How does the revision of the website (official website) not affect the effect of seo optimizing receipt ranking? What are the issues and matters that need to be paid attention to?

Intro:   How does the revision of the enterprise website (company website) not affect the effect of seo optimizing receipt ranking? What are the issues and matters that need to be paid attention to?In the era

How does the revision of the enterprise website (company website) not affect the effect of seo optimizing receipt ranking? What are the issues and matters that need to be paid attention to?

In the era of rapid development of the Internet, an enterprise website runs for 3-5 years, and a short 1-2 years needs to be revised once or twice, which is also in line with the law of Internet development, because technology is changing, the times are changing, and the habits of netizens are also changing. Next, we need to focus on the issues we need to talk about. Wang Qinger, founder of the studio, himself based on many years of experienced experience in the Internet. Let’s talk to you: how to change the website of the company enterprise (official website) how to do not affect the optimization effect of seo? What are the issues and matters that need to be paid attention to? Interested friends can come and have a look!

1, the website home page keyword notice: do not change the keyword big, see what the website keyword has before the revision edition? You can add or subtract on the basis of the original website keywords, which has little impact on the transitional stage of website revision.

2. Website replacement of the newly designed template: during the whole website template, the title label, keyword label and description label of all columns and inner pages should not change. After all the newly designed templates are covered, then test whether there are some bug, solutions to the website, and then restore the original title.

3, website internal page URL address modification: generally speaking, should retain the site before the important column URL, collated the home page, column page, article page, navigation, secondary navigation and other URL revision rules, this is best to maintain the same, if there is a change, Wang Qinger suggested that you can do 301 jump setting function, why do this function? Its advantage is to do a good job 301 jump to the corresponding new page, also can allow Baidu to identify the new page as soon as possible is the original page, of course, you can also go to Baidu webmaster tool to submit revision rules, the most important is the URL rules, the new and old URL must be corresponding, otherwise Baidu judgment is very difficult, then the audit time may be infinitely extended.

4. Do a good job of 404 error page: we all know that during the revision of the company’s website, there will certainly be a lot of error pages, and it is necessary to make a friendly 404 jump page. However, Wang Qinger here reminds you not to set up like this, that is, when the user enters the 404error page, immediately return to the home page, such a URL turn will make the search engine mistakenly think that there is a problem with the page, but return duplicate content, which is very disadvantageous to SEO optimization.

5, website revision requirements are fast and tough: the whole website revision speed as fast as possible, generally speaking, during the revision period can temporarily shield spider program crawling, such as setting up robots.txt files, prohibit spider crawlers from major search engines, but it should be noted that as soon as possible to make the website quickly get normal operation. At the same time, if there are no special circumstances, the revision should be done as much as possible, repeated revision is the most taboo point, fatal blow.

6, server or virtual host requirements: if you can use the original server or virtual host, of course, if you need to replace the server or host, you must choose a stable open fast host, otherwise the search engine spider or crawler will be reduced points, more or less affect some SEO optimization effects.

7. Website update and publicity problems: in order to achieve frequent crawling of websites by spiders of major search engines and grasping the latest data of the website, it is necessary to do a good job in daily updates and publicity work. Although the major search engines have begun to change the rules and pay less attention to the external chain of SEO, some authoritative high-quality external chains are still very helpful, such as some authoritative industry websites with the company’s web sites. Such as high-quality friendship links and so on. Wang Qinger here reminds you that as long as the normal update and external chain construction is enough, do not try cheating means, that the consequences will be very serious.

The above is IT studio founder Wang Qinger according to many years of experience in the Internet to share the summary of how the website version does not affect the SEO optimization effect of the content, I hope to help you! Because he has been engaged in website design and production for seven or eight years, it is natural to know the importance of website construction for enterprises to carry out Internet marketing. Now that you are here, after reading the articles I share, it is a kind of fate, but also an indescribable fate. If there are any problems in building a station, you can exchange and discuss with Wang Qinger, although you have worked for seven years, but do not forget the original ideal and ambition, I have always believed that the harder and more lucky this sentence, and I also like to make friends in all kinds of industries, thank you!

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