Marketing Planning Scheme of large website SEO

Intro:   About the industry website optimization I only write the operation rules of SEO is not the operation train of thought, the operation train of thought will be introduced in the later stage, this indust

About the industry website optimization I only write the operation rules of SEO is not the operation train of thought, the operation train of thought will be introduced in the later stage, this industry website optimization detailed rules I spend a few days to comb the structure and collate, hope that everybody gives your opinion, at the same time thanks to the SEOer that supports for a long time. The advantage of the industry station lies in its massive information, so from the optimization strategy is different from the ordinary enterprise website optimization ideas, we should first occupy the long tail keywords of the industry, and then break through the reverse thinking mode of the target keywords, that is, the countryside surrounds the city and does the industry station fight for a long time.

Among them, the common SEO external chain thinking is only to stay on a few target keywords, but the industry station is different, what we have to do is to mine a large number of long-tailed keywords and get huge traffic through SEO. In fact, when a content meets SEOer, it is no longer a simple content, but a long-tailed keyword that can be used, which is the bait of a search engine. We want all the content pages, long tail keyword pages, to create value for us, thus transforming, which should be our ultimate goal.

First, preliminary analysis and keyword location

Website Analysis: type of website? Website business? Site target group? Is the process of using the site simple?

Keyword analysis: target customers often search keywords and search volume list of selected target keywords competitor analysis, including market share, content characteristics, weak competitiveness of the website and so on.

I. Target keywords:

1. Target keywords and search volume list

2. With long tail keywords and search list

3. Distribution and planning of long tail keywords

II. Analysis of competitor SEO

As the saying goes, “know yourself and know each other and win a hundred battles”, so the analysis of competitors is very important to the industry website. Competitor analysis can start from the following aspects:

1. Look at the scale of the website, whether it is an industry station, information station and other websites with a lot of information. In the case of a large station, you can see how much the opponent received. By the way, take a look at the amount of recording with and without www, and see if there are any traces of software collection.

2. Look at the outer chain and query it through And view the quality of the outer chain and anchor text. Whether there is a group situation, whether there are GVM, news media links and industry authorities and local organizations, associations and other high-quality links to import.

3. Look at the competitor’s SEO level and compare it with the SEO base optimization in this document. In addition: look at the density of keywords, website collection and update mechanism, more importantly, whether you know how to mine the power of users.

III. Related issues

1. Domain name advantages, including edu,gov, and the inclusion of keywords in the domain name, or the optimization of the primary domain name and the secondary domain name.

2, the station does not have many links, the content is not much, but the ranking is very good, whether through the group to view. Another situation may be Baidu database reasons, should be observed within three months of the site ranking.

IV. Optimization of ranking plans

1. January-January pre-achieved goals and application steps for example: 0 / 1 month website articles include 2000 articles, 800 outer chains, and 500 excavated long tail articles

2, 2 / 3 months pre-achieved goals and steps for application operations

For example: 2 / 3 months website articles included 6000, 3000 outer chain, 1500 mining long tail, hot keyword program ranking.

March-June pre-achieved goals and steps for application operations

For example: 3 / 6 months website articles included 10000, 8000 outer chain, 3000 mining long tail, fixed keywords (second only to the target keywords) program ranking.

Steps for pre-achieved goals and application operations in 4 and 6 months

For example: at present, the keywords of the website in 6 months have a stable ranking on the home page, the traffic of the website reaches 6000 IPs, the long tail keyword mining exceeds 5000 records, and contains more than 20000 records.

V. optimizing the operational content of the scheme

1. Make the optimization schedule, including the specific time, operation content, whether to complete and so on to record, the optimization implementation plan should be specific to the day.

2. The operation contents include: in-station optimization, out-of-station optimization, content, improvement, maintenance, feedback, fine-tuning and harvest.

3. The specific operation ideas of industry website optimization: in-station optimization, out-of-station optimization, content construction, website improvement.

4. In-station optimization: station structure optimization, inner chain strategy, station detail optimization, website map setting, keyword competition analysis, keyword deployment, long tail keyword mining, keyword segmentation research.

5. Out-of-station optimization: the way of external chain construction, the idea of link bait construction, the matters needing attention in the construction of external chain.

6. Content construction: the source of website content and matters needing attention

7. Website improvement

7.1 self-optimization check

7.2 intra-station Optimization-structural Optimization

7.3 intra-station optimization: rational planning of site architecture

7.4 good site architecture, can greatly improve the number of pages included, flattened structure is still a rational choice, auxiliary navigation is very important (crumbs navigation, secondary navigation), content pages interspersed with long tail keyword connections for anchor text setting. It’s very important for the industry station. Otherwise, the consequences will be serious!

8. Content page structure settings

The latest articles, recommended articles, hot spots modules (special keywords in the promotion industry,) related articles, random articles on the website (so that spiders can get new content every time), or people who read this article have also read it. If possible, increase the number of views, this is also a small range of updates for industry hot content organization topics, and planning keywords. Put these keywords in the hot spots of the content page.

