How long does it take to learn SEO?

Intro:   When many novice SEO learn SEO initially, they consider the learning time. Some people think that they can master it quickly, and some people think it needs time accumulation. How long does it take to

When many novice SEO learn SEO initially, they consider the learning time. Some people think that they can master it quickly, and some people think it needs time accumulation. How long does it take to learn SEO? I can’t learn it in a week. In terms of personal experience, learning SEO well needs a lot of time and energy. The method is very important and the practice is indispensable.

SEO can be regarded as a comprehensive technology, not only SEO itself, but also other aspects of learning SEO, such as the front-end language div + CSS, SEO station building and so on.

Since the birth of search engine, the SEO industry has been thriving. In China, it just entered the concept of SEO in 2002. In 2004, it began to be paid attention to gradually by people in the IT industry, which is a relatively popular industry. Due to the low entry level, many non professionals have turned to this industry.

Nonprofessional people? How to be a professional?

The elites in the industry are defined as follows:

1. Proficient in HTML and CSS div

2. Familiar with ASP and PHP development languages

3. Be familiar with the server environment Apache, nginx, IIS.

4. Familiar with various well-known open source programs, dedecms, WordPress, drupla, Joomla.

See here, a lot of business owners, industry Xiaobai has been scared to sweat. SEO is too professional, not for us to play. Go to a professional company or direct SEM.

For large enterprises. SEM can spend money. It’s OK to invite a professional company, of course, a reliable professional company. Those companies with “7-day homepage” and “no ranking in a year” are still far away. A small editor of the previous article said that. SEO is a patient and long process. Seven days home page, keyword does not drop the situation of ranking only one. They run all the major search engines at home.

But for some small start-ups. The cost of online push is large and the budget is high. I want to learn, but also by the so-called professional skills in the door.

Of course, it is better to master HTML, CSS div, ASP and PHP. But you won’t and it doesn’t matter. The same can do their own website SEO.

In the eyes of Xiaobian. SEO is a comprehensive career. Only know technology is not necessarily good SEO.

For example: there is an enterprise that makes building materials products. He left the work to a professional company. The key word is “geogrid”. Half a month later, the keyword ranking is very good. The level of professional companies is also excellent. Business owners have no days to search their own keywords. But after a month, the inquiry rate is very low. Boss white happy, make very regret to make what SEO. Another month later, the boss received a business. In the process of chatting with customers. Because geogrid is a new thing. Few people in the industry know its professional name. It is generally called “road reinforcement net”. That’s what the boss realized. The key words have been modified. There are a lot of inquiries every day and they are transformed.

All that said, technology just adds to your SEO. It’s not something we have to master. You have to understand the advantages of your products, excellent market sensitivity, understanding of customer profiles, mastering customer search habits, and excellent writing skills.

A good SEO personnel or company, if you can understand the key words better than the company’s boss. That’s what a master is.

SEO content is emperor. If you have a good writing ability, combined with your own products, send more original articles to your official website. Maintain a certain density of updates. Keep it down to earth for about two months. Can do their own website SEO.

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