Notes: the application of SEO in website making

Intro:   This article is a MOOC network SEO learning notes.Original video address: application of SEO in website productionIf you don't have time, don't watch the video. It really doesn't have any substantive

This article is a MOOC network SEO learning notes.

Original video address: application of SEO in website production

If you don’t have time, don’t watch the video. It really doesn’t have any substantive content. If you want to know something about this, you’d better find some professional books to read.

1. classification

White hat SEO and black hat SEO

2. Optimization method

1) SEO on content

The title, keyword and description of the website are carefully designed. And website content optimization, plus robot.txt file. Website map, add external chain reference (there will be weight transfer).

2) Optimization of website structure and layout

Small directory hierarchy (no more than three levels)

Control the number of links on the home page

Breadcrumb navigation (tells the location in the web page, which helps the crawler know the structure of the site)

Design of the paging bar (for example, it’s easy to jump to page 10 without having to click on the next step)

3) Optimization of web page code

1. semantic


2. Inner chain and outer chain

For the outer chain, tell the crawler not to grab the attribute of & lt; a rel = “nofollow” & gt

3. Attribute setting of image and link label

≪ img title = “” ALT = “” & gt; properties & lt; a title = “here is the description of a link” & gt;

4. Put important content first

5. Do not use iframe label

6. Do not use js output for important content.

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