What is the revenue limit that SEO can bring to your company?

Intro:   How to estimate how much revenue SEO can bring to your company?The best way to estimate SEO revenue is to analyze the competition. Find SEO to do a better match, through the other side's SEO Traffic e

How to estimate how much revenue SEO can bring to your company?

The best way to estimate SEO revenue is to analyze the competition. Find SEO to do a better match, through the other side’s SEO Traffic estimate income. If the competition can be done, we are likely to be able to do it. After all, the size of SEO capability has no absolute relationship with the size and resources of the company. The opportunities of SEO for large and small companies are equal. How to estimate the SEO Traffic of competitors? There are two ways:

1. Search on the website or the webmaster’s tool, without logging in, you can enter the web address. It’s not very precise, but it can let you know about the order of magnitude.

Website: https://www.aizhan.com

Website of Webmaster Tools: http://tool.chinaz.com/

2. Ten to one rule

If the competition is good at SEO in the industry, it should conform to the rule of 10:1, that is, the ratio of the number of entries and SEO Traffic is 10:1. If the number of Baidu included in the website is 100000 and the SEO Traffic is about 10000, this rule is applicable to top enterprises in many industries, and in many cases, it is more accurate than the estimate of love station.

Knowing the SEO Traffic of the competitor, it’s very simple to calculate the revenue of the competitor through the ratio of the traffic and revenue of the company. The threshold of SEO is not high, as long as we find the right talent, with the goal of top competition in the industry, it is not difficult to achieve and surpass the level of competition through reasonable SEO technology.

How to estimate the cost of SEO?

SEO’s labor cost is still relatively low, with more than three years of SEO work experience in the general salary of 10000-20000 months. Generally, a full-time SEO engineer is competent for the optimization of a large website. After all, websites like qunar, Ctrip and New Oriental have only one full-time SEO staff.

To complete the SEO work of the website, only SEO engineers can’t do it, and there must be technicians and editors. This part of manpower allocation needs to be analyzed in detail. If a website needs technical and editorial staff even if it doesn’t do SEO, this part of the labor cost should not be included in the SEO cost.

Fast platoon fee is a new cost that Baidu has only had since Baidu included the customer’s click behavior in the ranking factor. There is no such fee for doing Google foreign trade. It’s too expensive to develop a set of fast exhaust system by yourself, so it’s unnecessary. The rapid emission technology in the market has been quite mature and the price is very low. The average cost of each click is only one tenth or even lower than SEM. If you are investing in SEM, then multiply the SEM budget by one tenth, which is the cost of fast scheduling.

If your company’s SEO traffic has been very stable, there is no big change in one or two years, indicating that it has reached the bottleneck. Breaking through the bottleneck with the help of external brain is a more reliable way than changing an SEO. Because very few SEO experts are willing to be an engineer in the company, even if you change an SEO staff, it is likely that the situation will not be greatly improved. At this time, the external consultant has become a drug introduction to break through the bottleneck of SEO. A good SEO consultant can not only make your website break through the ceiling, but also help you point out the future direction through the support of the methodology, so as to ensure that your SEO traffic will grow steadily in the next few years.

How to get the support of the top SEO team in China without spending a penny?

No matter how smart your mind is, there are times when talent is exhausted. Especially when a website has been operating for many years, the operators will surely encounter the ceiling. When the SEO team can’t think of a breakthrough plan, consider [bidding], bidding can be true or false. False bidding is harmful to the company’s image. It is not recommended to operate unless you don’t care about the company’s image or outsiders don’t see it as false bidding.

The bidding steps are as follows:

Step 1: issue bidding documents

It is announced that there are two million SEO budgets this year. In order to purchase and avoid suspicion, the final receiver needs to be determined through bidding. Then release the bidding documents to the top SEO companies and teams in China. The bidding documents have clear requirements for the bidding documents, such as:

·Analyze the SEO data of our website.

·Competing for website SEO data analysis, strategy analysis.

·According to our website, put forward the SEO strategy.

·How much space does the SEO Traffic of our website improve? How to realize

SEO company in order to win the bid, although will not disclose all the optimization details, but the direction and strategy still need to talk about some. According to the answers to these questions, you can understand the SEO strategy from different dimensions, and maybe you can have a sense of openness. If there are seven or eight companies to bid, it will bring together the wisdom of dozens of SEO experts.

Step 2: bidding meeting

Bidding meeting is a kind of form that can ask SEO experts free of charge, and there is a sense of superiority of “party a”. You can ask the bidder any questions without fear of rejection or ridicule.

Tips for preparing questions: focus on strategy rather than details, focus on ideas rather than methods.

Step 3: Thank you

Upon completion of the bid, a letter of thanks will be sent to all bidders. It should be noted that the bidding objects are kept secret from each other, and the bid winner will not be announced.

How to break through the bottleneck of SEO?

1. Exponential content increase is the magic weapon for small websites to break through the bottleneck

Original + pseudo original + collection + aggregation = exponential growth

Original content is the difficulty of small and medium-sized websites. I’ve used the best way of cost performance ratio is for students to take part-time jobs, and the lowest cost is 2 yuan / piece. Open an editing account for the students, upload the original articles by themselves, and settle according to the number of articles at the end of the month. If you know the technology, you can write an original testing tool. After the students upload it, it will be automatically tested. Only after the test is qualified can you go online. The principle of the original detection tool is to randomly select 10 sentences from the article to Baidu search, red means not original. If there are more than 6 sentences without red, it means that the originality is more than 60%. There are many original testing tools on the Internet. If you don’t have the skills to write this tool, you can let the students test it by themselves and upload it after passing the test.

Many small and medium-sized websites update their content with a great frequency of randomness, which depends entirely on the manpower arrangement and update strategy. This strategy is not sustainable.

2. Website structure is the cornerstone

Small websites are inherently weak. If the architecture is not well built, it is basically impossible to do a good job in SEO.

3. Imitate and compete, but don’t copy, surpass.

Find the top 1 of the industry and analyze its SEO strategy. Improve the SEO strategy of competing pairs and gradually surpass competing pairs.

If there are SEO and marketing related issues, they can be discussed together.

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