Internet disk & recommendation of amp; e-book resource search engine

Intro:   Resource search engine, Baidu cloud high-speed download tools.Internet disk Resources & amp; e-book Resources & amp; High Speed download tool CollectionFor the search of movies, books, documents and o

Resource search engine, Baidu cloud high-speed download tools.

Internet disk Resources & amp; e-book Resources & amp; High Speed download tool Collection

For the search of movies, books, documents and other resources, I recommend using a vertical search engine, rather than a general class search engine such as Baidu. Vertical search engine, for a particular field, compared with Baidu and other search engines, the information is more focused and specific.

Today, we recommend the Internet disk and kindle e-book resource search platform, hoping to improve your resource search power by using them.

A lot of dishes

Net disk search artifact, including Baidu cloud disk resources and Sina micro-disk resources and so on. Update all kinds of video, seed, novel, wallpaper, music and other high-quality network disk resources every day. Now that you have 34 million resources, you can use them to search for movies, music, or books.

Search tips: try to use short keywords. You can streamline the results by specifying the file type, or by sorting by resource release time, resource size, and so on.


Domestic established Baidu network search engine, Baidu network search, Letv cloud disk search, Thunderbolt fast transmission, coke cloud disk, Huawei network disk and other excellent network disk search set.

Bitter gourd book plate

Bitter gourd book plate is the website of e-book production technology, which provides e-book sharing and supports pdf, mobi and other formats. The website e-book classification is detailed, there are literature, novels, historical geography, financial management, biographies, etc., rich in resources.

Download method: simple and fast, using the browser can be downloaded directly.

My little bookstore.

The bookstore is a free kindle e-book sharing platform, rich in resources, supporting equb, mobi and other formats. Mainly a collection of books, followed by reference books, including language learning, programming development, design, office office and so on.

Download method: net disk download, compared with bitter gourd download method is more tedious.

Ants carry books mainly IT books.

Epubee members are preferred to download, ordinary users support online reading, or 1: 8 unrestricted download. comic book resource network, Taiwan.

KindleFree Fiction Resource Network, which supports push.

Weekly reading is recommended every day.

Colorful e-book forum.

Book partners do not support download, reading, only provide Kindle book resources recommendation.

Amazon free e-book Amazon official website free e-book resources.

Hatoomo search

Hatoomo search is an e-book search engine. Search for e-book resources from Baiduyun, McDull, handheld Academy, papybug, Weifeng Forum, balsam gourd book tray and other websites. As long as you remember the title of the book, you can get satisfactory results.

Search tips: use “book title + format” search, such as: water margin mobi

Download method: microdisk download.


Kindleshare is also an e-book search engine that downloads e-book resources through a browser. The biggest feature of this site is the ability to push to Kindle, which allows you to push books directly to your kindle reader without downloading.

Using online disk to download e-book resources, most of them are downloaded through Baidu online disk, but its download speed is really worrying, so the following two tools are recommended to help you download Baidu cloud disk resources at a high speed. Please read the help documentation on the official website for tips.

Speed disk


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