What do seo and sem mean?

Intro:   Search engines are so amazing. There was no word seosem, and there were more people searching for it, and the concept came into being. In fact, the word is a combination of two words, seo and sem.If t

Search engines are so amazing. There was no word seosem, and there were more people searching for it, and the concept came into being. In fact, the word is a combination of two words, seo and sem.

If the artificial abnormal operation is excluded, the appearance of this word is largely due to the search habits of netizens. Since there are a large number of natural users searching for seosem, what do you mean by this, I would like to make a further explanation here.

Previously, the seo tutorial self-study website has written a similar article: the difference between seo and sem? The differences and relations between the two have been clarified.

Sem is search engine marketing, seo is search engine optimization, the latter is classified as the former, the former contains the latter, detailed look at:

What does SEM mean: Search Engine Marketing, translated as search engine marketing in Chinese, refers to the promotion of websites on search engines, improve the visibility of the website, and thus bring traffic to the network marketing activities.

SEM is mainly based on the search engine platform marketing activities, generally refers to the search engine platform advertising promotion and management. SEM includes SEO,PPC (Pay Per Click, pay by click, such as Baidu bidding ranking, paid login and other forms, among which SEO and PPC are the most common.

Features of SEM:

The threshold is low, the effect is fast, and the effect is controllable.

If there is a certain cost of putting in, stop the effect of putting in, that is to say, stop.

Feedback the latest brand information and promotions to target consumers

Exposure interference and Popularization of competitive products

Maintain brand exposure and sound volume

Second: what does: Search Engine Optimization, mean by: Search Engine Optimization, refers to the internal and external adjustment and optimization of the website on the basis of understanding the natural ranking mechanism of the search engine, improving the natural ranking of the keywords in the search engine, obtaining more traffic, so as to achieve the goal of website sales and brand building.

SEO is a way to use specific [search engine natural search results] site inclusion and ranking rules to improve the target site’s [result page ranking] on the search engine.

Seo and sem

Features of seo:

The return on investment is relatively large, the effect is relatively stable, and the flow potential is large.

With technical threshold, multi-person team, it takes a certain period of time to be effective.

The most important thing is to ensure the ranking of the official website (specific brand related words)

Exposure of search results for cracking down and managing negative / fake brands

Maintain the official information exposure and public relations voice of the brand in the search engine platform (such as Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, etc.).

Third: the combination of seo and sem is more powerful.

Seo and sem

Seo has a long cycle of effect, but the input cost is low. Sem can take effect immediately, but the input cost is high. The normal operation flow suggests: while the normal payment bidding, carries on the seo optimization operation to the website, looks at the final time, the capital input-output ratio to determine which kind of marketing way use degree. There is a relationship between the two, the purpose of the two is the same, both for the purpose of marketing, how to judge the use of the two? That is the input-output ratio.

In cases where not all customers have the money to invest in SEM, the proportion of seo will be larger.

For customers who pursue rapid transformation, the proportion of sem will be larger.

The final analysis results show that the website seo is a long-term behavior, sem is an on-demand behavior.

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