Principle and practice of black hat SEO parasite

Intro:   Black hat SEO how to make parasitesLet's talk about parasites here! For the editor! The choice of parasite program is not very fastidious! Just use it easily! There have been a lot of new parasites la

Black hat SEO how to make parasites

Let’s talk about parasites here! For the editor! The choice of parasite program is not very fastidious! Just use it easily! There have been a lot of new parasites lately! All kinds of, how good to say! In fact, it is all deceptive, which in the marketing of their own products do not say their own products better! Will you tell everyone the garbage? In fact, all the bug programs on the market have changed the original version! Some put the program and vegetable knife software together for everyone’s convenience to generate, look simple and easy to operate, beautiful and so on! Some just changed the version, changed some things that are not used by many eggs and bragged about it to mislead everyone to think that this program is very good and so on! The editor has tested almost all the bragging programs on the market! However, it is not useful for eggs! The ranking effect does not depend on the program! Editor for everyone to reveal one by one, let everyone take fewer detours, spend less money that does not need to be spent!

The ranking of parasites depends on three factors, not the quality of the program!

The first factor: template (one of the reasons why your bug Baidu can include how much and whether the ranking will be good is that you use the template and how to choose the template)

The second big factor: lead spiders (a lot of people are wondering why others can get it in a second, and you can’t.) Not even included?) The editor explains to you: spiders are divided into two categories: inferior spiders and high-quality spiders! A lot of people use spider ponds to raise spiders! The spiders raised in the spider pond are all rubbish and inferior spiders!

First: your spider station is basically the new domain name is not heavy also did not include the content, Baidu at a glance to see that you are doing the station group, if you can watch you, it is Baidu show tease! And some were killed by Baidu, k! What kind of high quality spider can there be in such a station? Those so-called station groups that can lead to high-quality spiders are bragging! Who would buy it if you didn’t say that? And a lot of people don’t have eggs when they sell them, because you use the software he brags about, and you don’t get what he says. Who cares about you?

Second: the only way for parasites to store spiders is to accumulate spiders, which will cost a lot of money! Hundreds of thousands of domain names accumulated spiders! This is the garbage spider all a large number of cumulative effect is OK, but the cost is large ah!

Third: the parasite by the inferior spider crawling included the ranking effect is far lower than the high-quality spider crawling included in the ranking effect! Speaking of which, I think you can figure out, a good, one is garbage, which do you want more? Baidu is also the same! And the collection effect is far lower than the collection effect of high quality spider crawling!

The third factor: I think I don’t have to say, just look at the quality of shell! However, if the above two factors can be used to become fascinated! Garbage shell, you can make him a ranking station! Small editor’s personal test right 1 includes more than 10,000 stations to do bug spinach words in seconds to collect the second row!

Use your mobile phone to share your experience with everyone, finger typing is about to break! In short, do not use the wrong money to buy the so-called update version of the super powerful parasite program, there is a set of their own easy to use, convenient on the line! The editor is not picky about bugs! It’s easy to use! The editor chose the free version of xise3.0, because it is easy to use, convenient and free of charge! Every time I make up bugs, I do my own template to generate them! No one else has to do it! It’s all on the spot!

(II) Black hat seo parasite program (custom template version) sharing

Parasite programs are different from many black hat seo programs, so parasites are no stranger to each other. But the real principle of parasites is to survive more efficiently. First of all, we should know that the predecessor of the parasite is the pan-directory, the predecessor of the pan-directory is the directory wheel chain, and the predecessor of the directory wheel chain is the bridge page. Parasites are divided into client and server, novice will have concerns about why the server is so troublesome. But if it’s a mass operation, parasites save a lot of time. The ability to assist is also very high.

The principle of parasite is to reproduce the server information through the client, so the client is very simple, only one file, but the client can be specified to obtain the server information, the server information configuration update, the client will also generate the new information wheel chain. Then the client is to obtain the server information, the same need to configure the server, the server for a configuration. In the future, no matter how many Shell stations there are, you can use the server to configure the information at the same time.

After the server is configured, the client acquires the address and fills in the address of the erecting server. The client will put to their own website, put into the Shell station will produce dozens of directory wheel chain addresses, at this time what you see is not the same as the pan-directory has a lot of directories, parasites are propagated, through Baidu spiders or artificial every visit, in the case of access, whether artificial or spider, will be in the reproduction and generation. This is the function of parasite reproduction, each time to generate dozens of pages, through the visit of spiders, will reproduce dozens of pages, in order to cycle.

