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Intro:   SEO is an optimization method to improve the amount of website. For example: when you don't know a question, we need to ask what Baidu means, or what some things do, and you'll find that some articles

SEO is an optimization method to improve the amount of website. For example: when you don’t know a question, we need to ask what Baidu means, or what some things do, and you’ll find that some articles are at the top and some articles are back, so this ranking can be simply explained as SEO.. For example, we search for “product manager responsibilities.”

At this time, the way we ask questions or the ranking of web pages is different, this is the most basic content of seo.

Baidu encyclopedia defines “seo” as: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), translated into search engine optimization in Chinese. Search engine optimization is a way to use search engine search rules to improve the ranking of destination sites in the relevant search engines. The purpose of SEO is to provide the website with ecological self-marketing solutions to give the site a leading position in the industry in order to obtain brand revenue. SEO includes two aspects: off-site SEO and in-station SEO. So everyone has a standard to measure this new noun, and it is true that this new thing makes it convenient for us to query our own things on the Internet, as long as you query your keywords or the nouns you query can quickly appear the articles or pictures, videos and even your favorite babies you need.

Sometimes we see a lot of people doing websites, doing a lot of websites, their ranking in Baidu ranking at the end of the very failure, so sometimes we need to dig the keywords of the web page to cooperate with their own website. Improve their ranking, try to let users open my web page, so that our web page traffic naturally has revenue. Obviously, then you’ll have an ad.

The main purpose of website optimization is to increase traffic, there is traffic naturally there is revenue. That’s why we need to monitor traffic.

First of all, let’s talk about website traffic (number of site visits). The common indicators for analyzing site traffic are:

PV (number of visits): that is, Page View, is the number of page views or hits, and the user is calculated every time he refreshes (page views or hits);

UV (Independent access): that is, one computer client that Unique Visitor, accesses your website is a visitor, and the same client in 00 / 00 is calculated only once (number of independent visitors);

IP (Independent IP): refers to the same IP address within the number of independent IP, 00 / 00 / 24 / 00 (the same network end, usually the same IP for a company and a family) is calculated only once (independent IP users);

These indicators are often used to evaluate the effect of the website.

There are many optimization methods of SEO, the most important of which is to improve the ranking of weight.

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Sogou website includes submission portal

Must submit login entry to website

There are a lot of websites in the Internet, thousands, what each website does is different. After we launch a new website, how exactly do search engines classify and search our website? for a newly established new site, the most important thing is the [title], [keyword], [description] of the website. These three points are the essential gold content of each website. The search engine will first read the title keyword description of the website or web page, rough reading and retrieval of the website, and then the deep reading of the web content to grasp the corresponding information, and store these as a snapshot of the web page in the database.

One of the tips: the description of the three elements of title, keyword and description should not be too long. Many webmaster friends too cherish these three positions, want to do all the keywords are included, in fact, this is wrong. You can find a lot of big stations, especially the more well-known sites in the SEO industry, their title keywords and description tags are very simple. A concise and attractive title and description is more attractive to both users and search engines.

Tip 2: keyword distribution should contain points, keyword density between 2% ≤ 8% can, do not let your web page at a glance everywhere. Many webmaster friends want to improve the density of keywords and focus on the emphasis, so they will deliberately put the keywords to be done in all key parts of the website, some of which will also be thickened. Makes it seem that the trace of optimization is very heavy, the user experience is very poor. Keyword density is really important, but it can’t be at the expense of the user experience. And too much keyword density is not friendly to search engines, but can cause negative results.

Skill number three:

The exchange of friendship links should not be blind, it needs to be exchanged according to their own needs, and similar to the content of the website to exchange friendship links, such as doing education is not suitable for exchanging with entertainment news, when the search engine grabs the content of the relevant website, its content is to be classified into our database, if it enters our website through links from other websites, Find that the corresponding website content of our current website and friendship link does not match, it will judge that our website is illegal, our website will probably not be captured.