9. In-station optimization-internal connection strategy: the principle of the construction of inner chain: control the number of internal links in the article, the correlation of link objects should be high, pay more attention to important web pages, and use absolute path.

10. The advantages of the inner chain: the massive data of the industry website makes the advantage of the inner chain far greater than that of the outer chain, it is easy to export links between the web pages in the station, improve the crawling index efficiency of the search engine, concentrate the theme, and make the keywords in this topic have the ranking advantage in the search engine.

11. In-station optimization-detail optimization: title writing, keyword, description setting, URL standardization, preferred domain, Robots.txt, secondary navigation, website density control between 2% and 8%, 404page setting, 301redirection, inner page adding anchor text and the first appearance of the page keyword record sheet, website map, web page snapshot, log, data analysis, weight transfer of the weight page.

12, related: the page everywhere link correlation and authority, to the search engine signal, this website is * * the industry website friendship link is the home page link, not the whole station link, the export link is less than 80, avoids dispersing the website weight.

Others: picture ALT tag, Google administrator tool submission (keywords, dead chain, outer chain) to increase the inclusion.

13. Site optimization-site map: html website map: establish a good navigation structure for search engines; horizontal and vertical maps: 01. Horizontally for channels, columns, topics; 02. Vertical mainly for keywords; each page has links to the website map; Xml website map; industry website data volume, we must split sitemap.xml into several logs, data analysis.

14. Analysis of keyword competition: analyze URL connection, whether to use the main domain name or inner page to do, keyword distribution location, is the result of word segmentation or exactly match, see if the keyword in the title position, whether in the first place and repeat, whether the website is around a word, look at the competitor’s home page chain, look at the size of the website, including the domain name age of the website, the volume of the site, Update mechanism and Baidu snapshot time, look at the website operation organization, is the individual webmaster or the company optimization team, look at the website inner chain and outer chain, whether the external connection is strong, whether the inner chain is a good anchor text.

15. Intra-station Optimization-one of the key words deployment

1) the steps of selecting keywords: determine the target keywords, expand the definition of target keywords, simulate the thinking design keywords of users, and study the keywords of competitors.

2) the order of page keyword optimization: final page & gt; & gt; & gt; channel & gt; home page

Page keyword allocation:, final page: long tail keywords, thematic pages: hot keywords, column pages: fixed keywords, channel pages: target keywords, home pages: do industry one or two top keywords, or site name.

16. Intra-station Optimization-keyword deployment II

1) Hot keyword topic: make the topic for the hot keyword, the aggregation of the keyword related information, supplemented by the link of the inner chain of the article.

The optimization order of keywords has been mentioned earlier, that is, the countryside surrounds the city, first do the optimization of long tail keywords. Equal to long tail keywords to reach a certain amount to drive the target keywords.

2) keyword deployment advice: do not pile keywords on the home page, each page carries a reasonable number of keywords of 3 to 5

Keyword deployment of industry websites is particularly important and requires system planning. , about the distribution of key words.

I can give you an example:

For example, the SEO industry I want to do the target keyword is SEO_SEO training _ SEO consultant this three words is my target word, do it on the home page.

Column pages can be done: medium heat keywords, second to the goal is higher than the long tail words. For example: Shenzhen SEO.

The same is true of the topic: recent hot topics related to SEO, for example, are SEO and the World Cup. This word is a recent hot word, it is not appropriate to use the home page to do it, and it can not be supported by the channel. It’s best to do it with a special topic. Can give this topic organization recently related to the topic article organization together to carry on the optimization to understand on the OK,!

17. Intra-station Optimization-long tail keyword Mining

1) the long tail keywords are divided into two parts: the target long tail and the marketing long tail. The target type refers to the long tail keyword of the product or service extension of the website. When optimizing the long tail, it is mainly based on the target long tail, because these long tail can really bring us the target customer and the target flow. Marketing long tail refers to the long tail related to the service of the industry station, which allows us to convert it into our target customer twice.

2) combined with the long tail keyword recording list, the method of making the internal anchor text diversified is the long tail keyword recording list.

When a long tail keyword is mentioned in the content page, search Baidu or Google for the keyword, look at the ranking, add a connection to it, if the long tail ranking is already at the top and stable, then use another long tail similar to the long tail, and then make anchor text. This diversified development of anchor text, that is, to make the site look so natural, but also improve the ranking of other long tails. SEO naturally ranks very well!

3) the tools used to mine long tail keywords: Baidu Index tool, Google keyword tool, Baidu know, Baidu and other SE related search, and drop-down box, Google treasure box-magic compass.

4) other methods for mining long tail keywords

Through the extension of information content, the power of long tail keyword mining users can be obtained by studying the website or forum content title of peers, and countless personalized long tail keywords can be created to predict long tail keywords.

18. Content construction

18.1 content sources: original content, or pseudo-original (modified more than 30% of the content), scan industry-related books and magazines, after simple editing, publish high-quality content, combination information, you can collect different attributes of information in different websites, and then combine into a new content.

