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Intro:   Six months ago, I began to tamper with my own blog. Jane is a good writing platform. Here I have read a lot of excellent articles and learned a lot of new knowledge. Whether it is technical or life pe

Six months ago, I began to tamper with my own blog. Jane is a good writing platform. Here I have read a lot of excellent articles and learned a lot of new knowledge. Whether it is technical or life perception, work skills, strange things, I like the feeling of reading articles here, but I think as a Developer, I have a blog of my own and write down my own experience. It is essential to write down your own life, and accumulation is the most precious wealth of a person’s life.

I have seen a lot of developers to write blog platform, blog park, CSDN, has also tried a variety of ways to build blogs, and finally I was attracted by GithubPages + Hexo, simple and generous, high forced, because I know very little about the front-end technology, so it took half a day to pick up, first of all, let’s take a look at Github,GithubPages, and hexo.

Our article does not introduce how to build blogs, we introduce the theme of hexo yilia, I have tried a lot of themes, changing patterns, but when I see yilia, the style layout is very attractive to me, you can take a look at the author’s blog or mine

My common text editing tool is SublimeText2,MarkDown writing tool for MacDown,. I still prefer MacDown to Mou,.

1 installation

$git clone themes/yilia 2 configuration

First of all, we switch to the Blog directory. This Blog is a folder I created myself, mainly for blog management. Ls looks at the details in the directory below.

The yilia topic is in the themes directory. _ config.yml is mainly some of the configurations in the home directory. It is very clear, and it is very simple how to fill in each place.

Open _ config.yml-a “Sublime Text 2” screen shot 2016 / 08 / 03 10.27.54.png opens _ posts, under source this is our blog post, all in .md form, in this directory we can write the, hexo new article name, and then open it with your MarkDown editor, write, juvenile, And then go back to the home directory, hexo d-g, and you can generate and post it to your blog.

Under themes, the _ config.yml under yilia and the renaming under the home directory, mainly the configuration of some topics, Github links, Weibo links, etc., animation, some information about themselves, here the author is very well marked, so you can configure very well.

1 the articles we post are all displayed when the home page is displayed, which is very long and ugly, and wants to show part of the effect, like this.

We can solve this by opening an article.

Open Dark Magic-A commonly used macro definition. Md-a “MacDown” screen shot 2016 / 08 / 03 afternoon 10.40.43.png uses tags to hide the contents below ~

2 how do I add the label for the effect in the following figure?

Open your editor and add it under the tags at the head of the article in the form of a tag, and the tags in the picture will be generated, and the same tag articles will be grouped together, which is easy to view.

-the dark magic defined by the title: macro date: 2016 / 07 / 22 15:08:32 categories: tags:-Black Magic-Wonder Tips-3 how many articles per page and how to set the pagination effect?

Similar to the figure above, each page shows a few articles, we open the home directory of _ config.yml, to find the location of the lower end of the code, modify the parameters after per_page, for example, mine is five articles per page

# # Set per_page to 0 to disable pagination per_page: 5 pagination_dir: page has just a few problems for the time being. On the whole, yilia is an excellent topic, friendship link, comment, interface style, which I think is a great topic. You can also try to discuss the problem together. The author has an introduction to the configuration of this topic.

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