The exchange of friendship links takes a variety of forms:

1. One-way link: someone else points to me or I point to someone else, and the other person doesn’t point it over. Advantages: search engines will be crawled according to the link and no longer go out, will make the weight of our website improve accordingly;

two。 Two-way link: exchange links between websites and websites. Benefits: it can make the flow of both sides grow and improve together;

3. One-way straight chain: refers to the individual webmaster plays clever, oneself has built two websites, one website content is better, the other website content is inferior, he will let the other person’s website point to his more high-quality website when he carries on the friendship link exchange with others, and his own more inferior website points to the other person’s website, forms the one-way cycle.

There is also a kind of outer chain called irrigation type outer chain, go to the forum and so on to publish the link of own website.

It should also be noted that the construction of external chains should not be greedy for quantity. Although the ranking of keywords is closely related to the construction of outer chain, it is not directly linked to the number of outer chain, especially not the same number of related domains as Baidu. The outer chain should pay more attention to the quality, and a good quality outer chain is worth thousands of garbage outer chains. Therefore, put more effort into excavating the outer chain and not mechanically follow the post.

The inner chain refers to the jump between the pages and the pages in the website. The inner chain can improve the crawling rate of the internal pages of the website, optimize the site, and improve the traffic (for example, Baidu encyclopedia, standard blue font).

In addition to the outer chain and the inner chain, the content quality of our website is also very important. We are crawled by the search engine after the page, Baidu called it Baidu snapshot, the reason our website will be crawled because our website has a large number of useful, rich, readable and high-quality information, search engine will evaluate the content quality of the site, as long as the content quality is appropriate, then the weight of the site will be slowly improved accordingly.

So how to update the content in order to achieve a stable, continuous to improve our weight effect?

1. Update: constantly updating the content of the site is very important to a website, if your site content stops updating, the search engine will match the site content, once your site content has become dead water, the search engine will no longer crawl;

two。 Quality: many Xiaobai webmasters think that as long as the content is updated, the search engine will keep grabbing the content of the web page in the web. In fact, this is wrong, because casually sending some content to fool our users and search engines will have a negative effect on our weight improvement. The search engine is very intelligent, it will make certain consideration to the content quality when grasping the page. Then if the content quality of the site is not good, the search engine will also lose interest in our website page, no longer come to grab. Write an article carefully and don’t collect 100 articles. It is much better to seriously write a high-quality article than to collect a hundred articles. Search engines don’t determine your ranking because of the number of your articles.

3. Original: some webmasters will carry out pseudo-original, modify the beginning and end of other people’s articles, this way will make the weight in the short term has a significant improvement, but with the continuous upgrade of search engine algorithms in recent years, the comparison mechanism of the article is more humanized and intelligent, so this kind of cleverness is still not to be carried out. If the original requirements of the website are higher, your return will also be higher.

4. Keyword density (2% ≤ 8%): search engines will match the corresponding information according to the text content in our web page, if our web page is related to teaching, we need to slightly appear in the web page, such as Chinese teaching, Chinese training and other keywords, keyword distribution should be implicit, do not let your web page look everywhere in the past. The density of keywords is between 2% and 8%.

5. Conversation setting: refers to the title keyword we set to describe whether the amount of information it contains is simple and rich. A good conversation will bring a lot of traffic to the website. At present, Baidu’s search only places titles and descriptions, if only Baidu is considered, the title and description of the site can be slightly optimized. For SEM, uh, bidding ranking one is to bid high and the other is to be of high quality. Then all of these two points can be done well in order to rank high, and for SEO, too. For example: the original title: front-end development, how to get a high-paying job, modified words after: a rookie front-end millions of annual salary road.

About domain name: if you do website, domain name is indispensable, domain name is a convenient address for users to remember, when we build the website, the choice of domain name has different meanings. represents a number of business organizations, companies, etc. (recommended domain names); is the latest international top-level domain name, which has better brand resources than .com domain name. is the most popular common domain name format in the world. Generally used in Internet related network services organizations or companies, is to establish a global business brand, international image of the first choice; is a non-profit organization;

Domain name is best to use short domain name, but also pay attention to domain name semantics, as well as the use of domain name history query, to prevent domain name has been used by illegal websites.

