What are the main methods of search engine marketing

Intro:   Source of the article: Zhiguan XinshangThere are four main ways for SEM search engine marketing services:First, the bidding ranking, as the name implies, is that the website can be collected only afte

Source of the article: Zhiguan Xinshang

There are four main ways for SEM search engine marketing services:

First, the bidding ranking, as the name implies, is that the website can be collected only after the website is paid, the higher the payment, the higher the ranking; the competitive ranking service is a service for customers to buy keyword rankings for their own web pages and charge by click. Customers can control their ranking in specific keyword search results by adjusting the pay per click price, and can capture different types of target visitors by setting different keywords.

The most popular pay-per-click search engines in China are Baidu, Yahoo and Google. It is worth mentioning that even if you do PPC (Pay Per Click, pay-per-click advertising and bidding rankings, it is best to optimize the search engine for the site and log on to the major free search engines.

Second, buy keyword advertising, that is, display advertising content on the search results page to achieve advanced positioning, users can change keywords according to the needs, which is equivalent to rotating advertising on different pages;

Third, search engine optimization (SEO), is to optimize the design of the website, so that the website in the search results ahead. Search engine Optimization ((SEO)) includes website content optimization, keyword optimization, external link optimization, internal link optimization, code optimization, picture optimization, search engine login and so on.

4. PPC (Pay Per call, charges according to the number of valid calls), such as “TMTW call payment”, that is, the charge is based on the number of valid calls. Buying bidding ads is also known as PPC.

V. Marketing methods of resource cooperation

Website exchange links, exchange advertising, information promotion, information cooperation, user resources cooperation and other ways, win-win cooperation, benefit-sharing, common development.

VI. Search engine ranking service items

1. Optimization of official website

2. Baidu system product release optimization: including encyclopedia, knowledge, question and answer, library, Baijia number, bear palm number and other own products for information release, keyword ranking optimization

3. The third issue of media release optimization: through the portal website, vertical portal website for the release of articles, articles included, included after the optimization of the ranking.

3. Word-of-mouth media promotion and optimization: through Tianya, Zhihu and other question-and-answer platforms for question and answer release, question and answer collection, after the inclusion of ranking optimization

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