Career Development Planning of SEO Practitioners, several directions you should go

Intro:   As a person who has been working on SEO for many years, I mentioned in my WeChat community today how to develop SEO practitioners in the future. Here, I think I should write an article about the SEOer

As a person who has been working on SEO for many years, I mentioned in my WeChat community today how to develop SEO practitioners in the future. Here, I think I should write an article about the SEOer career development plan. Let’s talk about your years of development in SEO.

In fact, there are many ways to do SEO well in SEO’s career development plan. But things are different. I think you’re new to SEO, talking about future career development. Then talk to the director level, as well as possible shifts in the middle.

For a novice:

At first, dream technology advises you to spend at least an hour a day studying. In all kinds of industries, the more experience you have, the more competent you will be. It is that the more you gain, the greater your ability to do so in the future. What I often say to my subordinates is: “if you learn 10 points a day and others can only learn one point a day, then you have at least 10 years of work experience compared with him.” Looking at the actual situation, how many people can harvest a point of knowledge every day? In response to this problem, you reflect on yourself, can you harvest a point of knowledge every day?

SEO novice career development plan

To do a good job in SEO, you have to know too much. If you think you have enough knowledge, let me ask you a few questions:

Do you know the dns of the domain name? Will dns have an impact on ranking?

Do you know what cdn acceleration needs to pay attention to? Such as whether the node ip is stable / where the supplier computer room is located.

Do you know which server provider is more secure?

During the optimization process, will you pay attention to the number of js files?

Do you have a systematic inner chain layout strategy?

How many success stories do you have to brag about?

When you communicate with technology, can you be very smooth not to be talked about by technology?

Not many questions, dream science and technology editor to give everyone a study idea. First of all, you have to master the basics of SEO itself. Then it is from the beginning of the site domain name, to the follow-up operation as a whole to understand, at least understand. It is best to build a website from beginning to end. Then continue to operate, be a good webmaster, in the future engaged in the Internet role will let others experience how you know so much, I am a typical example. I used to buy my own domain name, buy a virtual host, and build a server. Configure the environment, independently solve 301, 404 and other problems, to the front page to write, the web page is also designed. Technology development after learning dede, wordpress, their own completion. And later through the seo to deal with traffic, ponder how to make more advertising fees through the online alliance. What content can reduce user jump rate and so on.

Therefore, the scope of knowledge listed is as follows:

You need to learn the basics of SEO

By building your own website, enough to buy domain names, understand the whole process of domain name to server, and master which will affect SEO, so that you understand its essence, instead of everyone saying that doing so is good for seo, and when the technology asks me, I can only say: “everyone does this!” the specific principle I do not know ah!

The http protocol also needs to understand that the search engine itself has a lot of logic to refer to the http protocol, such as https sites, why does Baidu weigh it? why can etag improve access speed and be crawler friendly?

Server, or by building their own website to understand virtual hosts, vps, cloud hosts, standalone servers, exclusive ip, and even what is apache, nginx, iis, what is apache+mysql+php, and what is, and so on, these are in the process of building independent stations we can only encounter.

Front-end code is convenient, a lot of front-end code is semantic logic, search engines also abide by these semantics. So what else do you know except that the A1 tag should be the title of the article and the text should be bold using strong,? How do you know if you don’t study or experience?

Programs and databases, here are more speed effects. The database is optimized well, the program processing speed is fast, the web page reaction is fast. It’s nothing more friendly to search engines. Baidu also said earlier that mobile pages open more than three seconds, directly rated as junk sites, think of the speed, not only affect crawling, but also directly affect the search ranking, and even the comprehensive score of the site.

Companies hire us for more than just traffic. We assume that SEO traffic is 20000uv per day, but it doesn’t bring revenue to the company. So what do you want? What is the value of these 20, 000 uv? We can’t help thinking about this. Therefore, the setting of the page, for the effectiveness of the layout, but also fully considered.

Communication, we do something, in addition to the outer chain, articles to find editing, development to find front-end or technology, server to find operation and maintenance. This all needs to communicate, some page changes should communicate with the product more frequently. Your basic skills are not solid and you don’t know enough. They do not support you, no matter how good you are, the idea can not be realized on the website, sorry, everything is zero!

If you understand all of the above, the future will also be shipped to more things in the field of non-pure SEO, then continue to learn, but also to follow the pace of search engines, if possible, in-depth study of search engine algorithms, then you will be even better.

All of this is in place, so are you good next? No, you still have success stories. Do SEO, at the company or your own stand-alone site. I can say that my SEO traffic growth in an online school has increased from 1000 to tens of thousands a day, and what about you? Such a case, whether in the company, or my customers, my independent site can be taken out to tell you my achievements over the years, and what about you?

If you have a rich knowledge system and no less than two successful cases, then you should at least be in a management position.

Some advice to the supervisor / manager

Whether it’s a supervisor or a manager, it’s not about the naked commander, it’s about the management position that really leads people. What you need most at this stage is to be accountable to everyone.

I’ve been in management for four years. In recent years, the team has gone from the first two to the last more than 30. There are more and more functions. How can we manage them in an organized way?.

