New Media SEO Editing artifact: recommendation of 6 online Ai pseudo-original tools

Intro:   Ai pseudo-original tool is a soft text writing tool developed for SEO, new media, copywriting editor and so on in the vertical field of the Internet. Ai pseudo-original subverts the traditional indust

Ai pseudo-original tool is a soft text writing tool developed for SEO, new media, copywriting editor and so on in the vertical field of the Internet. Ai pseudo-original subverts the traditional industry writing mode. The crawler technology is used to capture the data of the same industry, and the syntactic analysis and semantic analysis are carried out through the method of in-depth learning: natural language processing (NLP), for short, fingerprint index technology is used to accurately recommend the relevant content of users, as well as intelligent pseudo-originality and similarity detection and analysis, so as to achieve the use of tools to complete soft text writing easily, efficiently and intelligently. Ai pseudo-original article collection, pseudo-original, original detection together, to achieve a pseudo-original article writing ecological chain from the Internet, back to the Internet. The following are six online Ai pseudo-original tools shared by operators.

One: kitten AI Intelligent Writing

The open platform of Chinese semantics for kittens provides a simple, powerful and reliable cloud service for Chinese natural language analysis. The kitten team is committed to building the best Chinese semantic analysis technology, through the independent development of Chinese word segmentation, syntactic analysis, semantic association and entity recognition technology, combined with the accumulation of a large number of industry corpus, to provide enterprises and developers with a simple, powerful and reliable Chinese semantic analysis cloud API.

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Shencode AI Intelligent Writing

Shencode AI+ is an intelligent writing platform based on AI technology. Through the Chinese word segmentation, syntax error correction, compliance detection, context association and other technologies, it is mainly used in the intelligent auxiliary software of original article creation, which makes the code word more fun.

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Love to send dog soft text assistant

Hair Dog is a free soft text assistant tool for the vertical field of the Internet. Ai pseudo-original can easily pass the originality test by virtue of its powerful NLP, deep learning and other technologies, and can make more than 90% of the articles included by Baidu. The basic version of the package can use 100 points free of charge per day, which is sufficient for most individual users. For companies that use a lot of money, they can buy an enterprise version of the package.

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Love to write manuscripts

The online pseudo-original tool is a very useful tool for SEOER, and it is a tool for generating original and pseudo-original articles. Using pseudo-original tools, you can instantly turn articles copied on the Internet into your own original articles. This platform is specially designed for Google, Baidu, Sogou, 360 and other large search engines. Articles generated by online pseudo-original tools will be better included and indexed by search engines. Online pseudo-original tool is a necessary tool for network editing, webmaster and SEOER, and it is also a rare tool in website optimization tools.

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Spoon pinch intelligent pseudo-original

Intelligent pseudo-original solution of scoop pinch

Great writer writing tool: analyze the meaning of words in pseudo-original articles, find out the words that can be replaced by artificial intelligence, users choose the right words to replace, and quickly write original articles

Pseudo-original tool: according to the personalized writing purpose of users, through intelligent semantics and big data analysis technology, the article can be generated quickly and automatically to improve the efficiency of article writing.

Automatic Abstract: according to the personalized writing purpose of the user, through intelligent semantics and big data analysis technology, the user can quickly extract the abstract of the article.

Keyword extraction: according to the input text content, intelligently provide text keyword extraction and other work, greatly improve the efficiency of text processing

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Ai+ on-line pseudo-original tool

How does the AI+ smart article rewriting tool work?

Article rewriting tool, article editor or rewriting tool is an online tool, you can use it to rewrite articles, rewrite with the current NLP semantics in the field of artificial intelligence, not market synonyms and keywords replacement, this unique article rewriting tool will thoroughly analyze the whole content, using semantic analysis, in-depth learning and other computing techniques to learn automatically. 100 million Internet corpus data, for accurate and in-depth Chinese semantic analysis for rewriting. You can use the rewrite example to refresh the comparison, and the different text will be highlighted in colored text. You can quickly view and change the contents of the corresponding changes.

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