A brief talk on the comparison between seo and sem!

Intro:   When it comes to seo, I'm sure friends know what this is, but do you know what sem is? In fact, sem and seo are similar, seo professional name is search engine optimization, and sem is search engine m

When it comes to seo, I’m sure friends know what this is, but do you know what sem is? In fact, sem and seo are similar, seo professional name is search engine optimization, and sem is search engine marketing. Although the names are very similar, they contain different contents and ways. Next, let’s just talk about the difference between seo and sem, and it’s better to choose who to choose as an enterprise.

First of all, let’s talk about Seo.

The professional name of seo is search engine optimization, which is carried out by each webmaster through publishing articles, site optimization, swap chain of friends and so on. In fact, from all angles, the effect of seo is still good. For small and medium-sized enterprises, seo is the best choice, because seo itself needs less capital, perhaps the first payment is more expensive, but after the ranking is stable, the later maintenance costs are relatively small, for small and medium-sized enterprises can still bear. However, there are also some Internet companies that charge on a daily basis, which are often much more expensive than those charged by month or year.

At the same time, the effect of seo is also more obvious, because as a website, to appear in front of people, it is necessary for users to search for related keywords, although seo and sem will appear in the search results. But the results of sem will have the words advertising, which is not good for sensitive users. Seo, on the other hand, does not, is the normal website, if this kind of website ranks on the home page, then the whole website will appear directly in front of the user. This is very good for the site itself.

And the optimization of seo can also help the website to build better. Because the search engine is updated algorithm, so if the website wants to rank well, it must also be rectified, which will save a lot of trouble, and can also improve the quality of the content of the site has a great help.

But seo is not perfect, but also has more or less shortcomings. In fact, in the editor’s view, the biggest drawback of seo is the slow effect. Because seo is a long-term process, it can not be completed in a few days, maybe a few days can be included and ranked, but after how many do not know. At the same time, when choosing seo, pay attention to those companies that can work in a few days, often using some software or some cheating methods, although fast and effective, but after a period of time may be blocked by search engines. Remember, even if you spend more money, you have to find a reliable one. It is good for the editor to hear Jinan no. business information.

And then talk about sem.

The professional name of sem is search engine marketing, as the name implies, is a kind of marketing mode through search engine. The simplest understanding is the optimization of fees and charges. In contrast, the effect of sem is faster than that of seo, after all, it is displayed according to the number of clicks. You can also understand that after choosing sem, you choose keywords like seo, and the search engine will put your site in the search results, but it will be marked as an advertisement.

For sem, the general enterprise can not bear, because by clicking to charge, the more you click, the more you charge, which is natural, but will there be customers when you click on it? And some users are very sensitive to information such as advertising and feel that it is not reliable. And the higher the search index for keywords, the higher the charge.

If the company has a lot of money, consider sem and seo at the same time, which is the best effect. But if it is a small and medium-sized enterprise, it is better to choose seo, although the cycle is a little longer, but the effect expressed is comparable to that of sem, or even better than that of sem.

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