After analyzing 3000 popular styles, we learned the unique secret book of Amazon SEO.

Intro:   Column: selection of blog postsSelect the overseas gods, the media practical information articles, let everyone come into contact with the most authentic local operational ideas; this is also a source

Column: selection of blog posts

Select the overseas gods, the media practical information articles, let everyone come into contact with the most authentic local operational ideas; this is also a source of “material” for many domestic “gods” or media articles. Because of the heavy workload of this column, we now recruit translation volunteers, volunteers have the opportunity to join our knowledge planet free of charge, and all the benefits of translating articles also belong to volunteers. I also hope that readers and friends can support more, reward will reward, if not reward, request more forwarding. Really, a little bit of your support will be a huge driving force for us.

Amazon is a huge trading platform.

Amazon SEO? It’s also crucial. Statistics show that 55% of American shoppers use Amazon as the preferred product search platform, far surpassing Google at the same time and becoming the most popular search site on the shopping search engine list.

That’s why optimizing the product listing is so important that a good SEO can bring more exposure to you and your product. After all, there are thousands of products on Amazon, including many competitors.

Anxious? Confused? I’m sure a lot of people will.

But if you’re good at Amazon SEO, it’s different.

Don’t worry, make a cup of coffee first, and let’s explore new findings to boost Amazon’s sales.

To build a good listing, you need to learn from the best.

When it comes to Amazon, we need to know the fundamental difference between good sellers and other sellers.

We think much of it is reflected in the way they optimize listing.

Amazon recently released a report collecting 10000 ASINs product data from 31 categories, Top, which has a large amount of data, covering sites such as the United States, Canada and Mexico.

We selected the listing of 3000 products in the following three categories for analysis:


Garden Supplies

Health & amp; Beauty

We have decided to divide Listing into 1P (Vendor) sellers and 3P (third party) sellers. In this way, we can understand what 1P sellers have in common, because they often don’t have to invest as much work as 3P sellers.

Of these 3000 listing, we found that most sellers are 1P (Vendor) sellers:

1P Vendor Listing (first seller): 1774

3P seller Lisitng (third party seller): 1226

We want to find out what relationship there is between the length of the product title and the sales volume of the product.

We want to know if they are relevant.

The results of the analysis tell us that there is a certain correlation.

Listing, with a title length of 40 to 80 characters, accounts for 33 per cent of the top 1000 listing.

This means that if you want your product to achieve the same results as the top 1000 ASIN, your product title must contain 40 to 80 characters. It also helps with the average truncation in the search-typically between 74 and 110 characters, depending on the device you use.

Let’s take a look at this photo below. This is a watch from the WOLF brand. The title length of the product is 59 characters. This is just 59 characters, but it covers the brand, the color of the watch, a key feature (packing box), and a powerful word (heritage) and other important information.

Let’s dig further and see what’s the difference between the title length of supplier (vendor) and third-party sellers.

We found that up to 40 per cent of third-party sellers contained more text in the title, with more than 120 listing header characters. In the meantime, what about listing from supplier (vendor)? Only 15% exceed 120 characters.

Supplier (Vendors) is doing well, so their listing accounts for 68 per cent of the top 1000 ASIN.

In addition, it is worth noting that Amazon truncates the (truncates) product title with 112 characters.

Summary of the point: spend more time on your title, if the title is not the most important factor in determining the click rate, at least it will be one of the most important factors; the number of title characters should be kept between 40 and 80 characters.

When we compared the differences between supplier (vendor) and sellers in product pictures, we found that few sellers contained only one picture.

62% of the best 3P sellers have 5 x 8 pictures on listing. Our results show that the best point for 3P sellers is eight pictures.

Supplier (vendor) does not seem to have a specific product picture pattern, the number of pictures is more evenly distributed, unlike 3P sellers are mostly concentrated in 5 to 8 pictures. This may also be because its pictures are embedded in HTML through different Amazon content services such as A + pages.

From the picture we found that the second highest frequency is only two pictures-but let’s not lose sight of the fact that the proportion of listing in eight pictures is more than twice that of just two.

This is a wise move. Think about it: the more product information your customers see, the greater their confidence in buying. This is good for 3P sellers because they usually can’t just rely on brands to sell their products, such as Panasonic.

