international SEO market

The companies I would like to mention below may be familiar to everyone, of course, there are some unknown companies, you may not have heard of them, but these companies still make a lot of money, but do not be surprised that this is the charm of the international digital marketing market.

So you might learn about well-known SEO brands like SEMRush,Moz or Yext through this article.

Some “inside story”.

Or we can predict the profitability of a company like backlinko by using the size of its Facebook private group on the basis of the unit price of some companies’ training customers.

But I’m not here to expose the finances of any company, but to discover more market opportunities by deconstructing market segments. Of course, I won’t analyze all the companies involved in the SEO business in the world, because if all the agents are added, it would be a huge number. The real purpose of this article is to enlighten us by discovering the profit patterns of these companies.

1. Credo (Digital Marketing Talent matching)-$32000 per month

It was impressive to see John Doherty, the founder of Credo, go all the way from the marketing team in charge of one of Hotpads (Zillow’s departments to the creation of Credo. He found that the essence of digital marketing talent matching service is to screen out high-quality human resources through strict review, and match to the corresponding digital marketing companies. In fact, it is a bit similar to our domestic NetEase Yan Xuan, the difference is that Credo is a strict choice of digital marketing talents.

In an interview with Indie Hackers a few months ago, John revealed that Credo earned about $25000 a month and $356000 in 2017.

Of course, Credo is not just recommending SEO talent, their services cover the entire field of digital marketing, including PPC, Facebook advertising, and so on, and SEO is just the main focus of my attention to them.

In addition, John told me privately that he now earns about $32000 a month on the site.

2. Http://iPinternet.net( internal media delivery platform) $39000 profit per month

Ipinternet describes itself as “a company that only offers high-quality SEO media delivery.” I believe many people may be surprised to see that ipinternet may be surprised because they were the first SEO media delivery platform within a multinational media group, providing only services for internal use, so even people in the international SEO circle have rarely heard of the company.

But in recent years they have been preparing for the opening of their services to the outside world. In addition to the cooperation of other transnational media groups, they also intend to open up some mass markets (mainly for digital marketing service providers).

I am familiar with their founder Saiful, who recently revealed that the company currently earns nearly $39000 a month.

I believe that if they officially open up to the outside world in the future, there will be inestimable growth, so my team has been talking to them about agency affairs recently, hoping that they will open up the Chinese market.

3. Nightwarch (SEO Software platform)-$40000 per month

First of all, put aside the Nightwatch service, their website design, is the coolest I see. Nightwatch founder Alijaz, revealed a few months ago that their site could charge $35000 a month, but the latest news has risen to $40000 a month.

4. NinjaOutreach (Email contact tool)-$50000 per month

NinjaOutreach is a more interesting company, and although I have data on their revenue per minute here, they don’t want the data to be disclosed, so I’m not going to disclose that number here.

I often joke with them that your company is responsible for 99% of the guest post’s automatic email on the market, but it’s not just a joke. , Ninja Outreach has such an influence in the field of outreach.

In any case, their co-founder Dave Schneider revealed on IndieHackers that they had a profit of $50000 a month.

5.Serpstat (SEO Software Services)-$840000 per year

Serpstat, a 100 per cent Ukrainian company, describes itself as the fastest-growing provider of SEO and content marketing tools on the market.

Their website reached a profit of $70000 in December 2017, while in January of the following year their profit rose to $88000, which can be said to be growing very rapidly.

In a recent interview with Nathan Latka, founder Artem shared a lot about how Serpstat stands out in an already competitive market, and if interested friends can learn more about it.

6.RankScience (SEO A / B test)-$80000 per month

In the earliest interview, the founder of RankScience told the story of his journey as a SEO consultant to start RankScience.

RankScience mainly provides a kind of SEO A / B test, through the setting of different page content, to see their direct differences, so as to improve the natural search effect of the site as a whole.

This is a very small market, and at present there are not many competitors.

