SEO is not that complicated. Just do these nine steps.

Intro:   SEO, search engine optimization, to speak, is to let others use the search engine, can find your site more quickly.Today, after three hours of research and practice, a series of SEO settings have been

SEO, search engine optimization, to speak, is to let others use the search engine, can find your site more quickly.

Today, after three hours of research and practice, a series of SEO settings have been completed for, which is not complicated.

Ordinary people master this set of methodology, with the right software background, there is no need to invite the SEO god, can let the website in the SEO to reach 80% of the level.

Before talking about the specific content, first establish the cognition of SEO.

SEO, is to make it easier for websites to be found by search engines. First of all, you have to understand the principles of search engines.

The basic principles of search engines such as Baidu and Bing,Google are to scan the data structure of the website with a program called “crawler”, and then cache the scanned content to the search engine. Once someone uses the search engine to search for keywords, the website that contains keywords and related information will appear in the search results.

The higher the correlation, the higher the ranking of the site in the search results, the easier it will be seen and accessed by the searcher. Each visit brings about a traffic conversion of the search engine.

So, doing the work of SEO is essentially:

Optimize the data structure of the site, fill in key information, and make it easier for crawlers to find, store, and trigger sites.

Okay, let’s see what needs to be changed.

A website consists of many web pages, each of which is generally a standard HTML structure. There is a key tag in this HTML structure:

& lt; title & gt;

If you don’t write the HTML language here, the engineers on the website will know. In the background of a good site, there are SEO fields for operators, not developers, so just fill in the title.

The content of the lt; title & gt; tag in the web page is very important to the search engine, so be sure to describe it well.

Remember a very effective way to describe it in the form of “subject + concrete” & lt; title & gt;.

For example, pineapple accelerator, which provides business and Internet suite services for startups, so my title on the home page is

Pineapple Accelerator-provides a one-stop acceleration set for startups

Short, but go straight to the point.

If you are a breakfast shop, the title can be called “Master Wang breakfast restaurant”, but it is better to press “main body + specific what” has more characteristics.

Master Wang breakfast restaurant-24 hours unclosed to supply hot and dry noodles

If the background program of the site is friendly, you can go directly to modify it, because you know more about business and marketing than programmers. But if the daemon can’t change the title of the page, tell the programmer what you think and change the data structure of the page by changing the code.

The domain name is the door number of the website, applies for a top-level independent domain name, and binds the website, will make the website more friendly to the search engine.

What is a top-level independent domain name?

The suffix .com / .net / .org / .cn / .one / .cc, in the form of “”, “” and so on, is the top-level independent domain name.

In addition, there are ways to visit the website:

A string of numbers like this through the IP address “192.332.22.xx”; through the secondary domain name “”, “”

Both of the above methods are not friendly to search engines. Domain name change, or server change, will have an impact on the ranking of search engines.

It is easy to understand that you must have a legitimate top door number and do not move often.

On the results page of the search engine, there is a paragraph description where the site link appears, which is called “meta description”.

Usually meta-descriptions should not be written too long, short sentences, describing the core of the content. The copywriting here can be consulted by a business consultant or a marketing expert.

With a meta-description of the site, it is more friendly to search engines, and these short words are enough to magic users to really produce click behavior to start visiting your site.

Remember, the site may have multiple pages, please write the meta-description of each page-whether it is the main page or the secondary page-and figure out how to write to be fascinating.

In addition to meta-description, there is a group of invisible keywords. These keywords can quickly locate your site, so that search engines can match your site to the keywords that users search for.

How is the key word better? In the industry, specific business names, hot words, consensus words and so on. There is a lot of research space for going deep into it, and there is no room for research here.

For example, the key words of the pineapple accelerator are:

Internet, Internet Development, website, official account, personal Brand, Internet Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, content Operation, Internet Operation, SaaS, Software Development, Internet Consulting, Venture Capital, Enterprise Consulting, Consulting Company, Business Strategy Consulting

In a word, it is the keyword that revolves around the business, at the same time considers the target user colloquial expression habit, does the keyword coverage.

Be careful not to think that the more keywords the better, the search engine has long thought of, with less relevant keywords will be punished by the search engine.

Every picture in the web page looks fine, but the search engine does not recognize the picture very well. Although the technology of “image recognition” has made great progress in recent years, and many search engines are also in the pilot application, but generally speaking, the effect is not ideal.

In fact, every picture on a web page, in the HTML data structure of a web page, has a described field. Is it a lot like the metamodel you just said? Yes.

So, in order for search engines to better find pictures and then access your site through the source of pictures, you have an obligation to add description information to every picture on the page.

In this way, the SEO on the picture level is done.

No matter how much Baidu’s search engine makes you complain, Baidu is still the largest portal to the Chinese Internet.

Therefore, it must be the right strategy to take the website you have just built and visit Baidu’s search engine instead of waiting for him to come to you.

Specifically, there are two steps:

The first step is to verify the right body.

Baidu webmaster tool, is to let the webmaster take the initiative to introduce their own website to the search engine, so that the search engine to know you, similar to your visit to the search engine meaning.

Before you formally introduce your site to the search engine, the search engine needs to make sure that the site you introduce is really your own site.

As a result, Baidu gives you a string of random code, as long as it appears on the page of your site, then Baidu recognizes that you have the sovereignty of the site-because no one else can write the random code to your site.

Step 2, enter your key page

After entering the door, Baidu will allow you to introduce each page of the site to the search engine. Specifically, you can put a single page of the address, input into Baidu webmaster tool.

When you’re done, the search engine says it knows. But you searched it right away, and you still couldn’t find it. This is normal. Search engine elders need time to digest your content and put it back in the search results. It usually takes seven days.

You just took the website to visit Baidu, and then you must visit the global search engine boss, Google.

At home, access to Google, may require scientific access to the Internet. Once you can visit Google, you will find that Google is more enthusiastic and has no shelf as the world leader.

Baidu reception is called “Baidu stationmaster tool”, corresponding, Google reception is called “Google Search Console”.

Google’s reception service is good, only one step: verify the right body, as long as you bring the site is yours, the rest will be left to him.

However, after the Google reception Department verified the body, it gave a more convenient function to input sitemap.

A map of a Sitemap, site is a directory made up of subpages of a site. This is usually a XML file that exists in the directory of the site. If you don’t know, just tell the engineer you want this and achieve the effect shown in the figure.

The website is all done, no one sees how to do, take the initiative to share, spread your website to the world.

Search engines say similar ideas:

If there are more links to your site on other sites, which means your site is popular, then the search results should be ranked at the top of the list.

Therefore, on those famous social platforms, Weibo, Wechat official account, moments and media sites, publish information containing the domain name of your site.

The more widely distributed your domain name is, the easier it is to be seen by people or search engines, and the more attention you will naturally get.

If you’ve read the article here, you can probably guess why. Fragments like this have repeatedly appeared in this article:

If you don’t know, just tell the engineer you want this, to achieve the effect shown in the figure.

Yes, SEO is a job that requires a different division of expertise.

First of all, we need the boss to have this understanding. Fortunately, a professional called “growth” has been added to the industry, and even the role of “chief executive” has emerged.

Secondly, we need the marketing planner to intervene in writing copywriting, copywriting also needs to consider the content of the website, while understanding the general principles of the search engine, at the same time, we need to work together with technical engineers.

Finally, it needs to be carried out by technical engineers to write these copywriting into different labels and notes-engineers naturally resist this “boring writing work.”

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