As you can see from the figure below, Blackstone does a lot of what Top ASIN does and corresponds seven images to the text that describes the specific functionality.

Summary of key points: make full use of the space Amazon provides you, and use 6 x 7 pictures.

As shown in the following figure, this data is all the more obvious: the best number of selling points is five.

80% of 3P sellers showed five selling points, while only 58% of 1P sellers showed five selling points.

We do not think that 1P sellers have made full use of the five available selling points, which may be due to:

1) is a big brand in itself and does not believe that dedicated resources are needed to create additional content

2) Amazon controls the number of selling points presented to users, so it is unable to show all five selling points.

Take a look at what Toshiba does:

In addition, we learned the following (let’s summarize it as a selling point):

What you want customers to know most, you should put it at the first selling point, such as: risk-free lifetime warranty.

The most important information you should put at the beginning of each selling point. In other words, no one wants to hear a long speech before they know what you’re going to say.

After the selling point reaches 140 characters, Amazon truncates, which is very important, so it is recommended that the number of characters per selling point should not exceed 150. (at the very least, when you fill in some important keywords in the selling point, don’t exceed the 140-character line.) )

Therefore, we should make full use of the five-line selling point, fill each selling point with valuable information and be able to catch the customer pain point information.

Summary of key points: all five selling points should be filled, the most important information should be placed on the first selling point and the number of characters should not exceed 150 characters.

Product description length-there are many different views on what a high quality detailed description is.

We limit the analysis to projects that contain only non-enhanced content (EBC).

As you can see from the figure below, the product description of the top 1000 ASIN is brief, 20 per cent of which contains less than 100 characters. 53% of random sets have 300 characters or less.

When we compare supplier (vendor) with seller, the situation is similar. 70 per cent of vendor (vendor) product details contain less than 500 characters, and seller listing has changed from a large percentage with a short description to a large percentage with more than 1100 characters.

When we looked at these sellers’ listing, 36 per cent of them had more than 1100 characters.

Here is an example of how Black and Decker describes their oven in nearly 800 characters:

As you think, this leaves us with a problem: is the long description good or the short description good in terms of product details?

According to the data, our answer is that both seem to be feasible strategies. But for sellers, more than 51% of product details contain less than 400 characters.

Summary of key points: the detailed description of the product should be limited to 400 characters as far as possible.

Looking at the figure below, the data tell us that most of the top products, listing, have 1000 or less review.

The first bar diagram represents 0 ≤ 500 review, and the second represents 501 ≤ 1000, and so on.

Few products exceed 1500, after which the number will be reduced.

Most listing has 500 x 1, 000 review, and only 26% have 100 / 1, 500 review.

When we delve further into it, we find that Belkin’s comment star is 4.3.

This figure is at least not surprising. After all, to your surprise, the best-selling products should have a lot of comments.

But here we need to solve the curve ball problem for SEO purposes: do more comments help sales and, if so, will more comments increase exposure?

Let’s compare the seller with the supplier.

As can be seen from the image, the seller’s evaluation of each product is less than that of the supplier.

In Top ASINs, the number of products with more than 500 comments began to fall sharply. The law of diminishing returns plays a role in 446 comments.

From this point of view, it is not that the more comments, the better.

The following is information for 10000 listing for each of the 31 categories. With the exception of two categories, all categories exceed 4.0 stars. Jewelry is 3.96 stars, household appliances is 2.45 stars.

Summary of key points: get the top 100 reviews of the product to see the actual results; focus on quality; product reviews require an average ranking of 4.0 to reach the top.

EBC is still in the air.

A + is an Amazon program that allows sellers to register if they want to enhance their product pages through marketing content and visual effects. Amazon said that if sellers sign up for this premium content feature, they can guarantee that sales will rise by at least 3%, up to 10%. The following is an example of a Amazon A + page.

At the same time, EBC represents enhanced brand content. For registered sellers, it improves how their content and product information is displayed on their listing pages. You can’t completely customize it yourself like A +, but its templates are very easy to use, and you can add pictures and make your paragraphs, subheadings, and so on stand out. The following is an example of EBC content.

