Which free and open source CMS station building system is more conducive to the seo specification?

Intro:   A lot of friends who know how to build a website will think of building a station with a free and open source CMS program for the first time. Of course, there are many more ways to customize it, so th

A lot of friends who know how to build a website will think of building a station with a free and open source CMS program for the first time. Of course, there are many more ways to customize it, so the cost will be said separately. The advantage of using CMS system to build station is to save time and price. Therefore, there will be many different types of CMS station construction system on the market. If the network seo optimization is taken into account in the first place, how should we choose among the many station construction systems?

At present, many mainstream open source CMS content construction systems are in line with the seo search engine optimization specification, the background operation scalability is also very strong, supporting various optimization operations. But to say which system is the friendliest for seo SEO, it can only be said that there is no best but better. Today, I would like to give you a brief analysis and summary of the current free and open source CMS station building system of a hundred words.

If we want to analyze which station building system is better, first of all, we should have a clear understanding of the seo optimization specification. If you don’t even understand what seo optimization is, how can you tell which station building system is better to use? Many unscrupulous optimists do not stand from the customer’s point of view to give him a rational analysis of which way is most suitable for the customer’s website.

I. from the perspective of the type of site

Our website chapters are divided into enterprise stations, blog stations, forum stations, question and answer stations and so on. Most of the current CMS station construction systems are also focused, such as blog sites on the choice of such as WordPress, Zblog and other systems, especially the WordPress extensible function is very powerful, especially if the choice of foreign servers, this program is more suitable. In the case of forum sites, discuz, is preferred to be a well-known forum class open source program. If it is an enterprise portal, you can use a DEDE dream building program for example, which can basically meet all the functions of the enterprise site. Some online store shopping malls can choose ecshop. There are, of course, some well-known CMS systems that are not mentioned above, such as Imperial cms, phpcms, Mitto metinfo, and so on. Because there are so many kinds of complex, not necessarily WordPress can only build a blog, it can certainly be used in the field of enterprise site construction. It can only be said that one program is used more frequently in a particular field, nor is it an absolute illustrative issue.

II. From the perspective of template appearance

If you use open source CMS to build a station system, there is naturally a supporting front-end template. As for so many open source programs we have not used in person, we can simply say a few. It is generally said that the overall page of phpcms template gives people the feeling of beauty and generosity, while the template of dream cms is all green and simple, while the template of Imperial cms is considered too simple and not beautiful. On the appearance style angle can only be said to vary from person to person, after all, everyone’s aesthetic is different, for the specific website positioning is not unified, should choose the most suitable style and tone, as well as in line with Party A’s father’s personal or team aesthetic is the best.

III. From the perspective of security performance

In fact, any program or system will exist or large or small vulnerabilities, with a sentence of software development session to conclude that there is no bug program at all does not exist. We can only consider whether there are more or less security vulnerabilities in one program, whether the frequency of problems is too high, and, most importantly, whether the official feedback after the problem and whether the results of emergency remedies have been effective. If a system is basically not regularly updated and maintained, if there is a problem and no one cares about it, give it up as soon as possible. After all, we are not programmers or not. Beijing seo Optimization sees some online claims that there are relatively many security problems revealed by DEDECMS feedback, while the security problems of WordPress and Imperial CMS are relatively few.

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