SEO-White Paper on data Analysis techniques-questions and answers (part 9)

Intro:   This question and my answer are in favor of the SEO topic.A:SEO (search engine Optimization) all write Search Engine Optimization in English is actually very interesting. Especially Optimization. Our

This question and my answer are in favor of the SEO topic.


SEO (search engine Optimization) all write Search Engine Optimization in English is actually very interesting. Especially Optimization. Our Chinese translation generally translates into “optimization”, but in fact it has the meaning of “maximization”-in fact, it is closer to the English Maximize.

From this “maximization” perspective to SEO, there are at least two points:

1-is your goal “keyword” already at the top of the list (because this is “maximization”)?

2-is the traffic you get from SEO (Natural search) the highest in your industry (because it means “maximization”)?

If your usual SEO,1 or 2, or even 1 and 2, has not yet been done, it means you need to study why you haven’t done it. In theory, your SEO still has room for improvement.

I don’t even remember from that year, some foreign SEO people said SEO is dead, SEO lives forever or something (ostensibly: SEO is dead, SEO lives forever).

And then by 2018, you’ll see a bunch of webmasters (foreign and domestic) still doing SEO, or making SEO, for their own websites or building new sites for themselves. SEO, is still getting traffic from Google/ Baidu, and still making money from SEO.


One is Rankbrain. What does it mean? You can search the search engine on your own.

The other is the loading speed of the site.

Remember, does not mean that the old and the original other factors related to the ranking is not important, need to pay attention to, do a good job.


Google AMP project is to speed up the loading of web pages, see the official website:


You can choose different test nodes, such as Los Angeles,Hong Kong, before testing.


In fact, the answer to this question is very wide.

Read this SEO book, (The Art of SEO):

Read again the information provided by the official to the stationmaster.

Reading of Google:

Baidu Reading:

The most important thing is to build your own website, to do your own SEO optimization, to get your own traffic to the site, mainly to let you figure out how to get traffic from the natural results of the search engine to your own website. SEO is a skill that must be “executed” to understand.

There are also two points mentioned in the answers to the previous question 21:

1-is your goal “keyword” already at the top of the list (because this is “maximization”)?

2-is the traffic you get from SEO (Natural search) the highest in your industry (because it means “maximization”)?

By the way, I myself wrote a SEO book (original in English):


Specialized in Google SEO, can:

1-read this The Art of SEO


In classic books, most of the formal methods of SEO are talked about, and they are in favor of the Google system (in fact, SEO books written by foreigners certainly prefer Google, to other search engines, such as Bing). The short board is that the mobile SEO (not that the ASO, does not make a mistake) has less coverage.

I wrote a Mobile SEO-oriented Guide,:

2-read the official Webmaster Guidelines: of Google.


Isn’t it obvious? It must be necessary for you to read this in the SEO, of the Google system.

3-you have to build your own website, and small sites can be built with some simple CMS, such as WordPress. Why do you need to build your own website?

I’ve seen a lot of people start doing SEO, by taking 100 SEO tactics, from the Internet and putting it on their company’s website, or putting it on their client’s website, as if it were a theoretical “Passepartout” (each site does the same SEO approach).

In fact, small sites and large sites themselves, SEO will be some different-you think, the number of pages to deal with is not the same level. In addition, different industries, SEO needs to do the focus will be some deviation.

When you build your own website, you will encounter some things you need to make decisions, such as how to set the rules of URL, and there are a lot of products in similar ecommerce sites. For example, when a page can not display all the products in a large category, what do you want to do, or turn the page? How can I turn it over?

4-remember to verify the Google Search Console tool for the Web site (formerly called Webmaster Tools)).


The data and status of the new website you built earlier can start seeing feedback on Search Console one after another. These feedback helps you understand how Google looks at your site.

5-what you just said was a new website. In fact, when you work for a company, you usually take over a website that has been developed, and even some sites have been developed for 10 years, 15 years, or more. They all have problems that have not been solved by the first hand. There are also some sites will be modified, may be a category to do a revision, or the entire station to do a revision. You need to make SEO decisions, plan, and explain strong relationships with your boss, head of marketing, product manager, IT, etc., weighing what to do and what not to do according to its size (small website, big website).

1: I hope to join the data analysis technology white paper WeChat group, can add my personal Wechat: gordon-choi

2: I hope to learn the data analysis process and work of Internet e-commerce, and I can join the GA e-commerce data analysis practice class written by me.

3: I’d like to know how to use a simple web page to earn $1 million, or how to get a large number of customers and cash in the long term by writing a blog or developing a small tool to join the low-cost Internet entrepreneurship and cash realization class I wrote this year.

4: I hope to join my knowledge planet (small secret circle) content marketing technology and methods:

I have written more than 90 original articles (and continue to share new articles) about effective content marketing strategies, market research (niche selection), product and content production, website building, traffic acquisition, data analysis, user operations, cash realization models, sustained growth, and so on.

The cost of network promotion increases every year, it is more and more difficult to attract new users and retain old customers, and the common network promotion methods are getting less and less effective. Regular sharing of the main content: foreign, domestic content marketing methods, content marketing needs to use technology, and so on. Guide you to build systematic strategies and programs for your own brands / enterprises, and to carry out more efficient content marketing + network marketing in the future. Content marketing + network marketing can not only be used in the enterprise, but also more important for yourself to “come out” alone (or start a business) in the future.

What you will learn is a number of skills, including:

If you are interested in data analysis technology, recommend reading my book, you can read the white paper on data analysis technology for free online:

If you are interested in the performance optimization technology of the website, recommend reading the book I wrote, you can read the white paper on the performance optimization technology of the mobile website free of charge:

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