Is SEO technology dead or you don’t understand SEO?

Intro:   SEO technology is dead or you don't understand SEO? Nowadays, the homogeneity of SEO articles in various blogs is more serious, because SEO is written badly by everyone, and writing is nothing but con

SEO technology is dead or you don’t understand SEO? Nowadays, the homogeneity of SEO articles in various blogs is more serious, because SEO is written badly by everyone, and writing is nothing but content, external chain and user experience. But I always see a lot of people comment that SEO technology is dead, I can’t help but want to write about it. Why do these people say that? It’s nothing more than writing original or fake original every day, sending a little outside the chain, and then finding out how TMD ranking hasn’t changed? Or that? And then thinking, SEO technology is really not good.

Of course, more people say that there are so many Baidu bidding products and Baidu’s own products, and I want to finish all the words, even if it is not useful to row on the home page, and then come to the conclusion that “SEO technology is dead”. Is that the case? Since SEO is dead, why are many big companies still recruiting SEO? And making hundreds of thousands of yuan a year?

1. Do you understand these SEO problems?

(1) The format of URLs for non websites is not the same. Some websites have date format, such as, and other date formats. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this? What are the advantages and disadvantages compared with other URL formats? Is it just a program generated format?

(2) How is irreversible breadcrumb navigation used? What’s the big role?

(3) Do you know how many misunderstandings most people have about the external chain and the internal chain?

(4) You only know to use the website as little as possible, but do you know where to use js better?

If you do not know the place, then please do not easily say SEO is dead. In fact, many people still see things too narrow-minded, SEO is not dead, not that you can not optimize a few words, or Baidu bidding to occupy, you need to see from the overall trend.

2. Food and restaurant problems

If you want to improve SEO, it’s not just to do a few word ranking, but from the perspective of a large number of long tail words, maybe many people who do business station think I’m talking bullshit, where can I get so many long tail words from a business station, then I can only say, since you choose to do SEO, you think the business station is not suitable for doing a large number of long tail, then why do you still do business station? What you choose is SEO Career, or choose an enterprise? It’s like, you like to eat chicken leg rice in Shaxian County, you have to go to Lanzhou ramen, and then say that people don’t even have chicken leg rice. Do you choose a restaurant or a restaurant?

Of course, SEO is not easy for small enterprises, but for SEO practitioners, you can’t just say that SEO technology is dead.

3. On the strategy of high

When we usually say SEO technology, the content and external chain will appear low-level. If we want to say something higher, we will definitely mention a problem of SEO strategy.

A lot of people may work in Party B or in the enterprise. They are usually responsible for some enterprise websites. I haven’t been engaged in Party B myself, but the feeling that Party B gives me is that one person assigns one or two or more websites to you, and then you do what words each website needs to do. This gives me the feeling that there is no strategy to speak of, because you are nothing but repeated to do content for each website, do outside the chain. Even if you have been working as an enterprise station in Party B for 5 years, I think it may not be as high as one year’s work in a big station. (in my humble opinion, if you are not a party B, don’t spray on your partner)

If you want a strategy, you have to make a big website. If you want a personal website to make its content wider, you can also pay attention to the strategy.

4. The fastest way to learn SEO

As for how to make strategies? I always think that analyzing competitors is one of the fastest ways to learn SEO.

Most people analyze that competitors have a bad problem, such as “Jingdong”:

Many people like to jump to conclusions. For example, one kind of people will think that JD’s SEO is not good. Just like that, many basic tags are not written well. Why do they have such a high weight? It seems that big websites are good. They can have such a high weight if they don’t do it well. Or, they have money, they have cooperation with Baidu, or they have many resources, they have a lot of outside chains, and so on. And then it’s over. I won’t care about this website.

There is another kind of person who thinks that JD is so big and there are dozens of secondary domain names. I can’t analyze them! I don’t know what to analyze, what the TDK label is not like, what the content is not like, what to analyze, and then it doesn’t end. Both of them are very bad phenomena. I won’t talk about the first kind of people. As for the second kind of people, you have to stare at a website for dozens of hours. I believe you may learn more than you learn in a year. Don’t feel helpless without doing it.

5. The first step of SEO analysis

This is also a big framework for analyzing competitors, which I feel is very important. It’s a step that must be experienced. Many people are still abstract about SEO. When they see a big website, they don’t know how to analyze it. What’s the first step? How to write someone’s title? Does H1 have it? What’s the keyword density? How many chains are there In fact, these are not all the basic details. It’s like drawing a character sketch. Drawing a sketch doesn’t mean drawing eyes as soon as you come up, and then drawing your nose after finishing your glasses. Sketching also doesn’t pay attention to absolute realism. The students who draw must know that the first step is to determine a good framework and the location and layout of each organ.

So it’s the same with competitors. You have to analyze the big framework. It’s suggested that you use the way of drawing. You can use some mind mapping software, such as MindManager, Axure, or the drawing board brought by the computer, etc., whatever you use. First of all, you need to make clear the link mode of the website structure. What is the chain in their website? How does their website weight flow? What is the purpose of his link?

For example, which pages are linked to in the content page? What are the categories of these pages? Are there any rules? After you sort out this figure, you will see a little idea of the overall architecture of others.

Of course, the above are all basic things, and an article can only write a little basic content. Although SEO is just a way of marketing, if you want to do a good job in a website, it’s not possible to rely on SEO completely, but it’s also not possible without SEO. Say so much, just want to tell you, SEO is not dead, don’t follow suit. Don’t even think about it.

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