Do you know the six reasons why it is more and more difficult to do compared to SEM,?

Intro:   I don't know when, SEO is becoming more and more difficult to do, get a simple keyword ranking, but also tired to live for two or three months to see a little improvement. In previous years, it was no

I don’t know when, SEO is becoming more and more difficult to do, get a simple keyword ranking, but also tired to live for two or three months to see a little improvement. In previous years, it was not so difficult to do, SEO keyword ranking is casually sent out the chain, update the article, you can arrange to the home page. Now that SEM has overtaken the momentum of SEO, the reason is that Uncle Ghost said the operation specifically summed up the following six points:

1. Frequent updates of Baidu algorithm

Explain that the full name of SEO, is: Search Engine Optimization, which is translated into “search engine optimization” in Chinese. SEO refers to the site through the site optimization and off-site optimization, and then improve the website keyword ranking and the company’s brand exposure. After all, in the information age, most of the ways for people to obtain information are through search engines to index data from huge databases that meet the needs of individuals. Obviously, SEO optimization is based on search engine, so you must abide by the rules of the search engine game, that is, the “algorithm”.

In recent years, Baidu algorithm continues to update, upgrade, from the green apple, ice bucket, blue sky, Skynet, hurricane, wind, lightning and so on a series of algorithms, from the outer chain, advertising, page quality, original, title, open speed to crack down on the website ranking, so that a lot of SEOERs are difficult to adapt to at one time.

II. Enhancing the competitiveness of the same industry

“Internet +” thought, has achieved many industrialists, online and offline promotion, at the same time, enhance the competitiveness of the same industry. At this time, we are fighting for marketing channels, promotion strength, the traditional POP and DM advertising can not meet the current market demand, (Wechat junpianruojinghong) began to spend money to do SEM, information flow, new media, self-media, SEO.

If you don’t have a strong operational promotion team and don’t have a lot of money to back it up, it will lead to the Matthew effect. The effect of SEO, in front of these many marketing means, obviously feels unable to do so.

3. The foundation of the small and medium-sized stationmaster is not solid.

Whether it is a business owner or a personal webmaster, there is no brand influence before the scale takes shape, it is easy to survive, and it is as difficult to grow up to the sky. After all, the brand effect accumulated by Leader, in every field over the years makes people unable to cope with it, and the website foundation of other people’s rights 6 and 7 is not a small new station that can catch up with each other. It can be said that it is difficult to walk! Uncle Ghost said that the operation

IV. The cattle of SEO “disappeared.”

SEO is mostly half-way to become a monk, there is no SEO major graduation, these people want to move forward in addition to the year-round mixed with the major SEO Daniel blog, technical forum is not a more effective way.

Over the years, real bulls have switched to training, blogs have rarely been updated, forums have not been dabbled in, even if a professional SEO exchange group, more is a group of beginners to talk about some basic issues, or the advertising group of an online company. The search for fruitless, advanced, years of SEO levels can only stagnate, must not be able to adapt to the current increasingly difficult work.

5. Baidu’s own platform weight is too preferential.

Baidu’s own encyclopedia, knowledge, library, including Aladdin, sends you a message: as long as you are willing to spend money, ranking is not a problem! Whatever it is, SEO, stay back! So paying encyclopedia, Baidu know institutional experts, Baidu’s business documents, Aladdin, there is no shortage of people scrambling, because you pay, or other people’s own platform, there is no reason not to give preferential treatment. This makes us who are really SEO friends, have no temper, how can people not bow their heads under the eaves? Entry: 428773129

VI. Enterprise recruitment Decathlon “SEOER”

I do not know if we have this situation, find a SEO Commissioner’s work, require a basket of: can independently develop the website, has the success case; has the certain solution to the server security problem; has certain seo black hat technology; has the rich market operation, the planning promotion, the channel construction, the personnel organization practice experience and the successful experience; familiar with Google / Bing/alibaba foreign trade through train bidding basic rules; Maintain the company website, keyword publishing, professional website search, management Baidu, Google, 360 bidding ranking, integrity through Alibaba website shops and other related professional website management; optimize the website code, delete the redundant html code of the site, encapsulate some JS script code.

Finally, it’s the salary, 2000 / 3000. Why don’t you grab it? The salary of begging, the job of director, which SEOER dares to go to the interview? Many times against the wall, it is inevitable that Daniel will turn to fade out of the SEO circle.

No one knows how far SEO can go in the future. We are about to face a career change or unemployment. Only in peacetime, must be almost harsh requirements of their own, a special ability, in order not to be prematurely flooded by the Internet tide!

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