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Intro:   Reference materialWhether to register a regional domain name or an international domain name depends on such factors as the geographical scope of the business, the residence of the target user, and th

Reference material

Whether to register a regional domain name or an international domain name depends on such factors as the geographical scope of the business, the residence of the target user, and the region involved in the long-term business development plan of the enterprise. If most of the business of an enterprise is transnational business, it should be considered to register the international domain name, or register the international domain name and the domestic domain name at the same time, so as to ensure that users at home and abroad can easily obtain the information of enterprises and products through the Internet.

Handle the relationship between domain name and enterprise name, brand name and product name

From the perspective of shaping the unified image of the enterprise online and offline and the promotion of the website, the domain name can adopt the Chinese and English letters of the enterprise name, brand name or product name.

Domain name should be simple, easy to read, easy to remember and easy to use

Domain name should not only be easy to read, remember and recognize, but also be short, concise and easy to use. The domain name is too complex, which is easy to cause spelling mistakes.

Domain name should be international

The domain name should be named in English, and the content of the website should be in both Chinese and English.

Domain name should have certain connotation or implication

The naming of the domain name should combine and reflect the characteristics of the products or services provided by the enterprise, and reflect the business purpose of the enterprise website.

Domain name registration should be timely

Prevent the risk of other people’s preemption.

Domain name should comply with relevant laws and regulations

The design and registration of domain names shall comply with laws and regulations and comply with the Interim Administrative Measures for the registration of Internet domain names in China.

The main navigation should cover a wide range and try to use static navigation

The main function of website navigation is to guide users to visit website content conveniently, and to prompt search engine. Website navigation bar coverage is not wide, easy to cause the lack of traffic.

Try to separate two levels of navigation on the left side

Second level navigation can intuitively meet the needs of users and complete a good user experience.

In the form of pictures and texts, the products should be on the top and the words should be on the bottom

In terms of products, text is the most comfortable viewing experience when users browse the page, which can improve the visual experience of the overall layout of the website.

JS effect should be placed after body

JS effect can improve the opening speed of the website.

More columns on the home page, try to improve the richness

The traffic from the home page has an absolute advantage in the whole website.

Try to list the updated content in the form of a list

Adopt standardized layout of div web page

Search engines give more weight to standardized pages.

Reduced redundancy code

Do not leave garbage code, use js, flash and pictures reasonably. Search engines don’t know flash and pictures. They can be described by adding ALT tags. Don’t use pictures instead of words.

Simple website structure

Simple and beautiful URL rules

Robots.txt file

Robots.txt is an ASCII encoded text file stored in the root directory of a website. It usually tells the web search engine’s walkers (also known as web spiders) what content in this website should not be obtained by the search engine’s walkers and what can be obtained by the walkers.

When the website is established, check and write the appropriate robots documents in time, and pay attention to regular inspection during the daily maintenance of the website.

Sitemap file

Sitemap is the list of pages on your site. Creating and submitting a sitemap helps Baidu discover and understand all the pages on your site. You can also use sitemap to provide other information about your website, such as the last update date, the update frequency of sitemap files, etc., for Baidu spider’s reference.

Establish website sitemap file and submit it through Baidu webmaster platform in time.

Make reasonable use of the robots, sitemap, index volume, grabbing pressure, dead chain submission, website revision and other tools provided by the webmaster platform.

T-website title

The title of the website is best controlled within 38 Chinese characters. It needs to be attractive, relevant to the page content, and you can add your own brand.

D-description of the website

It needs to be attractive and relevant to the content of the page, but don’t control the keywords to the other side within 100 Chinese characters.

Keywords of k-website

Related to the content of the page, it is controlled in 50 Chinese characters, and the keywords are separated by English commas.

The Chinese characters written by TDK should be related to the page, with 3-5 key words. Do not repeat the same key words in another tag. Once the TDK is determined, do not make frequent changes.

Look for potential link objects with relevant themes and good weights, and make use of network resources and friendship links

Classification information website related website chain

Industry information network, regional information network and other websites, looking for the classification related to the external chain, publishing relevant articles in line with the standards of the station and anchoring the text and website.

Forum chain

Log in to major portal forums, government forums, education forums and professional forums in time, and select relevant forums and plates to publish, log in and post in the form of theme according to the relevance of articles in the external chain.

High weight blog external chain

In Netease, Sina, Sohu, Baidu and other large blog providers to establish theme blogs, each blog belongs to a class of industries, outgoing chain articles and theme related, is conducive to improving the weight of blog.

Soft text and link bait

Marketing Optimization for Enterprise Station

Establish accounts for the target enterprises on various B2B platforms, and release enterprise news, products, business opportunities and other information.

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