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Intro:   Many friends who have been engaged in SEO work for many years do not know that SEO can make money at all. I do not know that there are a lot of SEO experts in SEO who have made a lot of money and neve

Many friends who have been engaged in SEO work for many years do not know that SEO can make money at all. I do not know that there are a lot of SEO experts in SEO who have made a lot of money and never recite it to the outside world. Today, let the phantom blog take you together to see how real SEO experts make money. At present, the author only lists 10 ways to make money from SEO, and perhaps there are more advanced ways to make money from SEO, which will be listed at that time. Hope to give the younger generation of SEO newcomers a little guidance, redefine their goals, set sail.

Self-media talent: the way to make money with the times

Self-media talent can also be understood as the more popular “network celebrity” at present. With the rise of self-media, many SEOer, who change their thinking quickly, have started this profession. In the early stage, they have also achieved a lot of “network celebrities”, some of them call themselves grassroots, and some of them have some fame in the circle before, but in any case, the self-media does bring more SEOer good opportunities. Because of the particularity of SEO, no matter whether it is the category of self-media, whether it knows business knowledge or not, the ability to organize resources through SEO can quickly form a circle of belonging to the self-media platform, so as to earn the share of platform advertisements through content, to earn commissions, to be rewarded by hardcore fans, and even to pick up advertisements alone after a certain user size. Therefore, SEOer has natural advantages in the media, and it is also one of the important ways for SEOer to start a business.

After all, the era of self-media has come, and the self-media has become a hot industry that people have to talk about. In addition, self-media is one of the necessary conditions for the following SEO career entrepreneurship ways. Doing a good job of self-media can make several ways to make money easier.

Sale of SEO Software tools: a way to make money with High Technical content

The SEO tools mentioned here, such as keyword mining tools, click tools, collection tools, brush flow tools, spider pool systems and so on, all the auxiliary tools related to SEO, if you are a technical SEOer, can make use of their own technical expertise, choose a certain aspect to create a tool that is convenient for SEO to carry out its work, continuous version updates, good service will let you stand on the heels in this doorway. Of course, promotion should still be combined with cheap self-media to do, find their own target group for content marketing, so as to promote their own products.

Many SEOer may be familiar with SEO starting a business, such as 5118, love station kit, bullfight, thesaurus, and so on. Of course, many people say that these tools are free, and the editor of course knows that this is only a way of marketing, free things are limited, and charging is one of the profit models of SEO tools.

SEO training: a systematic way to make money on knowledge

SEO training is relatively early, but what the author wants to talk about today is the way to make money around SEO SEO training. At present, it is more famous, such as: search abroad, Lao Lu Network School, Wang Tong, and so on. Here suspected of advertising, they all have one or two in common, that is, they all have their own website platforms, and they all contributed to the SEO profession a long time ago, and they also have a certain degree of popularity in the industry. Word-of-mouth is also relatively good, as for the effect of network training on users, because the editor has not practiced, does not make evaluation, in short, through this way is really earned money, and has become an enterprise from the individual, this is indeed an indisputable fact, the author is talking about if you happen to have the same idea, and have a good professional and practical ability. You can draw on these more mature platform practices, of course, if you can combine with the media to do, for the early business development will be a lot of help!

SEO receiving orders-undertaking SEO Optimization orders, tiring ways to make money

It is good to undertake the project alone, large projects can support a team, small projects to earn some extra money after work is also good, generally speaking, this way is relatively single, targeted, such as building a website, optimizing a keyword, deleting negative information and so on.

Although a lot of SEOer can do all the things, but generally choose a few of them as their own brand, after all, the project is not too large, the cost will not be too high, a person’s energy is too scattered, but will lose one or the other, so as long as they are proficient in a few of them, the formation of systematization, making money will be easier and easier.

Of course, the author still has to emphasize that if you have such an idea, you might as well publish the relevant content through the media to attract a certain number of target users, and form a trust relationship with them, which will be of great help to you to carry out the project in the early stage.

The sale of SEO resources-a very common way to make money

SEO resources cover all the resources that affect the effects of SEO, such as the sale of external chain resources, large platform account resources, CMS programs, theme plug-ins and so on. A large part of SEO work is actually the accumulation and distribution of resources.

By selling resources to make money, such as: soft text, love links, Ali Wei, and so on, through the sale of soft text links or one-way links or gold links to make profits.

SEO consultant-an upscale way to make money in the atmosphere

SEO consulting service is mainly about website analysis, diagnosis and evaluation to formulate a website optimization plan for enterprises, so as to achieve a certain purpose, this way of making money generally has a certain degree of popularity in the circle, its own brand image is excellent, Internet packaging is also very in place, so that enterprises will invite them to carry out long-term cooperation, of course, grass roots also have their own fields. It is not necessary for industry experts to engage in this way, the author has been in his hometown for a period of time, many enterprises have this demand, they do not understand website construction, do not understand network marketing, but have realized that this way can improve their sales level, so grassroots can also use their own expertise to start in Hong Kong, so as to achieve their own purpose of starting a business.

There are SEO consulting services, such as A5 SEO diagnostic services, according to different situations in different industries to issue SEO diagnosis reports, charging a certain fee to make money, it is worth drawing lessons from.

Construction of flow Station to sell Advertising places-honest and honest way to make money

Usually the webmaster who uses this method is crawling and beating in the category of film novel resources, through SEO and non-SEO means, to improve their website traffic, hanging Baidu alliance advertising to earn advertising fees. For example: pen interesting Pavilion. This is a novel station. Do you know the power of SEO on this site? Click on any content page, his font size is very large, on the one hand, it is convenient for readers to read, on the other hand, the length of the large page reduces the jump rate of the page. Make money process: 1, build the station, now the fiction station is also open source, the common is the Jackie program, the installation operation is very simple. 2. 2. Collect the content; 3, do a good job of SEO and drainage; 4, hang up the advertisement and so on to benefit.

Selling products or advertisements through high return keywords-an extremely profiteering way to make money

This method is extremely profiteering, and the means needed for profiteering must be violent, that is, the black hat seo. Usually the method is station group encirclement and suppression keywords, massive external chain encirclement and suppression keywords, 301 weight transfer to improve keyword ranking.

What are the keywords of high return? Too much, such as: L-carnitine, baccarat, Tibetan mastiff vaccination, Dendrobium candidum, ginsenosides and so on. Hey, I dare not expose too much, these project words are to see light die.

Money flow: 1, word selection; 2, build a station; 3, SEO and drainage; 4, hang up products or sell advertising space.

SEO Taobao guest-making money in a big way

Chickens have chicken words, dogs have dog ways. The above way is too far away for all of us, we can understand it, and we can also have our own way of playing. Like Taobao.

For newcomers to SEO, SEO Taobao is a good way out to make a quick profit and verify their SEO level. You can search: which brand of water purifier is good? Which brand of navigator is good? Which brand of home treadmill is good?

Money flow: 1, select high commission products, collect long tail words, screen competitors do not have many long tail words; 2, set up a website, usually a WordPress blog can; 3, update website content, release site chain, basic SEO optimization, site recommended products; 4, to Taobao backstage to check the benefits.

Selling websites-a way to make money once and for all

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