Three factors that seriously affect the effect of SEO

Intro:   Three factors that seriously affect the effect of SEOMany SEOER in the process of optimizing the website, the effect is not good, or even very little, this situation is common. Why is SEO the same, so

Three factors that seriously affect the effect of SEO

Many SEOER in the process of optimizing the website, the effect is not good, or even very little, this situation is common. Why is SEO the same, some good, some bad? It has been proposed that there are only three factors that affect the SEO effect. If these factors are put in place, the optimization result of the website is ideal.

Influencing factors of SEO effect

Compared with SEM (search engine marketing), SEO work tends to manual work and long-term labor injection (extended reading: the difference between SEM and SEO). This paper summarizes three factors that affect SEO effect, namely SEO effect = hard content x staying outside the chain x dead, welcome to supplement.

There is always a webmaster in the process of doing SEO, think SEO is a very difficult thing. Today, we invited Mr. Xue to share some of his experience about SEO with us. Maybe after watching it, you will also feel that SEO is a 100% successful thing to do. Doing SEO can produce results.

I say a sincere word, SEO is really a thing without much difficulty. Only our SEO method path is different from the method path set by the search engine, which leads to this huge difference, which is actually a mental method problem.

Today’s article is actually from Luo Zhenyu’s new year’s speech.

When Luo Zhenyu started to do logic thinking, he also mentioned mental method many times. What is mental skill? It’s just a fight. There should be many people in our friends who have seen logit thinking. Now they may also be users of “get”, so they are not unfamiliar with kowtow. Luo Zhenyu also often stressed that Zeng Guofan’s mind method of fighting is to forge a strong stronghold and fight a dead battle.

“Fight to death” and “forge a strong stronghold, fight to stay in battle” are the same meaning. But “kowtow” doesn’t mean just sticking to it. In specific daily affairs, we should also pay attention to methods.

In the early days of Luo Zhenyu’s entrepreneurship, he stressed the importance of kowtow. When making the video and WeChat public numbers, they send out videos every Friday and send out 60 seconds of voice every day at 6. At 6 o’clock every day, even when Luo Zhenyu was talking about financing, he was asked by the investors that your entrepreneurial project is so binding to you. If you hang up one day, what else can you do in 60 seconds every day.

Some people will say that 60 seconds a day is actually recorded in advance. According to my observation, sometimes you can record 60 seconds of the next day in advance. But many times, I have observed that the content of the 60 seconds of the day is really what happened the day before, and there are many such content. That is to say, in many cases, 60 seconds a day is time-effective. It’s hard to record the content in advance. At least you can’t record the content in advance for a week. So, it’s up to the dead.

Search engines have sorting algorithms, which many SEO people are obsessed with. But SEO also has algorithms. Do we know what SEO algorithm is?

I think SEO algorithm should be: SEO = hard content x dead link X.

Hard content refers to the content is the basis of the website, without excellent content as the basis, the website is difficult to form features. Without characteristic website, it is difficult to form cognition and brand in users’ mind. Hard content is for benchmarking users, not for search engines. If you’re really committed to being a website, you’ll be able to appreciate that. That is to say, the content should be viewed by users, not by search engines.

Stay outside the chain, this word is not suitable in fact, can not think of a more suitable term for the time being. This word corresponds to no clever technique. Too many websites are punished because of the chain. Outside the chain can really improve the weight of the website in a short time, but improper operation may also affect the website. If there is not enough assurance, we prefer to implement the safe and conservative external chain strategy. While the external chain is weak, the strengthening of other aspects can also promote the overall improvement.

And then it’s the kowtow. Kowtow is not a silly insistence, not a way to go black. At the same time, we should also talk about operation. Intuitively, the kowtow I understand is to stick to it while actively trying to explore more and more effective methods. In other words, find a variety of ways to stick to it, and then accumulate potential energy through time efficiency.

This is the SEO algorithm I understand. Let me give you a few examples.

How to carry out SEO? For example, a website’s SEO is posted every day. The first time to post: April 3, 2006, now 12 years. The time of SEO of this website is at least from 2001 to 2002. So far, it has 16 or 17 years of experience. It has rich experience in the evolution of search engine algorithm and various changes of the website in search engine. I look at the blogs of their websites. The websites are mainly about content output, which is based on limited operation (interaction with readers, etc.). In addition, I don’t see any strategies used by the website in this blog, or even tag aggregation in the blog.

Another example is my PC website. Now I am doing this website according to the expectation of at least 3 years, so some short-term fluctuations of the website will not make me very anxious. We insist on good content, original content (extended reading: does SEO need original content articles), meaningful content and different types of content. At the same time of doing content, we can even study some free services for readers and industry. I believe that the weight of the website will gradually improve, and the learning SEO effect of the website will be reflected.

Therefore, find some effective methods and stick to them. Through time accumulation, we can play a huge potential energy.

This picture is one of the speech contents of Luo Zhenyu’s cross year speech. It’s almost the same thing. Find a way and repeat it.

Influencing factors of SEO effect

This kind of meaning of chicken soup, golden sentence has long been. The key to your acceptance is that you can understand deeply, pay attention to the strategic height, and then meet with what you are doing and what you think is very important.

Well, dry this chicken soup!

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