SEO methodology: writing the three core elements that attract user titles!

Intro:   At the end of September, Baidu search engine launched the wind algorithm, the purpose is to crack down on the title party and keyword stacking and other behavior of the site. For SEO people, many peop

At the end of September, Baidu search engine launched the wind algorithm, the purpose is to crack down on the title party and keyword stacking and other behavior of the site. For SEO people, many people have been greatly affected by the algorithm, resulting in different degrees of site ranking decline. An excellent title, not only can avoid the search engine algorithm, but also conducive to users click. 8898 net profit navigation practice SEO for many years, for the title writing has always been simple, but also summed up three core elements, can be used in the optimization of SEO website.

In many cases, most SEO people are not so-called copywriting experts, it is not easy to skimming out of the readable, and in accordance with the SEO specification of the page title. But if we use systematic thinking to polish, in fact, we can sum up a set of views, no matter what industry sites, if around these characteristics to write, then your title is not only conducive to SEO, is more conducive to the favor of users.

From the type of title, it is generally divided into three types, one is brand title, the other is product title, and the third is content title. Branded titles are generally used on large brand sites and write more image words, most of which are advertising brand words, as shown in the following figure:

The figure above is a good type of self-media site in China, although the title of this kind of site is not a so-called big brand, but we can clearly see what the theme of the site is. And this kind of title is actually very suitable for SEO specification, but also caters to the nature and readability of the search engine breeze algorithm. Let’s take a look at the second type of title, the way the product title is written, as shown in the following figure:

In the five websites shown above, we can see that this kind of title is 99% of the SEO net to earn the common writing method in the site, but it is precisely because of this universal writing, resulting in the homogenization of search results is more serious, even if you rank very well, the user’s priority click choice is also the bidding page, if to the natural search results to choose the click, then in general, these sites have no advantage. The natural ranking site, which originally ranked first, gets 1% of the hits, but officially because of the homogenization of the title, even if you are number one, maybe you have only 0.5% of the hits. And this behavior will have a bad impact on the entire search results answer, will reduce the overall search results click rate.

The third type of title writing is generally content-oriented, which is not necessarily for a product, but may also be a description of a knowledge point or hot topic, as shown in the following figure:

The content-based title will be more rich in the description of knowledge points, for this kind of page, we should highlight one of its focus when writing the page title. Simply understand, a home page can contain multiple dimensions of the core keywords to explain, for example, I can talk about starting a business at the same time, or I can talk about the mobile Internet. For example, you can talk about financial management at the same time, or you can talk about online loans. However, it is important to remember not to highlight the two core points of the content-oriented title, and to explain and explain the theme of the web page with a core keyword, which is also the most favorable title writing method for SEO optimization. Through the above three types, we can basically get three specification elements for writing SEO titles.

1. A strong sense of visual impact

Visual shock, this logical point a lot of people have done, that is, keyword stacking, the more stacked, the more times your page title flashes red. Once the number of flashes increases, then the impact of users’ color perception will be greater and greater, in fact, this is one of the worst behavior, because this approach will trigger the recent emergence of wind clearing algorithm. Then visual shock must be hit with color, in fact, you can also start with the text of the title.

II. Making good use of punctuation marks

Punctuation marks are also a kind of writing behavior and refining method that attract users very much. The proper use of punctuation marks can not only make the title fresh and vulgar, but also. Common title symbols are double quotation marks, curly braces, stars, spaces, underlined lines, horizontal lines, and so on. Different business words can be matched according to different titles, and this way of writing can refer to bidding to promote the title of the page. For example:

III. Overall thinking

The overall thinking is mainly used for word extension, such as when you optimize a keyword X, then you can extend Y, Z and other words out, and in the modifier, adjust, so that the words that appear can have a good expansibility. However, the extended words are used as much as possible for long tail words with transformation, such as the price of some product words and the best effect of such words as manufacturers.

Take the decoration company as an example: [Hangzhou Decoration Company] _ which is good [Hangzhou Decoration] _ 50,000 customers witness 15 years’ experience!

Take the machinery industry as an example: business word [manufacturer direct sale] _ business word price-brand word [ten brands], such as label machine [manufacturer direct sale] _ label machine price-brand word [ten brands]

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