How to diagnose the website by SEO

Intro:   How to diagnose the website by SEOAsk Gao Ren to do website SEO diagnosis for a B2B website in the instrument industry.My younger brother is here to ask you to analyze the seo situation of the next in

How to diagnose the website by SEO

Ask Gao Ren to do website SEO diagnosis for a B2B website in the instrument industry.

My younger brother is here to ask you to analyze the seo situation of the next instrument industry portal. the domain name of the website has a history of more than ten years, and now the website style has been five or six years. The weight of the website has been unable to go, last year when I first took over, industry words and some long-tailed words have also done the home page, but because of the company personnel problems, this year no longer do key management, today suddenly found that the site has only five keywords left. I find that the website has the following problems, these are the company can not make changes now, please analyze and advise the following conditions on the premise of how I should operate to further improve the site.

The status of the website is as follows:

The objective problems I have found on the website are as follows (all of which cannot be dealt with in the short term)

1. The speed of website access is unstable because it is not a standalone server and 502 errors occur on an irregular basis.

two。 Because it’s an old site, it started with dynamic url, and now the amount of data is too large, often causing server outages. (after taking over, I did not do pseudo static processing because I think this has little impact on the search engine, and there is too much data on the site. I need to do 301 jump after I finish. I can’t write, I can’t write the code SEOER is really hard.)

3. The open source system used by the Web site, the template is the default. Only simple changes have been made, almost the same as most B2B sites that exist online.

4. URL, the company of the website, has used secondary domain name resolution, but later did not know how to cancel again, resulting in the existence of part of the dead chain included.

5. The website has not opened the audit function, there is a large number of illegal information, has been processed. But it created a lot of dead chains.

6. The content update of the website is insufficient, the existing problem is that the editors write limited articles every day, and the professionalism is not enough, and the information released by the members is basically copied and pasted, and the quality is not high.

7. The outer chain of the website is limited, or the problem of insufficient personnel.

8. The website is not safe enough, was hanged twice last year.

9. This year, according to the instructions of the leadership, the title of the website was revised twice in August.

Now the situation is basically like this, I would like to ask not to do the above treatment, what should I do to make the website have a better improvement, I once considered the integration of articles, but because the company’s technical support is not in place, can not be achieved. All you can do now is publish in-station articles and out-of-station links. Can have not changed, the main keyword also fell from the sixth place to more than 30. Thank you.

A year later, I feel that nothing has been done, that is, only the collection has increased from 70, 000 to about 400000, but the data are still changing over and over again. I don’t know what to do. Please help me. Thank you.

Wang Chonggang first involved in SEO editing: 10 years of domain name is really a artifact. If the leader doesn’t understand, as a SEO, we should talk to them more or less. Your problem can be written a website analysis and optimization report!?

Lu Xiaolei is not just a SEO: question similar to “I can’t eat now, but I want to live better, what can I do?”

B2B is the most important thing to guide customers to produce content, on quality issues, can give customers a certain amount of support, such as publishing original articles, products soft text, technical articles to give special display opportunities / ranking top / brand display, etc., relying on editing and production of content can only be a drop in the bucket.

Yuan Ming in practice: why do I feel that the weight of so many problems is not high, there are many dead chains do not want to change. Why don’t you just change the website and start over and get a program?

Lu Zhijian Foxconn rich trade mall, rich gold machine network, boss know SEO and SEM person in charge: you have all the problems you have come up with, if you can’t solve all the problems you ask, what is the use of the problem with the high people?

Just as the patient sees the doctor, the doctor points out the disease, and the patient has to take medicine on his own before he can cure the disease.

What you have to do now is to convince your company leader how to solve these problems.

For example, it may be necessary to increase the number of people, to invest in expenses,

To change appliances,

You list the list, talk to the leader,

If the leader doesn’t pay attention to it, it’s not useful for you to do a few articles every day.

Wang Guogang laughed and generous: I wipe, my current company’s website is also this virtue, the website uses Shopex to do, originally is set up is the static url, but some pages are dynamic, the server is not very stable, and the keyword request does a lot, originally is a no weight station, but has made a lot of second-level domain names, feels that everything wants to do, but everything can not do well. Really all-round development, resulting in all-round mediocrity, ha ha! At the beginning of the article, people send 20 articles a day, are not nutritious things, not included at all, ah!

Find that they have no right to speak at all, are leaders in the arrangement, he thought it was right only for you to implement, the website has been a few years, 301 jump has not done, ha ha!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been doing SEO, and sometimes I forget why I’m SEO and why I’m SEO. In the end, it is not even clear what SEO will do, because sometimes I always feel confused, I don’t know how to go next, and I don’t have the passion to do SEO in the first place. Watching the old people of SEO leave the SEO road one by one, and watch a batch of SEO newcomers step into this road. Whenever I feel that I am doing SEO for SEO, I will inevitably feel a little lost, just like reading for the sake of reading! In fact, a lot of friends with my peers should be the same as me, right? Sometimes I wonder, is there any prospect that you should stick to being SEO, and SEO?

Well, in fact, today I am also here to share practical information, “how to build an excellent website SEO diagnostic report.” Do SEOer you will certainly come into contact with a lot of new stations, then of course the first thing you have to do is to do a SEO diagnosis for this new station, so that the site will be well optimized! If you optimize indiscriminately, you may not only fail to achieve what others want, but you are likely to destroy a website. Next, I would like to share with you how to develop an excellent website SEO diagnostic report.

I. Analysis of whether the structure of the website belongs to flattening and three-dimensional

Flattening: in short, whether the naming specification of URL is readable and conforms to SEO optimization rules

Three-dimensional: that is to say, the website has the relevant recommendation hot recommendation, the website bread crumbs, the website navigation, the website map, the inner chain deployment module, the friendship link module whether conforms to the SEO standard specification, the website 404page, whether the dead chain has been dealt with

Second, diagnostic page SEO elements: PageTilte, Page Description keyword deployment and performance in the search results page, keywords, H2, image alt attribute keyword deployment. The ranking performance of key keywords and the reasonableness of website keyword deployment, such as: home page deployment brand words, product page deployment product words, comment page deployment questions and answers, and the deployment density of keywords on the page

Third, whether robots is reasonable to write, analyze spider crawling log, understand how search engine spider view this website, and whether it is friendly to spider crawling. And do a good job of the corresponding countermeasures!

4. Diagnosis of mobile WAP station and content: the adaptation of PC and WAP mobile end and the performance of mobile end search on mobile phone side; The frequency of content updating and new content release, whether the mining website industry word library is established, whether the SEO traffic content module is developed to bits, such as: e-commerce brand center, aggregate word page, user center, review page, article information page and so on are all product lines carrying a large number of keywords deployment, key modules to obtain large traffic, and whether the friendship link is excellent!

5. Diagnostic data statistics tools: whether the SEO data statistics tool code of the website is deployed correctly to ensure that our data analysis of SEO traffic on the website is accurately in place; in order to facilitate better traffic conversion in the future.

6. Analyze the current situation of the website industry, which is also what you must do.

(1) understand the total amount of SEO traffic that the entire website industry can obtain, as well as the current proportion of each traffic;

(2) analyze the SEO index of important competitor website: traffic, weight, volume of recording, visibility of keyword ranking;

(3) to understand the key words of important competitors, SEO product construction and so on;

(4) to understand the location, space and gap of traffic in this website in the industry;

(5) analyze the advantages and disadvantages of competitors, and formulate strategies and plans to surpass competitors.

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