What does website title mean? the effect of title title on SEO

Intro:   At the beginning of the construction of the website, we will encounter the preparation of the website title and website description (description), the title of the website is very important in the who

At the beginning of the construction of the website, we will encounter the preparation of the website title and website description (description), the title of the website is very important in the whole website, if the title of the website is not standardized, some titles are written very long and can not distinguish the primary and secondary, some hyphens are used incorrectly, and so on, because the title of the website is the most important operation in the optimization of the website, so we must write it well. Title tag is one of the most important basic SEO tasks in website optimization. The title tag can search for keywords in the title layout of the site. What does the title tag mean? How do you write the title title? Beijing SEO Qibao briefly analyzes this problem.

1. What does the title tag mean

Title means the title, and the Title tag is a tag in the html markup language. For SEO personnel, Title tags are very important, a good site title will match the text when the user searches, the closer to the search content, the more priority the opportunity to display. Title is written on the page. The specific manifestations in html code are:

& lt;title> title content & the main purpose of lt;/title>, is to tell visitors what the topic is about this page and tell Baidu Spider what the core keywords of the page are.

II. The role of Title tags and titles

1. It is beneficial to the ranking of keywords.

From the point of view of seo and bear palm, Baidu officials have repeatedly stressed the importance of title title in search results. If your title is not related to the core content, such as deliberately manipulating the title, Zhang Guanli Dai, it is difficult for it to get a good ranking in the search engine.

2. Increase the click rate and conversion rate.

There are a lot of seoer in the process of website optimization, often find that there is ranking, no click situation, this is a very sad thing, spend a lot of resources to do site ranking, click rate is not high, one of the reasons is that the site title title is not set up.

3. What does the title tag have to do with SEO?

The title tag is used to define the title of a Web page. For example, the title of the content page of the article should be written between the closed tags of the title.

Search for a keyword in a search engine, and all the results you see are the titles defined in the title tags of each page.

Title is the first impression that users understand the content of web pages, reflecting the core content of web pages (with the exception of the title Party). And an excellent Title is about ranking the keywords of the site, so writing the title of the site correctly will add points to the optimization of our web page. So let’s talk about the skills of writing title titles.

IV. Writing skills of Title

1. Don’t be the title party. Title Party is repugnant. It is the attitude of search engine not to write useless Title, reasonable things. SEO webmaster optimization website needs solid content to serve users and bring useful information value.

2.Title should highlight the theme and be concise. After all, title is too long for the experience to be good, the irrelevant words can be removed, and the focus is on highlighting the core theme.

3. Don’t pile up keywords. Be sure to have an optimized subject in the title, but don’t pile it up deliberately, not more than three times at most. Many people think that a few more core keywords will be easier to rank, in fact, from Baidu Chinese word segmentation algorithm can be learned that stacking keywords is meaningless.


5. How to set up a website & lt;title> tag

1. Keyword matching

Since the launch of the new media platform, the title Party has become the key topic of discussion by the majority of content creators, but based on the search engine marketing, the method of writing titles in the information flow is completely impossible in search. The title of the site title must contain specific keywords, and is the core word of the content page, and is based on the search requirements of the word.

2. The number of words in the & lt;title> title

With the increasing importance of mobile seo, in order to better meet the user experience of mobile phone or mobile, Qibao suggests that the number of titles should be controlled at about 20 words, so as not to cause incomplete display of some titles.

3. & lt;title> tag hyphen

In the title, the common conjunction characters include: “comma”, “ton”, “hard bar”-“horizontal bar and” _ “underline” [] “curly brackets, and so on. What form is good for SEO optimization?

A few years ago, Baidu seo, many people like to refer to Baidu space expression, choose “_” underline, from the current point of view, there is no hyphen to get more weight tilt, we try our best to keep the website title concise, beautiful, easy to identify, highlight the key points can be.

4. The writing method of & lt;title> tag

According to the crawling habits of Baidu spiders, from top to bottom, from left to right, as well as the browsing habits of users, we usually suggest putting lively keywords on the leftmost side of the title to highlight the core theme of the page.

The title can be written in the following ways:

1. Home page title

Brand words + target keywords, there is another is the target keywords + brand words. Either way.

two。 Column page title

Column page keywords + column name + brand word

3. Article content page

Article title + brand word

6. What kind of title is more conducive to inclusion?

1. Hot event title, the latest hot event title, Baidu likes to eat hot rice, do not like to eat cold rice.

two。 Scarce title, scarcity means Baidu’s database such resources are not many, so Baidu likes to include, and people write bad resources, Baidu is too much.

3. The title of stacking keywords is not easy to be included, especially on the home page of the new station, if the stacking keywords may lead to the right to fall as soon as they are included.

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