Understand these 7 points, and make SEO more effective with less effort

Intro:   Many webmasters complain that SEO is becoming more and more difficult to do. Before that, many people consulted the author about this problem, but only after a careful look at their website, I found t

Many webmasters complain that SEO is becoming more and more difficult to do. Before that, many people consulted the author about this problem, but only after a careful look at their website, I found that many SEO optimization details are not done in place. I think this is that you don’t know about SEO optimization operation, as long as you do some details well, you can make SEO effect more effective. The following editor will share it with you Here are seven details to make SEO more effective with half the effort. Today, for example, it is relatively easy for many SEOs to understand, so as not to be seriously blindfolded. As a whole, it focuses on the book as an example.

1、 Website domain name

1. The common name of the website domain name is the website. If you enter the desired website, you will jump to the corresponding website, for example: https://www.baidu.com/, you will jump to Baidu to know.

2. Website domain name = Bookstore address

If you want to go to a certain bookstore, you need to know its specific location and name; similarly, if you want to go to a certain website, you need to know its website and keywords.

3. Choosing a good domain name is very important. A good domain name needs to be short, easy to remember, meaningful and related to the website, just like the book “Sanwei bookstore”, which is the same name as the bookstore.

4. What kind of domain name helps SEO optimization?

① Domain name suffix: there are many domain name suffixes, such as. Cn.com. CC. TV. UK. JP. Then the most commonly used one is. Com. Because of its high popularity and frequent use by users, the domain name suffix does not have a great impact on SEO, except that the domain names with edu and gov suffixes are born with higher weight.

② Domain name age: to use the old domain name as a new site, you need to see the quality and content update of the website. If you are an old SEO person, you must also find that Baidu’s collection of the old domain name is much faster than the new one. With a history of more than two years and no illegal record, there will be certain advantages to be a new station.

③ . business history: if you have done pornographic, gambling and other illegal industries before, you may have been cut off by search engine recognition. It is not feasible to use it as a new station.

④ Domain name related to the industry: Baidu has a memory of the old domain name, and it is also clear what the old domain name used to be, so try to choose the old domain name and the new site. If the difference is too big, there are only disadvantages and no advantages.

⑤ Including keywords and brevity: if the keywords are too long, there is no need to add keywords. Try to be easy to remember, write and spread. Of course, if there are keywords in the domain name and brevity is the best.

2、 Website space

1. Website space, also known as virtual host space, is the place to place website content, images, databases, files, etc.

2. Website space = Bookstore space

The number of stored books depends on the size of bookstore space; the classification of books depends on the readers’ browsing experience; the number of books depends on the readers’ stability. The same reason: the stability of the website space and the speed of access will affect the user’s experience. If the website often cannot be opened or the speed of opening is slow, who is willing to browse the website.

3. How to choose server space

① . server type: high cost performance, low cost and convenient maintenance of virtual host, suitable for small and medium-sized exhibition websites; large websites need to customize the server for business and security reasons, and can use the form of server hosting; for enterprises requiring high speed, they can choose the form of cluster host, and allocate the burden of websites by visiting corresponding hosts in different regions

② . space size: in fact, you don’t need to choose too large space size. Of course, it’s better to choose according to your own needs. It doesn’t have to be the largest one. It’s the best if it’s suitable. It’s useless if it’s too small.

③ Broadband size: the size of broadband determines the access speed of the website. At present, many spaces are 100m shared broadband. Generally, there is no problem to bear dozens of websites. Each website is 2-5M on average. It is better to choose a large broadband as much as possible.

3、 Keyword selection

Key words = title

Key words are just like the title of a book. The title of a Book conforms to the content and is easy to attract readers.

① Key words must summarize and highlight the main content of the website.

② A new and meaningful keyword can attract users.

③ Collect, organize and analyze keywords, including core keywords and long tail keywords.

④ . key words can not be too extensive, general, such as the word clothing, which involves too many brands, too many styles, and the competition is quite big. Even if the ranking is made, users are uncertain about the purpose of searching key words, resulting in low conversion rate of orders. Then the key words can be determined by determining specific areas, brands and other factors, such as: pure clothing, so on Relatively speaking, the competitive pressure is reduced and it is easier to rank.