When we analyzed the random listing, we found that nearly 75% of the listing was a normal page, as shown in the following figure.

Our conclusion? With the exception of most sellers who are reluctant to pay for enhanced branded content (EBC), there is nothing to say.

On the other hand, the top 1000 Listing?

As you may have guessed: yes, most of them use enhancements, as shown in the following figure.

This is probably the biggest difference we’ve ever analyzed. In short, the best performers use enhanced content (EBC), and the rest do not.

For 3P sellers, enhanced brand content is still relatively new for them, with 67% still using normal content.

Summary of the point: the best seller spends time and money creating better content. If you don’t want to invest in Amazon’s paid service, it’s worth taking the time to learn to use its free content enhancement service.

& gt;> Summary: key points about Amazon SEO

So what does this article mean to you? The following are the main elements of our analysis of 3000 Top Listing:

1) in terms of product listing, suppliers do better because their listing accounts for 68 per cent of the top 1000 ASIN. Most of their listing titles contain up to 120 characters, and only 15% of them contain more than 120 characters.

2) Amazon allows us to use up to eight pictures. Top sellers use eight pictures (usually with text). Please don’t be stingy with your picture.

3) selling points-each product listing has five selling points, filled with the most valuable information, no more than 150 characters in length (Amazon truncated to 140 characters).

4) the length of the product details may vary, but if you have to give us a standard, we will say 400 characters or less.

5) get your top 100 product reviews as soon as possible, and then see what the results are like.

6) set aside some budgets to enhance content. It makes your content look more high-end and attractive, while most of the top 1000 use enhanced content (EBC). Winners eat all.

Stop wasting time blindly optimizing, use these strategies to optimize your Amazon SEO!

Author Chad Rubin

Source skubana

Translation Windy

Review of manuscripts / Gavin

After reading Gavin:

After reading this article, I have a lot of gains, at least in many places inspired me, let me fall into thinking. However, some friends may finish reading this article, especially the old driver who has some experience may feel that some of the content seems to be mundane, and if it is not nice to say, it is a pile of “correct nonsense.”

I remember Mr. Lu Xun also said that reading should have a spirit of suspicion, so it is very rare for you to have your own independent thinking and judgment. But if we only stay in the affirmation and negation of the article, we may lose some more meaningful thinking and discovery.

For example, an apple fell and hit you in the head. Why did the apple fall? Most people will answer because it is ripe. This is a common phenomenon, even if you often don’t even bother to ask why, because, the truth is this, ah, there is no so many why. But Newton’s thought was, why did it fall instead of going up? I believe everyone has heard the story.

So the inspiration and thinking of this article is that for the facts we already know, the author uses the data to demonstrate why this is the case, not that. Therefore, I think this is the difference between Western thinking and our thinking. We are “mind learning”, the West is “Neo-Confucianism”, we have a broad and profound art and culture, but our mathematics and physics are basically introduced from the West, of course, Western art and culture are also very great, I am mainly here to express some of the differences between us and western culture. So I think we can learn from this thinking of data research and analysis in the process of operation, but we also need to know why.

Of course, there are still many novel findings in this article, such as the more product reviews, the higher the sales. The author’s research finds that it is not, it will have a critical point, once the number of comments exceed this critical point, then it will occur the phenomenon of diminishing marginal returns, why? I think it has a lot to do with the life cycle of the product. The more comments show that the longer the product is sold, the longer the product is sold, and the product is slowly entering the stage of recession, and the sales volume is also gradually declining, so at this time, the number of product reviews will show an inverse relationship with the sales volume. Knowing this, we should also make a plan for the review of the product. In the early stage, we invest a lot of money in the review, maintain it in the medium term, and basically not spend too much energy on the comment in the later stage, because at this time, the impact of the review on the sales of the product is minimal.

Also, with regard to the five-line selling point, Amazon truncates the first 140 characters, so when we want to fill in some important keywords, don’t exceed 140 characters, beyond the characters will not have much weight.

It is also worth mentioning that the author has also shown that many of the well-sold listing titles range from 40 to 80 characters, so we should also fill in the first 80 characters of the title with the most important keywords.

The above is my personal humble opinion, if there is any objection, welcome criticism and correction.

Small announcement

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