About the server: fast response, stable. Here is only too much explanation, the corresponding speed (page opening speed), stable server user experience good (3 seconds law).

The quality of the code also has a great impact on the site. If the quality of the code is poor, it will also affect the opening speed and so on to a certain extent. Let’s talk about code optimization in three ways:

1. Code de-redundancy (reduce redundant code, code simplification, modularization), enhance the reuse of code;

two。 Automation (tools: grunt, gulp, webPack, tinyPNG.), such as using automation tools for deployment in the previous paragraph is very convenient, we will have a large number of pictures and a lot of code when we write the website, many picture sizes are hundreds of KKs, which will lead to the slow loading rate of web pages, so the experience will be very poor, this time with the help of automation tools will be very convenient. Grunt, gulp, webPack for automated deployment can compress our code and achieve the same effect. TinyPNG is a commonly used tool to compress pictures, which can greatly improve our efficiency.

3. When semantic (p, h, a.) when writing code, the meaning of different tag code is also different.

When the server receives a request, for example, when a user accesses your web page through a browser, the server returns a code to the browser in response to the request. A code is called HTTP state code. The role of the HTTP status code is that the Web server is used to tell the client what happened. Common status codes:

1.200 (the beginning of 2 indicates a successful response to the web page);

2.300 (redirection);

3.404 (web pages do not exist): put some promotional information, public welfare activities, advertisements, etc., on page 404.

4.500 (the beginning of 5, 6 indicates a server error): if the server is repaired or restarted in a timely manner.

You can inquire about the details on your own.

Station group promotion is simply one person or team operating multiple sites, the purpose is to get a lot of traffic through search engines, or to point links to the same site to improve the search ranking. There are three kinds of common station group promotion:

1. Taobao customer (recession situation): is a kind of promotion mode according to the transaction charge, also refers to through the promotion to earn the income a kind of person, as long as Taobao guest obtains the commodity code from the Taobao promotion area, any buyer (including yourself) through your promotion (link, personal website, blog or community post) enters the Taobao seller shop to complete the purchase, may get the commission paid by the seller; To put it simply, Taobao refers to people who help sellers promote goods and get commissions.

two。 Mirror site: by copying the content of the website or web page and assigning it with different domain names and servers, the search engine can deceive the search engine into index the same site or the same page many times.

3. Station group marketing: multiple independent domain names (including secondary domain) website unified management, related to each other.

1. Improve customer experience (ease of use, UI optimization, etc.);

two。 Various forms of content (video, whimsical ideas);

3. The optimization of code attributes (alt, title, Logo, picture name, etc., related to the content of the title);

4. Related search engine product assistance (library, question and answer).

For website optimization, log analysis is also essential.

1. The overall capture of each search engine (search engine crawling records): through log analysis to determine which article or content we have a problem, so as to improve their website ranking and volume ranking;

two。 Record the non-repeated capture of search engine spiders (record to repeat): for example: a total of 1001 times, the home page was caught 10,000 times;

3. The amount of grasping per directory and each search engine (detailed analysis);

4. Statistical search engine crawling status code: analyze which pages of the website need to be optimized, what faults exist, and improve the quality of the website;

5. Statistics search engine crawling times, time: a day crawling times, stay time, improve the quality of the site.

1. Promotion tools (such as Baidu promotion): website analysis tools supplement (there will be website optimization suggestions, etc.): Baidu statistics, googleanalysytics, webmaster tools, love station network, CNZZ;

two。 Baidu Index;

Details can be your own Baidu, here do not explain in detail.

1. Social media SEO optimization: live broadcast, for example, is also a transformation of SEO, attracting traffic through live calls for wheat;

two。 E-commerce SEO optimization: Taobao through the internal SEO optimization, so that the new store is seen by more people;

3. New media Weibo and Wechat marketing: Wechat commodity marketing, Weibo selling powder, brush powder, big V and so on;

Finally, I would like to recommend tools and forums: SEO actual combat password, seoWhy. Here is a simplified version of the mind map for this article:

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