Wechat’s Public account Popularization Scheme

Intro:   Increase the number of fans, increase exposure, increase readingWechat is a closed self-media, no one will watch without fans. So if you want to increase your fans,You have to make some strategies. Yo

Increase the number of fans, increase exposure, increase reading

Wechat is a closed self-media, no one will watch without fans. So if you want to increase your fans,

You have to make some strategies. You can’t force others to pay attention to you, so you need your public account to attract others.


If the content is not liked by others, the result is:

a. Cancel the attention.

b. I don’t care.





a. The purpose of promotion is to improve exposure, just like the website to improve the ranking, the more front click opportunities, the greater the chance.

b. Content, strictness is the core of modern promotion

@ rich in copywriting:

@ SEO is responsible for promoting exposure in search, self-media, website platforms

Can be original or pseudo-original, through the official account binding love micro can synchronize in Baidu, the title can be

To make the long tail keyword.

1. In the case of accurate traffic, that is, articles related to our own products, there is a long tail in the title

An article on keywords.

Meaning: the search user is accurate, generally is the intended user, pays attention to the opportunity.

two。 Secondly, keyword positioning can be popular with the public, for example, it is easier to eat, drink and have fun.

Attractive, although not accurate enough, but relatively popular.

The number of users is large and the exposure opportunity is large.



This is a simple method of violence. That is, other people’s websites advertise for you.

Through multiple Weibo to achieve the effect of small flow.

Method (briefly), I have written a tutorial.

@ through the idea of SEO to promote, cooperate with copywriting to do the content.

U increase exposure

U quality content can attract attention and improve user viscosity

U brand promotion

U transform intended customer


It is to expose official account information on multiple platforms and attract fans’ attention through soft text and other methods.


Free and increasing exposure, can enhance brand influence.

Uncertainty, there will be no traffic or less attention to traffic. (from the media promotion mechanism, and impossible text

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