7.Growth Machine (SEO content Marketing Service)-$85000 per month.

About two years ago, even if I had been in the international SEO circle for so long, I had no idea who Nat Eliason was. But two years ago, his company, Growth Machine, was not founded at all. But now it takes them only a year to make millions of dollars.

One of my current potential clients is Nat’s current customers, and of course we don’t have a competitive relationship. But that’s why I know what the main customers are working with them and why they can make such a profit.

8. Http://Rankings.io (SEO for Lawyers)-$2.1 million profit per year

I remember opening a private WeChat group that used to teach some friends how to ploughing SEO, in market segments, and Chris Dreyer’s company was a good list.

His company was founded in 2013, and the year before last, in an interview with the top 5000 in the world, Chris revealed that they currently have 20 employees and can generate profits of nearly $2.1 million a year.

By working in depth with CSB, they delve into all their cases and make them get more customers. Recently, they got a $179400 list through CSB.

Of course, it is also because founder Chris is still more famous in the international SEO circle, and finally wishes him better and better.

9.gShift (SEO Software Services)-$2-$5 million profit / year

If Rand Fishkin, the founder of Moz, had not mentioned gShift. on his Twitter a few years ago, I may not even know this company right now. Fortunately, however, despite the company’s low profile, they did not deliberately conceal their profits.

GShift has positioned itself as a SEO content embellishment platform, a Canadian company that has also won the top 500 companies in Canada, making profits of nearly $2 million to $5 million a year, according to a recent report.

They are happy to share this achievement, which is why they can find a lot of news about them, so I am not stingy to share this data here.

10.RankWatch (SEO Software Services)-$2.3 million profit per year

RankWatch currently has 30 full-time employees, compared with $180000 a month in 2018.

On average, each customer spends nearly $125 on their website to get valuable information about rankings, chains and competitor search results.

Their official website shows that they now have more than 25000 active users in 25 countries, and just a while ago they said they currently have 1500 trial users, but I’m not sure how these numbers came from, because they don’t show free trial services on their website.

In any case, I am surprised that international 4A companies such as iProspect are also on their customer list, which may confirm that they are doing the right business.

11.Linkdex (SEO Software Services)-$2.86 million profit per year

Just in the middle of 2016, Linkdex, which claims to be the most professional SEO tool platform, was acquired by ScribbleLive, but the amount of the acquisition was not disclosed through the media at the time, but we know that the range is about $1.5 million.

Recent news shows that Linkdex has a profit of $2.86 million a year, and although Lindex officials have not determined the accuracy of the data, this figure has been confirmed to be very accurate in the most recent report.

Why should I mention Linkdex, because they were acquired by Authoritas again in June 2018.

This time, however, I did not find any information about the amount of Authoritas acquired, but for me personally, I am very interested in similar companies, especially since they also won the 2018 European search Award.

12.Authority Labs (ranking Monitoring Service)-$3 million profit per year

Just in April 2017, Eric Siu, the founder of, Authority Labs, revealed in an interview that, Authority Labs could make $3 million a year.

Their software, the most important core feature is monitoring ranking, they currently have more than 2000 paying customers, compared with their company has only four members.

Although I don’t know Eric Siu well, I like companies that focus on only one area.

13.PlumberSEO (SEO and website Design Services)-$3.3 million profit per year

If you read my description of http://Rankings.io above, you should know that I like to talk very much about companies that focus on providing SEO services, so I’m going to explain another of my “favorites”: http://PlumberSEO.net.

This is another case in which your company can succeed even if you don’t have a .com domain name. If you are a person in the international SEO circle, it should be easy to understand this stem.

According to http://Inc.com, PlumberSEO’s profits reached $3.3 million in 2017, compared with a growth rate of 78 per cent in three years.

Like http://ipinternet.net, I wonder if .net suffix companies are very customer-picking because they serve only a limited number of customers, which is why their turnover rates are very high.

