This is the real SEO, the SEO you don’t know

Intro:   Many people think that SEO is Baidu ranking optimization or website optimization. Even many people who have been in the industry for a long time don't know what SEO specifically means and what it mean

Many people think that SEO is Baidu ranking optimization or website optimization. Even many people who have been in the industry for a long time don’t know what SEO specifically means and what it means.


Classification of SEO white hat SEO

White hat SEO is a fair way to use SEO optimization methods that conform to the main search engine distribution policy. It’s the opposite of black hat SEO. White hat SEO has always been regarded as the best SEO technique in the industry. It is operated under the condition of avoiding all risks and avoiding any conflict with the distribution policy of search engine. It is also the highest professional ethics standard of SEOER practitioners.


White hat SEO optimization takes effect for a long time, advantages: stable ranking, small floating, do not worry about SEO operation and power reduction.

Black hat SEO


Grey hat SEO


Common SEO terms


Second level domain name: the second level domain name is a subsidiary domain name relative to the international domain name. For example: is the primary domain name is the secondary domain name.

Search engine: refers to a system that collects information from the Internet according to a certain strategy and using a specific computer program, organizes and processes the information, provides retrieval services for users, and displays the relevant information retrieved by users to users. For example: Baidu, Google, Sogou.

Keywords: refers to the words used in search engine query results.

Subject words: the core words in keywords and the target words on the website are often large in index, and high ranking can bring high traffic.

Long tail words: non target keywords on the website but also keywords that can bring search traffic, usually longer, may also be a phrase.

Keyword density: the ratio of the number of times keywords or keywords appear in the page to other words.

Keyword ranking: the ranking of keywords in search engines.

301 redirect: permanently redirect the URL to be transferred to another new URL.

Baidu spider: the program used by search engines to capture hundreds of millions of web pages on the Internet is called spider.


Index: usually there will be two reviews when a website is included. The first time it is included is the index. At this time, the page is not released by the search engine. When the second review is released in the index results, it can be viewed as site inclusion.

SEO optimized process

First of all, the front-end / page staff are mainly responsible for station optimization: station structure optimization, code optimization, website map setting, keyword deployment.

Then the content editor should construct the content of the website: the source of the content of the website, the optimization of the details of the content, the deployment of key words, the inner chain strategy.

The promoters need to optimize the website out of the station: the basic way of building the outer chain, the idea of building the link bait, the analysis of competitors, the key word positioning, the mining of long tail key words.


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