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Intro:   There are often a variety of SEO novice Xiaobai asked SEO optimization methods, this question is like a huge onion, the surface looks like a problem, to see the heart to get the answer, you have to pe

There are often a variety of SEO novice Xiaobai asked SEO optimization methods, this question is like a huge onion, the surface looks like a problem, to see the heart to get the answer, you have to peel off layer by layer, you know that the real problem of SEO is not one, but tens of thousands! In this paper, a few basic SEO optimization methods are briefly listed.

First, familiar with the working principle of search engine:

Before optimizing the website, we must be clear about how search engines work. After all, SEO is for search engines, which are generally composed of the following modules:

1: grab and grab module

2: filter module

3: collection module

4. Sort module.

Learn the SEO technology of these modules, the working principle of search engine can know the cause of the problem when it encounters some problems.

II. Learning SEO nouns

As a common noun for SEO people, we must be familiar with it, and in later articles, we will keep updating the SEO noun interpretation.

III. Select domain names and spaces that are conducive to optimization

In order to optimize a website, it is necessary to prepare for the optimization from the beginning of the website, including domain name and space-related knowledge, but also need to learn, a good domain name and space, and domain name and space also play a very important role in the optimization of our website, so the choice of website domain name and space must be paid attention to. Later we will write a detailed article on the choice of domain name and space.

IV. Common tools for SEO

Want to learn SEO, some commonly used SEO tools also need to understand, such as webmaster tools, SEO comprehensive query, Baidu weight query, keyword mining, search engine spiders, robot simulation tools, Baidu webmaster platform and so on. The use of common tools in SEO should also be mastered.

V. do a good job of mobile adaptation

After we do a good job of a website, in order to improve the user’s mobile search results browsing experience, we must do a good job of mobile adaptation function.

VI. Submission of links

Also pay attention to the submission of links that want to be included by Baidu, Baidu search engine will be processed according to the standard, to include, it should be noted that Baidu will not necessarily include the links we submit.

Submission links have active push, and submit sitemap. At the same time, the dead links generated by our website should also be submitted, if Baidu finds that there are too many dead links to a website, then it is very likely to deal with the site. If our website because of the revision or content adjustment caused by a large number of dead links, then should submit dead links to Baidu, so that Baidu can quickly speed up the time to clear.

VII. Operation of website Optimization

What basic work needs to be done well in the operation of website optimization? Here are a few points:

1. Strategy formulation: through data analysis of user needs and competitors, find out the breakthrough of SEO optimization.

2. Keyword mining: keyword mining is carried out according to the needs of users and the breakthrough of SEO optimization.

3. Website construction: according to the strategic objectives, the website construction framework is planned. The website construction is divided into several steps: navigation design, page framework, determination of sketches, design settings display. After the site is built, we can set up the navigation, home page, directory page, inner page title and url according to the framework we designed before, and you can also start filling the site with content according to the content framework.

4. Optimizing strategy formulation: first of all, strategy formulation is a work that SEO basic operation must do well. The so-called strategy is that we should meet the maximum search needs of our website users through data analysis, and find the most suitable SEO optimization direction by comparing competitors. The strategy is divided into four parts. I will keep updating in the following articles. The competitive villain of the user needs to analyze the breakthrough of the opponent. A breakthrough has been identified to show that our SEO project is operational.

VIII. Mining keywords

Then the next work is to mine keywords, the following introduces some common keyword mining tools:

1: Baidu drop-down box

2: Baidu related search

3: Baidu Index

4: Baidu Promotion Assistant

5: industry question and answer platform and so on.

IX. Intra-station optimization

Here are some of the work that needs to be done in the early stages of SEO optimization:

1: content update

2: list the content outline

3: optimize the title:

4. Improve the content.

X. out-of-station promotion and optimization

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