14.BuzzSumo (content Analysis platform)-$450000 per month

To tell you the truth, I really don’t want to classify BuzzSumo as a SEO brand, but this brand is too famous in SEO content ideas, media contacts in these areas related to SEO.

Of course, it’s not hard to find BuzzSumo profit data, but I want to know more than that.

Fortunately, after Giles Palmer, the founder of Brandwatch, bought BuzzSumo, he revealed in October 2017 that BuzzSumo could generate $450000 a month in revenue.

Of course, the story behind Brandwatch is even more interesting, and they are very focused on social media. And it has 50 million revenue a year, but I’m not going deep here.

15.Link Research Tools (SEO external chain Analysis)-$5 million per year

Christoph Cemper is an interesting existence in the international SEO circle, and his own reputation is much lower than that of Link Research Tools., an outer chain research tool he created.

In an interview with Grant Cardone in July 2017, Christoph revealed that his company had a profit of nearly $5 million a year.

Perhaps more interesting, he mentioned that these profits came only from his 195 paying customers. That is to say, his average value per client is $25000 per year.

16. StoneTemple (SEO& content Marketing Service)-$9.2 million profit per year

You may not have heard of a company called StoneTemple, but if you often mingle with the international SEO circle, you must have heard of his founder Eric Enge.

In 2017, StoneTemple2017’s annual profit reached $9.2 million in the world’s top 5000 figures.

It may be difficult to know his financial data after that, because StoneTemple was acquired by Perficient in July 2018.

17.ThirdDoorMedia (SEO News & amp; Conference Services)-$9.4 million profit per year

Although the operating data on Thirddoormedia may be known for a long time, I think ThirdDoorMedia will be a good case since I want to dig deeper into the field of international SEO.

If you know the circle of international SEO, you may know that their media such as Search Engine Land,Marketing Land, and their SEO conference brand SMX, etc.

Founder Danny Sullivan revealed in 2015 that ThirdDoorMedia had a profit of nearly $9.4 million a year, and more interesting is that he now works for Google.

Of course, this figure is much more than that now, because they have grown at an annual rate of 53% in the last three years.

18.The Hoth (external chain Services)-$10.4 million profit per year

They have a group of their own fanatical fans and a large number of critics who are not satisfied with their service, but anyway, it is certain that The Hoth is definitely a good salesman.

Hoth, a company founded in 2010, was acquired by Next Net Media shortly after he was founded, and the company also owns http://Backinks.com ‘s website.

Just in January 2018, they revealed on their blog that their sales could reach $1 million a month. In a recent report on the world’s top 5000, The Hoth2017’s annual profit was $10.4 million.

19.ChatMeter (Local SEO Service)-$10 million profit per year

Chatmeter, one of the founders, explained on Linkedin that ChatMeter was created to help local retailers and agents increase their profits.

In a recent interview with Nathan Latka, Chatmeter and Collin Holmes, it was revealed that their company spends $80, 000 a month on paid ads, but these ads help them generate profits of nearly $10 million a year.

20.StatusLabs (SEO Honorary Management)-$10.4 million profit per year

StatusLabs has revealed that its profit for the whole year in 2017 was $10.4 million, and they experienced a nearly 24.5 per cent increase in three years.

Their main clients are politicians, business bosses, and some well-known athletes.

21.Go Local Interactive (Local SEO Service)-$12.1 million profit per year

Go Local Interactive claims to be a full-case digital marketing service, but when you browse their website, you can see that the top three CTA buttons are all about SEO, so don’t doubt that Go Local Interactive is definitely a SEO-centric company.

In 2017, Go Local Interactive revealed a profit of nearly $12.1 million a year.

Now they are on the list of the top 5000 companies in the world for the second year, and they have only 47 employees.

22.Ayima (SEO& Digital Marketing Service)-$18 million profit per year

As a listed company, financial statements are disclosed to investors every quarter, and the data I disclose here comes from Swedish Kroner), the founding hometown of SEK (Ayima.

