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Intro:   What are the SEO terms for outer chain optimization super guide and outer chain optimization? What is the principle of outer chain optimization? How many methods are there for common external chain op

What are the SEO terms for outer chain optimization super guide and outer chain optimization? What is the principle of outer chain optimization? How many methods are there for common external chain optimization? What are the matters needing attention in the optimization of the outer chain? Let you easily understand the problems encountered in the optimization and construction of the outer chain.

I. understanding several SEO terms of outer chain optimization

Before introducing the optimization of the outer chain, the old iron outer chain needs to understand several basic SEO terms.

1. Website weight

The weight of the website refers to the evaluation and evaluation of the authority of the website (including the web page) given by the search engine to the website (including the web page).

Therefore, as long as the search engine index and give a certain ranking of the website, all have a certain weight value, the general website home page weight value is the highest.

2. Transfer weight

Pages with weights can be recommended and supported by each other, and some weights can be passed to other pages in the form of export links.

That is, a page with weight, when linked to other pages, will export a part of the weight value.

3. Reverse chain

A reverse chain is actually a declaration within the target document. In other words, the regular link indicates “point to document B” in document A, while the reverse link requires “make document A point to me” in document B. The reverse chain is almost equal to the outer chain, but the anti-chain counted by the station network and the stationmaster’s house is the link given by the better site.

II. The principle of external chain Optimization

Next, the old iron outer chain introduces some classical link algorithms and outer chain optimization principles to prove that the outer chain is still useful.

1. Classical link algorithm

1) Li Yanhong hyperchain analysis patent

Hyperchain analysis is to evaluate the quality of linked sites by analyzing how many linked sites, which ensures that users in Baidu search, the more popular content ranking.

But consider green apple algorithm and so on, garbage outer chain is invalid.

Therefore, the high weight outer chain is still very important, the ordinary external chain effect is general, garbage outer chain is not as good as not to do.

PR, is fully called “PageRank” in English and “web level” in Chinese.

You can learn from PR that the more links you export, the less weight values each link gets.

3) HITS algorithm

HITS, is called “Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search” in English and “hypertext sensitive title search” in Chinese.

HITS algorithm verifies the importance of voting on weighted websites.

4) Hilltop algorithm

Similar to Google PR, Hilltop algorithm also determines the ranking weight of search results by the quantity and quality of web pages linked. The difference is that it increases the relevance of the content of the site.

Hilltop algorithm, tells us that the outer chain must be highly correlated in order to be better.

5) TruskRank algorithm

TruskRusk, is translated as “trust index” in Chinese, which represents the trust degree of the website on Google. The higher the TruskRusk value, the higher the quality of the site.

TruskRank algorithm, tell us that the website ranking may be the opening speed of the site, may also be the number of domain names, but also may be user experience, and so on.

2. The principle of outer chain optimization

There are only two points to the optimization principle of the outer chain of the old iron:

1) High quality external chain

The outer chain must be of high quality, the ordinary outer chain you add 100, it is better to add 1 high quality outer chain effect.

2) steady increase

The outer chain increases slowly with time, is the best result, if the increase speed is too fast, easy to be regarded by the search engine as cheating oh.

III. External chain optimization method

Let’s talk about several common methods here for the old iron chain.

1. High weight blog

Sina blog, 51CTO blog, happy and so on are very good to have a high weight blog, but one thing needs to be noted, random outside chain will be sealed oh.

In general, this kind of blog gives the position of friendship link, do not add the outer chain in the article, especially easy to seal.

2. High weight platform

Old iron SEO external chain website is a good high weight network external chain publishing platform, but also can increase the chain of friends oh. High weight is still very high.

3. Authoritative website directory and web site navigation

Ordinary website directory, at most play an ordinary external chain role, do not care too much, not to 20 yuan, 50 yuan through quick examination let the other party include their own website.

What really plays a decisive role in the website is the authoritative website directory and web site navigation, but this kind of general entry threshold is relatively high. Interested may refer to the submission portal for another article.

Refer to the old railway webmaster news “[search engine submission portal] HITS algorithm hub website article _ SEO school _ old iron SEO”.

4. High weight soft text outer chain platform

The old iron outer chain release platform feels that at present, the self-media is the most reliable platform, making the outer chain old iron experienced Baidu first three holders, breaking the record for three consecutive years. Do external chain we are serious, more than 200 self-media platforms, large websites can publish soft text chain, Baidu library, B2B articles, friendship links, Sina blog and other professional registered accounts for our users to publish, long-term security and effectiveness.


5. A high weight platform for accepting contributions

The old iron outer chain here recommends two contribution platforms that can leave the outer chain, one is the well-known spider webmaster, the other is the galactic spider.

6. Social media

The old iron chain recommends four social media: Sina Weibo, Baidu Library, Forum chain and B2B articles. Articles that include external chains can be published on these social media, which is also effective in optimizing the site.

However, if we do so above, we can use the Baidu sharing button to share our articles to the above several platforms. If the articles are reprinted, liked and commented on in large numbers, these will also be recorded by Baidu and will properly participate in the ranking of the page.

7. In addition, there are a few common

Communities, forums, questions and answers, even if there are videos, as long as we can send text platform, can try to leave some links. Not much of that. The old iron outer chain doesn’t like to make the rest of these outer chains.

IV. Matters needing attention in the optimization of the outer chain

Old man SEO thinks it’s over if you can’t send the outer chain.

1. Record the inclusion and ranking of the outer chain

There should be a record, how many external chains are sent every day, how many are included, and, when querying some keywords, there is still a certain ranking, if only included, this is not a successful outer chain oh. About the key word ranking, it is proved that the search engine has given a certain weight, so that the outer chain is more effective. Of course, it would be best if the outer chain appeared on a high-weight platform.

2. Detection and processing of link into dead link

For the link into the dead chain, you can view in the link analysis of Baidu webmaster platform, if there is immediate processing, you can do 404 can also do 301 redirect to receive weight.

3. One more thing I forgot to say is that the website of the outer chain is standardized.

At the end of the web site with / different, https and http are different, and so on, when sending, must be unified oh.

Refer to the previous tutorial “[old iron outer chain] web site standardization to make the weight more centralized _ SEO school tutorial _ old iron SEO”.

V. reference to the details of external chain optimization

All the external chain optimization described above can be found in the following article.

Tag tag aggregation page “seo School _ Old Iron SEO”.

The article aggregation page “[old iron webmaster news] external link optimization promotion must see SEO school _ old iron SEO”.

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