Intro:   Reference article: is abbreviated from search engine optimization in English and translated into "search engine optimization

Reference article:

SEO is abbreviated from search engine optimization in English and translated into “search engine optimization” in Chinese. SEO refers to the technology and process of obtaining website traffic from natural search results. It is based on understanding the natural ranking mechanism of search engine, to adjust and optimize the website internally and externally, to improve the natural ranking of keywords in search engine, to obtain more traffic, so as to achieve the goal of website sales and brand building.

Flat construction is recommended. The directory level of the website should be as few as possible, and no more than 3 levels for small and medium-sized websites. To achieve a flat structure, the following three aspects should be paid attention to:

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(1) Improve spider crawling efficiency

The advantages of div + CSS code simplification are incomparable to table. Div + CSS realizes the complete separation of style and layout. The front desk garbage code is greatly reduced and the content is more prominent, which makes spiders crawl on the website quickly and complete your website in a short time.

(2) Speed up Web page opening

Search engines will take priority to capture websites with better customer experience, so fast response speed is the basis of improving user experience. Div + CSS reduces code and greatly improves loading speed, which is very useful when spiders crawl. Too much page code may cause the crawling timeout. The spider will think that this page cannot be accessed and affect the weight of the recorder.

(3) Impact on rankings

Generally, the layout of div + CSS based on XHTML standard will be as perfect as possible to pass the verification of W3C after the design is completed. Up to now, no search engine has indicated that the ranking rules will tend to websites or pages that meet W3C standards, but it has been proved that the ranking of websites using xthml architecture is generally good. This may be controversial, but Leshu himself maintains this view. Those who disagree can compare and observe more than three groups of websites with the same quality. I think that this situation may not be the ranking rule, the biggest possibility is that when spiders crawl the website, the above differences lead to different collection quality.

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