Parasite reproduction can be propagated infinitely through multiple Shell, so it is worth saying that parasites also have the function of Shell station group. Through different Shell generation, the client will return URL data to the server, the server will record the breeding data, and the next time different Shell will reproduce, it will link to the page of the last reproduction. Parasitic stations are linked to each other, and in more than one Shell, parasites record each URL and import and export wheel chains to each other.

Combined with the loser parasite program, several sets of black hat seo parasite program templates have been customized:

Parasites contain Tencent News templates:

Parasite lubricating oil template:

Parasite 360 Library template:

(III) dynamic parasitic station group single page infinite propagation program

The breeding principle of dynamic parasites, like traditional parasites, is divided into server and client.

The server is installed in the server to provide the client to pull the information, and the client is placed on the website to reproduce.

Dynamic parasitic station groups also have the function of wheel chain, which can link to each other on different websites.

The reproductive function is the same, if there are spiders to visit the page, will infinitely reproduce the page out.

With the difference between dynamic parasites and traditional parasites, let’s take a look at the highlights of dynamic parasites.

The dynamic parasite has been greatly upgraded in the way it is displayed, using a single page infinite reproduction mode.

Single page reproduction is similar to pseudo-static technology, is through a file virtual out of thousands of page files.

How to use it:

Content.txt content library file, here collect and put the content of the article into it.

Key.txt dynamic parasite keyword file, just one line.

Com.html template style files, which are not default, can be modified by themselves.

Server configuration information:

Client breeding program:

The news.asp site is of the ASP type. Put it in and breed.

The news.php site is of the PHP type. Put it in and breed.

This version of the dynamic parasite also added PING Baidu link submission function, so that Baidu can include pages faster.

(IV) disclosing the black hat SEO and the rapid ranking of parasite breeding procedures

With the development of the Internet, the network is becoming more and more close in daily life and national production and life, so a new career has emerged-what is seo, seo? Baidu encyclopedia explains that SEO is abbreviated by Search Engine Optimization and translated as “search engine optimization” in Chinese. SEO refers to the technology and process of obtaining website traffic from natural search results. On the basis of understanding the natural ranking mechanism of search engine, the internal and external adjustment and optimization of the website is carried out, the natural ranking of keywords in the search engine is improved, and more traffic is obtained, so as to achieve the goal of website sales and brand building.

Seo is as black and white as it is in real life.

White Hat SEO is advocated to increase the user experience, encyclopedia explains that it is the use of seo optimization methods in line with the mainstream search engine distribution policy. It is the opposite of the black hat seo. White hat SEO has always been considered the best SEO method in the industry, it is to avoid all risks to operate, but also to avoid any conflict with the search engine distribution policy, it is also the highest professional ethics standards for SEOer practitioners.

Black hat SEO makes use of the loophole of search engine algorithm to get ranking quickly. The common traditional black hat seo techniques are: garbage link, hidden web page, brush IP traffic, bridge page, keyword stacking, brush drop-down, JS framework, station group and so on. In the new 2015, Baidu increased the punishment for cheating on SEO, so as virtue rises one foot vice rises ten, mirror stations and breeding programs became popular, mirrored high-weight websites, or SEO structured websites mirror inner page reproduction programs, and so on.

Mirror high weight website to do pan-station, for example, be mirrored station fast ranking, to achieve fast screen.

Parasite mirror reproduction program, using high weight inner page to make ranking, to achieve fast ranking, hegemonic screen

Black hat SEO development stage

Baidu CEO Mr. Li Yanhong is the inventor of the search engine hyperchain algorithm, so the link in Baidu’s initial algorithm is an important part, in 2013 Baidu released Baidu green Luo algorithm online announcement link or in the seo ranking accounted for a large proportion of the vote, at that time SEO knew to send out the chain, hanging black chain can be described as the initial barbarous growth of SEO.

Hijacking of black hat SEO

During this period, there is also a kind of hijacking, the emergence of ASP,PHP,HTML script hijacking, reverse proxy hijacking and so on, reverse proxy hijacking cases are typical of Li Yi, see the reverse proxy hijacking materials see ZAC Daniel’s blog, script hijacking principle is to call the written script, the use of government stations or high weight stations, we all know that because of the current mechanism of our country, the government station is more authoritative. For the search engine to see the target keywords, the user search is to see the government station. JS is used to judge the user search keywords to jump the target station. Hijacking is too crazy, Baidu later appeared a security alliance to intercept. Hijacking has developed to this day. Baidu basically makes up for the loophole in the algorithm, and basically has no big effect.

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