Their 2018 Q1 profit was about $4.5 million.

23.Moz (SEO Software Services)-$41 million profit per year

There is no doubt that Moz is already famous in the international SEO circle, not only the large amount of video content they produce, but also the high degree of transparency they have with regard to their own operations.

Of course, this transparency also includes their financial sector. According to the Moz report, they made nearly $41 million in profits for the whole year of 2017, and now they are growing at an annual rate of nearly 11 per cent.

Their founder, Rand Fishkin, has left Moz, and has now started another company and has received an investment of $1.3 million in the hope that he can replicate his success.

24.Ahrefs (SEO Software Services)-estimate: $40 million-$50 million profit / year

In fact, I don’t want to make too much evaluation in the next content.

Because brands such as Ahrefs and SEMRush are almost well known in the international SEO circle, of course, MOZ is also a brand that is often mentioned together.

I know the numbers I’m going to disclose now may be lower than expected. The founders of Moz once estimated Ahrefs’s annual profit of nearly $4000 to $80 million.

I am honored to have done some personal work for Ahrefs before, so I should be very close to their company, unfortunately I did not get any Ahrefs financial data. (I didn’t ask them at the time, maybe if I did, they’d be happy to tell me.)

On their home page, you can see how many people try out their products every week, and based on these numbers, you might be able to make a bold estimate, and I don’t think the nearest answer should be around $10 million, of course, not a lot for companies at this level.

25.SoloSEO (SEO tools & amp; Software Services)-$48 million profit per year

Even old drivers in the international SEO circle will be surprised to see SoloSEO on this list, because no one can expect such an unhanded company to have such a high profit.

It was also one of my biggest surprises except http://ipinternet.net, so I was very interested in how they were so low-key.

In fact, most of SoloSEO’s customers come from server providers, and their cooperation mode is to package and sell in the form of value-added services and server purchases.

SoloSEO, on the other hand, pays their partners nearly 50% and 60% of the rebate. That’s why they’re so low-key.

I estimate that some of the SEO service providers who have read this article may also go to work with some server providers.

26.BrightEdge (SEO& content Marketing Service)-$50 million + $10 million profit per year

Personally, I don’t like BrightEdge, very much because four years ago, BrightEdge filed a lawsuit for infringing some of Searchmetrics’s SEO-related patents.

Of course, despite my personal emotions, BrightEdge offers a service that many companies will be willing to pay for, describing themselves as “experts in promoting SEO transformation and content marketing,” and of course they also have a lot of their own big customers.

Their latest information is hard to find, but their 2014 resume shows that profits reached $40.1 million that year. In addition, through an interview in 2015, they knew that their profits exceeded $50 million. After years of growth, BrightEdge already has 400 employees and nearly $80 million a year in profits.

27.SEMRush (SEO Software Services)-estimate: $60 million-$70 million profit / year

Like Ahrefs, SEMRush is very confidential about its financial data, seeing from their public service news that they have nearly 2 million fans around the world, and the reality is that it won’t be more than that.

28.Yext-$172m profit / year

Many people may not think Yext is a SEO company, but seven of the 12 solutions they offer are focused on SEO.

Of course, their core business is localized SEO services. He may be by far the most profitable SEO company, with a profit of $170 million in 2018 and a net profit of $126 million a year.

In the most recent year, their goal is $226 million.

twenty-nine。 Others

Because there are many companies that do not disclose any of their financial information, so there are a lot of SEO brands that I like very much and are very famous in this article. I didn’t mention them. I listed them below:

Of course, if you work for any of the following companies, you are welcome to share their data with me. I would be happy to add them to this article.


Raven Tools




Semper Plugins




According to Search Engine Land, the SEO market will reach nearly $80 billion by 2020.

It’s just the U. S. market, and it focuses only on the size of the SEO service market.

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