Three main points and advantages of SEO soft text Marketing

Intro:   Many people mistakenly think that doing SEO is doing traffic and ranking. The real SEO is to make the website more friendly to users and search engines by using reasonable means of easy search engine

Many people mistakenly think that doing SEO is doing traffic and ranking. The real SEO is to make the website more friendly to users and search engines by using reasonable means of easy search engine index, so it is easier to be included and sorted by search engines. Search engine optimization is a kind of search engine marketing guidance, not just Baidu and google ranking. Search engine optimization runs through every detail of the whole process of website planning, construction and maintenance, and every participant worthy of website design, development and promotion understands the significance of their responsibilities for SEO effects.

SEO is only a means of network marketing. Now the common view in the industry is user experience first, SEO second, and finally achieve the unity of user experience and SEO. Because the ultimate will of the search engine is to respect the choice of users, that is, the site that users feel good is at the top of the list!

A keyword ranking should be firmly on the front page

Through SEO optimization, to invent the brand effect, a very important aspect is to upgrade the site to the top of the search engine ranking, and to make this ranking stable, many people say it is not easy to do through bidding ranking? However, bidding rankings are often hit through money, which money is sufficient, may lose a better ranking, and mixed brands, because the cost is low, they are not afraid to spend money, so now even through the bidding ranking to get the top brand effect is beginning to be reduced, and through long-term operation, tirelessly optimize the website ranking, can also optimize the website ranking to a more advanced position, and such a website, It is often easier to gain the trust of spending people, that is to say, the brand effect will also be stronger!

Second, it is easy to break through the vertical category.

Of course, SEO optimization is a kind of sharp weapon to promote brand effect, but if you do not pay attention to the choice of industry, do not pay attention to the subdivision effect, then it is difficult to give full play to the upper advantage of SEO optimization, such as many people sharpen their heads to the development of e-commerce, it is true that the profitability of e-commerce can be proportionately strong, but everyone competes on this single wooden bridge, and the possibility of failure is naturally greatly increased! Even if the great Luo Xian people are alive, it is difficult to successfully solve the problem from such fierce competition!

Therefore, if you want to optimize the SEO to the extreme, you also need to pay attention to the industry segmentation, through meticulous division to avoid the danger of fierce competition, for example, many industry e-commerce websites have shouted out the online Decarnon business model, which is an effective way to make the industry extremely operational ideas, and SEO optimization is to let this business thinking plug in the wings of victory!?

(3) the optimization of SEO should complement the advantages of soft text marketing.

At present, more and more consumers come to the website advocated in the soft text through soft text. Those traditional ways of leaving only the outer chain of a website have been difficult to obtain effective targeted traffic, let alone build the brand effect of the website, and the effect of soft text in SEO optimization has become very good, and soft text can bring keywords anchor text about their own website. And these soft articles are often announced on the website with high weight, so the ranking of these soft articles is at the top of the list, which naturally shows the brand effect of the website through these soft text marketing, and obtains greater brand effect through less investment. Soft text marketing and SEO optimization have carried on the perfect combination!?


1) the price is relatively low

2) can bring higher quality business traffic to the website. As a result, more sales to the company;

3) strengthen the online popularity of the brand;

4) once the optimization benefits for the long term.

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