What is SEO optimization

Intro:   What is SEO optimizationFor the novice who just contacted SEO, we need to know what SEO network optimization is. Only by understanding its definition, can we further study. Here, we will explain what

What is SEO optimization

For the novice who just contacted SEO, we need to know what SEO network optimization is. Only by understanding its definition, can we further study. Here, we will explain what SEO is and related peripheral knowledge in detail through SEO tutorial.

For this problem, in the Internet, or in search engines, there are a lot of relevant definitions. Different people will use different languages to explain what SEO is, but the final result is the same. That is to use their own website to get traffic from search engines, and then complete product sales, service delivery and brand exposure.

From the definition of encyclopedia, SEO = search engine optimization, that is, search engine optimization. On the basis of understanding the sorting principle of search engine, the website is optimized in and out of the website, so as to improve the ranking probability of current website keywords and obtain traffic.

It is necessary to point out that SEO is not only a ranking, but also a collection of five elements, namely, search demand coverage, inclusion, sorting, presentation and data analysis. Any SEO technology can be summed up in it. An in-depth understanding of this concept will have an important impact on your future deepening of SEO technology.

Suppose you are SEO type site, SEO type site is massive, in this case, how do you make your keywords more ranking top, let netizens see it? At this time, SEO network optimization as a marketing means will be available. Through the corresponding technology, let the website keyword rank first, expose the information to the subdivided users, so as to further improve the conversion rate of website products and services, and bring benefits to website owners or business owners.

Here, I will explain in detail what SEO network optimization is.

1: Typical high quality site features.

Typical high quality site features

1: The layout of key words in the station is reasonable. There is a systematic key vocabulary of industry segmentation, which can meet different users’ keyword differential search needs.

2: The website has a good inclusion ratio. A large number of effective collection reduces the proportion of invalid pages.

3: Or brand words, or long tail keywords, or secondary keywords in a reasonable position in the search engine. Especially the long tail keywords account for a larger proportion of traffic.

4: The website layout is reasonable, the interface is beautiful, the visual perception is strong, and the corresponding interactive functions are complete, which can meet the search needs of most subdivision users, retain the new users who click in, and transform them into old users.

5: Website opening speed is stable and fast, with a good user experience.

6: For users who use different devices to browse the website, the website should be adapted to ensure that users can browse conveniently and normally.

7: The external chain of the website shows a natural growth trend.

8: The website has a large audience and high quality.

9: It has good historical data accumulation and great brand influence in search engine.

10: Users have better access depth, low jump out rate and long stay time.

2: SEO network optimization in the station.

SEO network optimization in station

SEO is divided into in station optimization and out station optimization. From the literal point of view, site optimization refers to the internal optimization of the website, including keyword layout, link structure, interactive function settings, pictures, codes, adaptation, correlation construction, etc.

At present, the SEO function of most CMS station building systems on the market is quite complete. As a general SEOER, the focus of work can be shifted to the organization of high-quality content.

From this point of view, it is particularly important to choose the station building system and corresponding templates suitable for your industry. For example, if you are a blog site, it is ideal to use WordPress system to build a site. The link structure, interactive function (comment) and code reduction that the general webmaster pays attention to have been set up.

3: SEO network optimization outside the station.

SEO network optimization outside the station

Put aside the station, it’s SEO outside the station. Compared with in station, the controllability of out station optimization is weak, which is also a common problem faced by many peers.

Offsite optimization includes authoritative construction and user behavior data analysis.

1: From the perspective of authoritative construction, it includes the construction of external links, such as friendship links and other external links (hint: the function of links is from big to small, followed by anchor text links, hyperlinks, white links), the exposure of website brand words, the accumulation of website historical data, the credibility of website, etc.

2: In terms of user behavior data, it mainly includes click behavior. Through the setting of the title and description, the click volume of this website will be increased when there is no significant difference in the ranking of key words.


The above content explains in detail what SEO network optimization is and how to operate it. As a general enterprise site, it is not difficult to do a good job in the content, the external chain of “natural growth”, the website stability, the website keyword ranking, and the final product and service transformation.

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