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Intro:   My blog: www.viggoz.comEnter the following format on Baidu or Google to judge, if you can search it, it will be included, otherwise it will not be.Site:viggoz.com 2. Creating a site map file site map

My blog: www.viggoz.com

Enter the following format on Baidu or Google to judge, if you can search it, it will be included, otherwise it will not be.

Site:viggoz.com 2. Creating a site map file site map is a file through which you can list the web pages on your site to inform Google and other search engines of the organizational structure of your site content. The search engine page crawling tool reads this file so that you can crawl your site more intelligently.

Npm install hexo-generator-sitemap

Verification website

When the verification is complete, you will be considered to be the owner of the site. To keep your site validated, keep validated files, html tags, or CNAME records, and check the validation records on a regular basis.

Here is a demonstration of Baidu webmaster platform entering your URL

File validation is recommended here. Download the file and put it in the Hexo\ public directory

Automatic push and sitemap are recommended here in terms of efficiency:

Active push & gt; automatic push & gt;sitemap automatic push automatic push is very simple, that is, embedding automatic push JS code in your code, when the page is accessed, the page URL will be immediately pushed to Baidu copy code to add to the following directory file.

\ themes\ xxxx\ layout\ _ partial\ after_footer.ejs sitemap submit directly

How to choose link submission mode 1, active push: the fastest way to submit, it is recommended that you immediately push the new output link of the site to Baidu through this way, in order to ensure that the new link can be included by Baidu in time. 2. Automatic push: the most convenient way to submit, please deploy the automatic push JS code in the source code of each page of the site, the page of the deployment code will be automatically pushed to Baidu each time the page is browsed. Can be used in conjunction with active push. 3. Sitemap: you can regularly put the website link in the sitemap, and then submit the sitemap to Baidu. Baidu will periodically grab and check the sitemap, you submit to process the links, but the collection speed is slower than the active push. 4, manual submission: one-time submission of links to Baidu, can be used in this way.

The Google operation is relatively simple, that is, submit the sitemap login Google account to the Google webmaster tool, add the site authentication to pass, select the site, and then grab the site map add / test the site map, as shown in the following figure:

Google I can search my blog right away when I submit it, and it is very efficient.

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