Note: with regard to content construction, I would like to say that what we want is boutique content rather than multi-content, take each information release seriously, and do a good job in one word. For automatic collection of information, it is recommended to manually intervene to edit, and add long tail keywords, modify more than 30% to ensure the quality of the article, the industry station is not to include more than 80% of the content from the software collection, then the search engine will greatly reduce the trust of the site, the timeliness and snapshot will also slowly decline. If you really want to collect it, then do it by hand.

18.2 add note to the following content:

At the beginning of the construction of the station, we should pay attention to the continuous increase of content, while adding new content while carrying out SEO optimization. Continuous updates for a few months will win the trust of search engines in the site and gain more weight.

If it is a line, the effect of finishing the content is very different from that of each carefully edited article.

19. Website improvement-website optimization self-inspection: whether self-checking website optimization is in place, whether the competitors have been analyzed, and whether the target keywords have been well determined, whether the URL standardization has been done, and whether the keyword density on the home page has been well done to avoid interference. Remove useless information, the main content of the site will be presented, whether to do a good job of site navigation, whether to seriously do a good job of long tail keywords and record list, whether to do a good job of the anchor text in the station.

20. concrete operation ideas of external optimization of industry website

20.1 out-of-station Optimization: one of the ways to construct external chain

There are many ways to build the outer chain, it is suggested that from a point of depth, others in the auxiliary martial arts have words: a move fresh, eat all over the sky!

20.1.1 Friendship connection: self-built blog Sina, Sohu, 163, 39 blog, search room, Hexun, Tianya, blog network, Baidu space, Baidu post (right to add post function).

20.1.2 Forum signature GOV Forum, Industry-related Forum

Through the promotion of classified information ( information, catch-up network, Doudang network, people’s network, this topic network, Wuhan classification information, easy access to the network, Qian Yan, list,)

20.1.3 Promotion through video websites (through the production of product pictures into video formats: Tudou, Youku, 56, six rooms, Sina video, space promotion)

Blog message

20.1.4 encyclopedia-Baidu encyclopedia, search encyclopedia, interactive encyclopedia

Question and answer-Baidu knows, Yahoo knowledge Hall, Sina Love question, Tianya question and answer, search and ask, Qihu and post bar

20.1.5 add to search sites and bookmark sites (Baidu search, Yahoo search, google bookmarks, QQ bookmarks, Lefu, good online corner, Sina search)

20.2 out-of-station Optimization: the second approach to the Construction of external chain

20.2.1 High quality connection import: Yahoo and classified catalogue, news website import connection, industry authoritative website and industry association, organization and other websites. Including the industry’s high weight of the website, paid GVM links and the purchase of high-quality friendship links.

Note: submit the document to Baidu library, insert anchor text in it, make PDF document, insert anchor text in inside, are all regarded as outer chain. Pay attention to the external link construction at the same time, do not ignore the internal chain construction.

20.2.2 other ideas for external chain construction, in addition to obtaining reverse links, we have other things to do: attach importance to the dissemination of brand and information (publishing website soft text and recruitment information, etc.), properly point the relevant keywords to authoritative websites in the article, and improve the trust of the website in the search engine.

20.3 out-of-Station Optimization– Link Decoy thinking

20.3.1 the connection bait used for industry stations where it is more difficult to obtain a connection is the means of deceiving SE by establishing a false website, publishing content, obtaining some high-quality connection imports in the industry, and then performing 301 redirection after judging the SE and the person. Thus, it brings weight connection to the industry station.

20.3.2 document templates, code examples, and other tools

20.3.3 Creative ideas are important

20.3.4 activity links. You can hold a meaningful event, or a survey, all netizens can participate in the discussion, and then publish prizes, the event should be reprinted. To get a connection. For example, A5’s recent Bobai game: Google added more than 5 million pieces of information directly to this keyword. What is this concept?

20.3.5 connections are obtained through small tools and plug-ins. For example, wp plug-in, CMS template, CMS plug-in, and so on.

20.3.6 another of the most common title patterns for bait is the list or ranking of the top 10 and most xx xxx, which is often used unhappily. At present, I see many customers of the company are best at using this message, let’s take a look at the recent kind of information of the company’s customers: ten commonly used S60 mobile phone software, ten classic JAVA mobile games, eight useful WP SQL statements, … ..

So that’s the main way to link bait, depending on how you’re creative or taking some time to play infinitely.

21. Out-of-station Optimization-matters needing attention in the Construction of external chain

21.1 Exchange Link principle: the construction focus of the industry friend chain should be on the enterprise station, the link text should contain keywords, pay attention to the diversification of keywords, try to exchange with the relevant website, the number of export links of the other website should not be too large, avoid the exchange of links with the websites not included by the search engine, and check the friendship links regularly.

21.2 attention to the construction of outer chain: the quality of outer chain, if the quantity of outer chain is large, we can ignore the quality, pay attention to the diversified development of outer chain anchor text, and seek the natural balance.

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