SEO optimization course of company website

Intro:   SEO optimization course of company websiteThe company website, or the enterprise website, especially the small company website, is more likely to achieve the target keyword ranking through SEO optimiz

SEO optimization course of company website

The company website, or the enterprise website, especially the small company website, is more likely to achieve the target keyword ranking through SEO optimization technology, which is easier. In addition, it is more difficult to achieve a large number of long tail words ranking.

The company’s enterprise station, through the relevant SEO courses, SEO optimization of the website, the core point lies in the construction of relevance, richness and authority of key pages. There is also a point, that is, the positive impact of user behavior, that is, a large number of natural users click, or use software to imitate normal users click.

There are only a few target keywords, and the long tail keywords are massive. Through simple authoritative construction, it is generally unable to achieve the massive long tail word ranking.

SEO often competes for patterns, resources and execution.

SEO optimization course content of the company’s website comes from the network, which has some reference significance, only for reference.

Most enterprise websites have done search engine optimization, but not all of them have found accurate methods. With the update and improvement of Baidu search engine algorithm, search engines pay more and more attention to the user experience and content quality of the website, so what methods should we take to adjust the search engine How about optimizing our corporate website.

1. SEO courses related to content layout, mainly focusing on “understanding the characteristics of the enterprise”: most of the enterprise stations now mainly do word-of-mouth marketing through SEO, so that the website becomes a symbol of the company’s reputation and quality, so the internal layout of the website must be clear and clear, so that incoming users can quickly find a “sense of trust”, which is also the first thing for most enterprise websites First to achieve the effect, so to “understand the characteristics of enterprises” based, can better achieve the effect of brand marketing.

2. Link construction related SEO tutorials, the external chain optimization is mainly “blog”: the external link optimization of enterprise website is generally blog based, because the optimization process of enterprise website is relatively fast and simple, the external chain of blog is the most effective and long-term stable external chain, so the external chain of blog is the first, of course, you should learn to support blog first.

3. Brand building related courses. Enterprise websites are mainly brand marketing: enterprise websites are mainly optimized as the official websites of enterprises. Therefore, brand is the first thing for websites to do. Therefore, in the process of website optimization, it is mainly through the ranking of brand keywords to drive the ranking of other keywords. There are generally two operations when writing title on the home page: 1. Brand words. 2. Brand words + two target keywords, if the enterprise

The industry has been well-known, and mainly want to promote their own brand through the website, the title of the website is written as “brand”. If it is a small enterprise, the network market is quite considerable, we can optimize the strategy by target keywords and enterprise brand keywords together.

4. Some unnecessary suggestions, do not add “news center” and other news sections: users enter the enterprise to see what the enterprise is doing and how the enterprise is, rather than to see the news.

The optimization of the enterprise website is mainly to promote the enterprise brand, increase the credibility of the brand, so that the website can well express the enterprise image and corporate culture, and remember not to be greedy to do a lot of business keywords, because this is easy to backfire.

Comments on Xiao Ming SEO tutorial: the core of SEO is not many, but the probability of SEO is very low in ideal state, no resources, no brand words, no natural click is the main reason why a large number of companies can not do SEO well.

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