How much is the annual fee (membership fee) for Made-in-China ranking of China Manufacturing Network? Does it work? How did it work?

Intro:   How much is the Made-in-China ranking and annual fee (membership fee) for China Manufacturing Network? Does it work? How did it work? China Manufacturing Network Made-in-China:2017 top ten mainstream

How much is the Made-in-China ranking and annual fee (membership fee) for China Manufacturing Network? Does it work? How did it work? China Manufacturing Network Made-in-China:

2017 top ten mainstream foreign trade B2B platform ranking, foreign trade B2B platform paid member’s annual fee (membership fee) is what? How does it work? does it work? What is there in B2B foreign trade? Compare and compare with each other

Back to business, open the B2B platform of foreign trade ~ (ranking according to popularity):

The article is a little long, please read patiently, and finally there is welfare, listing the latest statistics of 2017 foreign trade B2B platform.

1) Alibaba International Station Alibaba:

Alibaba International Station is the most famous B2B platform in China, but also the largest number of members, export pass (basic members) annual fee is 29800 yuan / year, but unfortunately the basic members are basically ineffective, the most customers come to compare prices. After participating in the foreign trade through train P4P of Alibaba International Station, there are a little more customers, but the real transaction is still very few.

Nevertheless, Alibaba International Station is still recognized as the foreign trade B2B platform in the best effect, but the participants are deeply affected by the effect is not ideal, thus it can be seen that B2B competition for 10% of overseas traffic, from the general direction is wrong.

When Ali publishes product information, if you pay attention to keyword optimization, there is still a bit of traffic, the effect is even better than participating in P4P, which also proves from the side that Ali’s real traffic is mainly from Google.

2) Global Resource Network Globalsources:

Global Resource Network is the oldest B2B, because it is an elder, so it ranks second.


Globalsources remembers that it seems that Hong Kong people began to set up a foreign trade industry magazine in the 1990s, which is a real pioneer in the B2B industry. At present, the Global Resource Network still relies mainly on offline exhibitions, magazines and CD-ROMs, and the most advantageous industries are electronics and gifts.

However, now the Global Resource Network has basically been overtaken by other B2B in China, with fewer members and a surprisingly high membership fee (hanging up and selling? ), the annual fee is between 100000 and 200000, only the boss who does not know SEO, does not know foreign trade, and likes to lie down will do so.


3) China Manufacturing Network Made-in-China:

The name China Manufacturing Network is really good, and it has an advantage in machinery. The number of members of China Manufacturing Network may be second only to Ali. Because the ranking in Google is also good, so the promotion effect is second only to Ali.

The basic member is 31100 yuan and the diamond member is 59800 yuan.

4) Tradekey:

Tradekey’s website template is very earthy, feeling stuck in the style around 2005, is still a little famous, but there is no inquiry.

There are three paid members of Tradekey, all of which are charged in United States dollars.

. SilverKey:USD369/ year (why price 369ah? Have you ever heard of this sentence: 369 catch cash? Boss Tradekey is funny, huh?

). GoldKey:USD2500/ year. GoldKey Plus:USD4999/ year.

5) Ec21:

Ec21 is a B2B platform in South Korea, which is not hidden from each other and has no effect.

Ec21 silver card member (Trade OK): 4980 yuan / year, gold card member (Trade PRO): 16200 yuan / year, high gold member (Trade PRO+): 27000 yuan per year.

6) ECPlaza:

ECPlaza is also a B2B platform in South Korea, the word of mouth is very general, it is estimated that the membership is very small.

ECPlazaYES Silver member (Silver member): 3880 yuan per year, YES Gold member (Gold experience): 8800 yuan per year. Why do Koreans do B2B like Olympic medals? It’s all gold, silver, copper and iron.

7) diytrade:

How does the predecessor of diytrade, ebigchina, feel or the atmosphere of the original name? Diytrade is also very declining now, and online feedback says there is no inquiry.

However, at least the charging items of diytrade are very clear, and the name of the project of charging members is Biz Member:4388 yuan / year, and the price is also quite real.


8) Dunhuang Dhgate:

Dunhuang Network is a new B2B platform, which was established by Ms. Wang Shutong, CEO, and is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Dunhuang seller registration is completely free, can release products at will, foreign buyers choose to buy goods first with Paypal payment to DHgate, DHgate informed Chinese suppliers to ship, buyers received inspection no problem, notify DHgate to lend to Chinese suppliers. In the transaction, DHgate charges buyers a 10 per cent transaction fee.

If Dunhuang network continues to be free of charge to suppliers, then of course it can still be accessed, the problem online feedback is not very customer. It can only be said that Dunhuang net is a brave attempt.

9) Marco Polo makepolo:

Marco Polo is quite famous, specializing in domestic trade, foreign trade is really not much success. Domestic foreign trade is divided into two kinds of LOGO, as shown above.

The paid member is called Foreign Trade Link, 19800 yuan per year. But the Premium Member link below the English official website cannot be opened? Has it stopped?

10) World Factory Forbuyers:

Divided into two pieces, domestic trade is called the world factory, foreign trade is called Forbuyers.

The charge item of Forbuyers is called Export Communication, basic version: 16800 yuan / year advanced version: 36800 yuan / year.

I feel like I have very few members.

Other B2B:

[domestic B2B]: Huicong, octagonal Resource Network, Qinjiayuan, octagonal Resource Network, Zhiqi Network, easy to access Network, Jiujiu Information Network, China Network Library, instrument Trading Network, China Chemical Industry Network, one to many ebdoor, Global hardware Network, Yihuaiying youboy, Yishang Network, search Network 51sole, Global Economic and Trade Network nowec, Chinese suppliers, Shanghu sonhoo, World wide Business Network busytrade, Commercial Machinery Network, Global hardware Network, Broadnet, Mingwantu (must), China Manufacturing Trading Network, China Manufacturing Network, Network 114.

These are also some famous B2B, but they are mainly aimed at the domestic market, even if there is in foreign trade, it is only a scratch and play with the nature of tickets.

[innovative B2B]: ECVV is charged according to the number of inquiries, but there is a lot of online controversy.

[nostalgic B2B]: in the past, there were several foreign trade B2B, such as: Latin American Trade Network, europages, ioffer, tpage, Kompass, worldbid, etc., but their web pages seemed to stagnate permanently in that era.


Here comes the welfare: 2017 list of the latest B2B platforms for global foreign trade

Here is a list of all the foreign trade B2B that can be found. First of all, I would like to thank: Fubu foreign trade website, foreign trade web site navigation, dragon guide to provide foreign trade B2B raw data. On October 31, 2017, the author summarized all the foreign trade B2B listed online, and carried out manual inspection one by one. The original data is 340 foreign trade B2B stations, really suitable for foreign trade and normal operation of just 180.

Concluding remarks:

From the above data, we can also see that B2B industry competition is very fierce, about half of B2B has been eliminated from the foreign trade circle or even completely disappeared.

Foreign trade enterprises in the network promotion, we must first recognize the nature of B2B, the current foreign trade B2B flow can be said to be almost no, even Ali and other frontline foreign trade B2B platform, mainly rely on Google traffic. However, the list page that is included causes the list page to be basically invalid.

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