There are a lot of friends have talked to me, I have been a SEO manager for more than 2 years, the company also did not say to recruit someone for me. Along with this, let’s reflect on this:

If you can get to and from work on time every day, will your leader or boss think you are busy? If you can be busy yourself, why are they hiring you?

If you’re busy, but you don’t have a plan, or if your planning leader doesn’t know, how do you add someone? he’s probably wondering what you’re up to every day, isn’t it?

You’ve planned a year of work next year, and it looks like a lot. Then every day is also busy very late, but every year busy is no results, no results, so that the company has no revenue? I think the boss should be wondering if your SEO ability is not good, or is the SEO industry not working? He can still agree to the recruitment.?

What if you’re an airborne leader? To the company the most important thing, I think should be as soon as possible to get together with you, in-depth understanding of everyone, but also let everyone familiar with you, recognize you. Then blow you and your boss or leader hard and burn up (the three fires of the new official). The so-called knowing people and doing well. If you listen at the same time, you will be clear, but if you listen to you, you will be dark. Don’t believe what others say, contact everyone, and then get to know everyone, and get the recognition and trust of everyone. Will it be more reasonable to implement your own policies, ideas, work and personnel adjustments?

Let’s talk about taking a team. Taking a good team is not a fixed and constant routine, it is to synthesize the ability, personality, hobbies and so on of each member to consider comprehensively, specifically know where everyone is bad, and what are the advantages. The so-called teaching varies from person to person and teaches because of people.

All this is clear, then as a leader to pave the way for the process, such as how people should raise their needs, when to come up with the plan, the format is not required (after all, the person is one, can not come up with multiple versions, right?) Let teamwork become a process model, each new employee will save themselves to familiarize themselves with people, familiar with the work, familiar with the transaction process, will soon be available. There will be no conflict or contradiction between them.

Dream technology wants to tell you that the last most important thing is to carry the pot, a mouth said let go of the work, and their own things to avoid, pot and pot leader, must be playing hooligans. Think of yourself as a leader like this? At least don’t be someone you don’t even like, do you? In other words, the leader will not like a subordinate who is deducted from everything and dare not take responsibility. The harmony of unity comes from clear responsibilities and clear interests. Not psychological checks and balances, power constraints!

There are still too many skills in management, and psychological checks and balances and power constraints will also be used, but this is only a means of management. The aim is for everyone to get things done. It’s not going to unfold here. Let’s take a look at how to get to SEOer’s career development plan if you can do a good job in SEO management.

In fact, when you are a SEO frontline employee and management, you will find a direction you prefer. Most people will shift to the direction of the marketing director, but also some people will change the direction of the director of operations. Others are transferred to product managers, or operating posts, SEM, or others, in the process.

If it is SEO who is not doing well, there is no expectation of SEO career development. So please put yourself in the position. What preparations have you made for your next job transfer? If you are not prepared to accept a pay cut, if not, go and get a job and fool your next interviewer (despise this behavior, people with this kind of behavior may not be easy to live, but the future will not be too bright! Don’t talk about that field and you can do a good job. I don’t say much. You can use your time to verify it yourself!). So before you change jobs, at least have some experience, it is best to be able to transfer posts within the company, and a good relationship with the boss of a department, he also thinks you can do a good job in that position. It is the quickest time for people to make peace with each other.

If you become a director:

For management, it is not much different from the above. But one of the most important things is that you used to be a professional manager and now you’re an integrated leader. Explain the professional and comprehensive types.

Professional: you SEO is very professional, do management or do SEO, with two people who are not as professional as you do together.

Comprehensive: although you are very professional in SEO, there are other areas on the team. You just know a little bit more and don’t know more.

Therefore, the level of director is more integrated leadership. Then the most important thing for you is not to use your incompetent heart to arrange work that you do not understand, especially taboo the details of the arrangement. Respect the more professional people and really let them do it. As long as the ultimate goal is achieved, everything can be relaxed. After all, you don’t know what they’re up to, and you can’t even fully understand what they’re up to. One of the biggest advantages of being a competent comprehensive leader is that you should be a listener. Listen to him. Let him do it. If you hesitate, ask him how sure he will do it. It was impossible to say what would happen after a few more words, and let him, who seemed irresponsible, ponder over it. Sugar-coated shells, abuse of cake greeting (to have a degree of oh!).

At this time, you can not provide you with more professional training, that is, to provide some awareness and a high degree of training. Dream technology tells you that it is a big reason, although many people can not listen to it, but the thought class is not regular collective, alone or want to talk. In addition, at the corporate level, we should strive for more learning opportunities for everyone, learn their own professional opportunities. Then it is to fight for more interests for everyone. What I want to make clear here is that your interests are based on the achievements of the team. The team has no interest, and you have an interest. I can only “hehe”!

The red line of cross-level communication is also a serious and common problem. Here it depends on the ability, stability and other factors of your professional manager. You can do it with a degree and a sense.

The cake for the boss, in addition to what we want to do now, but also to continue to output more future output to your leader. This is the key way to get the leadership to pay attention to it, but you have to do 70% of what you say! Or the leader will lose faith in you. With the strong support and leadership attention of your superiors, your whole team will get twice the result with half the effort and be able to do it with half the effort!

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