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Intro:   It has been several years to do seo, from the beginning of website editing to the current SEO supervisor, relying on the accumulation of time and experience. There are also many detours in the middle.

It has been several years to do seo, from the beginning of website editing to the current SEO supervisor, relying on the accumulation of time and experience. There are also many detours in the middle. Doing SEO will build a station is the foundation, from building a website to the website online, and then to how to get the ranking, how to stabilize the ranking after the ranking and get more long-tailed word ranking.

I have interviewed several pseudo-SEO job seekers before, and may have seen several videos and articles online. Just come looking for a job, SEO, and I don’t know. Can you build a website?

How should the simplest article editor write, and what kind of article should meet the requirements of search engine? What kind of website fits the user experience? Only know to say: “outer chain, inner chain, article, title” ask what to do is to do well and face forced!

Primary seoer: studies snapshot, collection, external chain, originality, keyword density and other primary knowledge every day.

Advanced seoer: studies the principles of search engines, why the site has rankings, TF*IDF, single-page optimization, and so on.

More advanced seoer: also studies user habits (user experience) and uses some strategies (methods)

Different site types require different techniques, and the purpose of SEO is to use fewer resources. To achieve the desired results faster. Know how to analyze peer sites and find clues from website analysis.

To do seo, we need to make continuous progress in actual combat, actual combat! Fight! Fight! Keep learning.

With the popularity of seo, if you want to mine more practical skills, only if you are better than most people, you will not be easily replaced by others, and so will the website. Know how to analyze the gap with competitors’ websites before you know where to improve.

“your own house”: inside the station

In the station from the inner chain, included, article, keyword layout, page layout and so on.

Inner chain and collection: it is decided according to the nature of the website and the collection of the website. If the website contains tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, that is bad news. But some websites it contains only a few articles or even the home page, people still have a very good ranking. Often some people like to watch the collection all day long.

Some people in the article will say that more is better, in fact, it is not necessarily, depending on the nature of different websites, how much can you write in a company’s product station?

If it is a news station, the content of the day may be the internal capacity of the whole industry of the product station, which is not comparable. Keep the article updated and ensure the quality of the article, the number of updates according to their own industry decisions, the best teacher is your peers.

How to write an article well?

The article is not only the website update, the website article quality is good or bad, affects the website quality measure. There is no doubt that it has an impact on the ranking of websites. How does pseudo-original become original, some people are very simple, an article to bring over, here insert a sentence, where add a sentence is pseudo-original?

If so, the content quality of your site is very low, such an article is not valuable to the search engine, the articles need to be thoroughly changed, I really do not know how to change in their own language to reorganize, and then do the layout of keywords.

The distribution of long tail words, how to layout and distribution can refer to Baidu encyclopedia. And we need to achieve the user reading experience of the article.

Step 1: keyword layout

How to determine the site keywords and the layout of site keywords?

First of all, determine the site of several subject words, try to avoid very competitive words, if you Baidu search a word, search results tens of millions of. Other peers are all using the home page to do, and are large websites, coupled with Baidu’s own website occupied several positions, indicating that the degree of competition is very large.

Your chances on the front page are very, very small. Home page, channel page is what words need to be reviewed, how to segment the title of the site, group words, and also need to consider the attraction of the site, and so on after the ranking can improve the click rate of the site.

Step 2: page layout

Whether the website is the home page or the column page can be used as a separate page, we need to determine which content is important, which are not important sections, in the important section focus optimization, in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Step 3: external Optimization

The most important point of external optimization is the outer chain, which is becoming more and more difficult to do, which is certain. Some people will say that now the effect of the outer chain is not good, in fact, that is you did not do well. When you get in touch with your peers one by one, you always change to a few. If your company website resources more, the old station with new stations, and so on! It’s always a lot more difficult than it is.

Write high-quality articles with their own links to some platform contributions, when the quality of the website is good, the value is high, others will have the possibility of forwarding, some people do article collection, the more collection and forwarding, the more valuable their own website.

Site optimization recommendations are all done before the site is launched, when the site online try not to change the site, especially when the site has a ranking and the ranking is unstable.

Some partners are midway website must change when, perhaps you will want to change today a little, tomorrow change a little, slowly change, this is very wrong, imagine, you go to the evening to change the website, search engine does not know what you want to do in the end? When exactly will you fix it? Will it give you a ranking?

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