⑤ Keywords can’t be too cool. Although it’s easier to rank cool keywords, the number of users attracted will be small, because few people know, even don’t know keywords, how to visit your website.

⑥ . find out their search habits through tools or friends around them. For example, if you want to do keyword about decoration, you can investigate which kind of words your friends and relatives will use to search, and analyze the keywords with the most searches and the least competition.

4、 Website structure planning

Website structure = the whole book

The title of a Book conforms to the overall content, the eye-catching cover, the illustrated content and the overall color matching.

Then the structure of the website is similar to that of the book. First of all, the key expression is clear. When others look at your keywords, they will know what the website is doing. The cover is equal to the picture of the homepage of the website. This picture design must be related to the website. The homepage design should be eye-catching to show the central idea. There is no need to pile up too many details. If the website is full of words, it will be too rigid for people to add in appropriate places Entering the right picture is conducive to making up for the simplicity and rigidity of the text; the color of the book is mainly black and white, which is conducive to the conspicuity of the text, and the color of the website should not be too fancy, which should be as simple as possible, and it is better not to exceed four colors, unless it is an artistic website.

5、 Site navigation settings

1. Website navigation = book catalog

As we all know, there is a general catalog in the catalog of the book. This catalog mainly highlights the key summary of this chapter. There are many small catalogs under the general catalog. What the small catalog jumps to is the content page.

The general catalog is the main navigation of the website, and from the perspective of the path spider grabs, the first choice is the main navigation column of the homepage. If the navigation column coverage is not extensive, the grabbing depth will be shortened, thus affecting the weight of the website, so the coverage of the main navigation column must be extensive. The small directory is the second level navigation of the website, which is conducive to the spider’s capture and convenient for users to find the desired content.

2. How to optimize navigation

① . main navigation: the main navigation is the most important part of the navigation column. The click distance between the navigation inner page and the home page should be appropriate, reducing the level of links, flattening processing, generally no more than five times, and pictures cannot be used as navigation links.

② Breadcrumb navigation: breadcrumb navigation helps to improve the user’s experience. When they don’t know where the current web page is, they can determine it through breadcrumb navigation, and it helps to return to the next level without getting lost. For search engines, it can clearly determine the structure and hierarchical relationship of the web site, which plays a significant role in reading and grabbing. At the same time, breadcrumb navigation Chip navigation will make the page weight transfer more smoothly.

③ . bottom navigation: the bottom navigation is added by the webmaster himself to take care of the main navigation. If the page is too long and the user browses to the bottom, the bottom navigation will play a guiding role. The more concise the bottom navigation is, the better. It is not allowed to stack keywords.

④ . navigation position: according to the user’s browsing habits and the weight distribution of search engine, the trend distribution should be reduced from left to right, from top to bottom.

6、 Home page column highlights leading role and enhances website relevance

In Baidu algorithm, relevance is of great significance. If there is a huge difference between the relevance of the navigation column page and the keyword on the front page of the website, it will become a hindrance to the optimization of the website, which will have a significant negative impact.

It’s like writing a book for survival in the wild, but the catalog is about car repair. Think about it, who can sell and who can read this kind of book? It completely reflects the core content of the book, and obviously won’t have sales.

The column page on the home page is best arranged in the form of a list, so that it is convenient for spiders to crawl. The content of the secondary navigation is constantly updated, which will cause spiders’ curiosity to increase the frequency of visiting the website. The column page is also one of the important places to improve the weight of the website.

7、 User experience and accessibility

When you do the above steps well and prepare the website to go online, you also need to ensure the user experience and accessibility after going online, such as: whether the website can enter smoothly, the length of access time, whether the loading page is slow, whether the robots.txt file search engine can grasp, whether the visual sense can make people feel comfortable, whether the access content of different terminal devices is misplaced, etc.

Conclusion: skillful use of the book to talk about the construction of the lawsuit website is helpful for understanding. It is very simple for beginners to build a website, but it is difficult to build a website from the definition of SEO, which needs to be comprehensive.

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