What are the necessary tools for Google SEO? [TOP 30]

Intro:   "Foreign Trade Dog, focus on foreign trade marketing promotion of practical information sharing!"These Google SEO tools are my more commonly used tools, easy for everyone to use, I made a summary of t

“Foreign Trade Dog, focus on foreign trade marketing promotion of practical information sharing!”

These Google SEO tools are my more commonly used tools, easy for everyone to use, I made a summary of the tools. In order to facilitate your choice, some brief introductions have been added. If you have used some foreign SEO tools, you need a tool collection page, you can enter this page: foreign trade website promotion tool navigation, foreign trade marketing promotion resources complete tools, at the same time, many high-quality resource stations!

Let’s start with the Google SEO tool.

Introduction to keyword tools

Google keywords planner

Recommended index:

Google Keywords planner can only be used if you use Google Adwords. Is the official keyword tool for Google. The external keyword tool data sources are basically from Google Keywords planner data.

Keywords Everywhere (https://keywordseverywhere.com/)

Recommended index:

This is a browser plug-in tool, very easy to use, but also a foreign trade dog Fei brother’s favorite keyword tool, data from Google Keywords Planner. After you add it to the browser, you can see the index of keywords, CPC bids, Competition, and so on on the SERP page

At the same time, give the relevant keywords and keyword suggestions on the right side of the SERP page, these words can be used as LSI keywords.

Keywordtool.io (https://keywordtool.io/))

Recommended index

Search for keywords, display keywords you can see, but there is no specific data. But you might as well look for the relevant keywords:

Keywords shitter (https://keywordshitter.com/)

Recommended index:

Put the keywords you want to search in the box and click “shit keywords”. A lot of relevant keywords came out.

More than 900 came out, and I terminated it. Pull down and you can also see the index of these keywords, CPC bids, Competition, and so on, similar to the keywords everywhere above.

Kwfinder (https://kwfinder.com/))

Recommended index:

Kwfinder is a paid keyword tool, the price is fair, much cheaper than before. For the basic version, $29.9 a month, 100 keywords can be analyzed per day. You enter keywords, out of the relevant keyword data, but also give this keyword difficulty score, more than 50 points is more difficult words. Finally, the SERP page is given, and an analysis is made for the TOP 10 SERP page! Very suitable for content stations.

Answer The Public (https://answerthepublic.com)

Recommended index:

Strictly speaking, this is not a keyword tool, but it allows you to know what questions your users are asking. These can be real user needs, foreign trade dog Feige suggested that can be used as long tail keywords to do!

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Link analysis tool

Link analysis tools are very useful, here is a first introduction, the following “SEO integration tools” in the link analysis section, and the part is also very powerful!

Majestic (https://zh.majestic.com/)

Recommended index:

Majestic should be the most powerful link analysis tool on the market at present, with a paid version of $49.99, which is expensive! But the function is really good, to help you analyze the number of external chains, reference domains, ip, anchor text, and so on, and tell you the quantity and quality of the site. Analyze competitors’ websites, understand competitors’ external chain means, promotion methods, etc.

This is a powerful tool for reverse engineering!

(this article is the foreign trade dog [waimaodog] original, without permission, prohibited to reprint!)

Crawler simulation tool

Screaming Frog (https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk)

Recommended index:

Screaming frog is the best crawler simulation software / tool, it can quickly crawl your entire station URL, analysis TDK, status code, http, redirect, file size, inner chain number, SERP and so on. He is a very good tool for On-page. The free version can grab 500 links, which is enough for the average website.

Social media analysis

Different social media (Facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, reddit, youtube, etc.) have their own vertical analysis tools, I will not introduce them one by one. I will only introduce one joint tool, a well-known social media analysis tool in the marketing industry:

Buzzsumo (https://app.buzzsumo.com/))

Recommended index:

Buzzsumo can help you find the hottest article about what you’re looking for! Search for “giveaway marketing” and you can see the most popular articles in the social media (ranked by the total number of times shared by the social media). Then you can analyze why these articles are so hot, will bring you a lot of gains!

At the same time, Buzzsumo can do content analysis, when to share related articles, and so on, you can also use search BIO or Content to find Influencers. It is a kind of underestimation of social media tools and should be defined as a content marketing tool! The function is really powerful.

Website speed measuring tool

Tools officially recommended by Pagespeed Insight (Google)


Recommended index:

The Pagespeed Insight website speed measuring tool is the official tool of google, and the way of analysis is as follows:

According to the laboratory data analyzed by Lighthouse, there are many diagnostic results and optimization suggestions!

GTmetrix (https://gtmetrix.com/)

Recommended index:

(this article is the foreign trade dog [waimaodog] original, without permission, prohibited to reprint!)

In more detail, the commonly used speed measuring tools abroad. More details! Compared with this optimization, the speed will certainly be much faster!

SEO audit tool

Woorank (https://www.woorank.com/)

Recommended index:

The SEO audit is to see how your website SEO is doing. Where to do well, where not good, how to improve and so on! Woorank is still a good audit tool, and some audit services on Fiverr cost $5 / 20, which is actually the one you use. There are also audit tools in SEO Powersuit, which are very useful.

Open SEO Stats (Chrome plug-in)

Recommended index:

Can monitor the basic SEO profile, can be used as a basic SEO audit! (brother Fei is not very common)

SEO integration tool

SEO integration tool is a comprehensive analysis of the website (external chain, collection, ranking, weight, audit, etc.), such a tool is the best tool to do reverse engineering, which is not available in China. Usually use a SEO integration tool, because these tools are not cheap!

Moz (https://moz.com/)

Recommended index:

Few people who do overseas operations and promotion do not know Moz, and in a previous article “Best practices for B2B Brand website Google SEO 2019”, Moz’s “definition terminology” was also mentioned to get traffic. Moz tool is an excellent website integration analysis tool, Moz seems to go downhill in recent years, the limelight has been taken away by SEMRUSH and Ahrefs!

Moz also has Chrome plug-in, see a website weight is good, after installing plug-in, in search SERP page will have website ranking, link and so on approximate statistics!

Semrush (https://www.semrush.com))

Recommended index:

Very detailed Google SEO integration data analysis tool! The data is more accurate, the crawler is also many, so the data timeliness is also possible, the accuracy is also reliable! At present, it is also one of the top three tools.

In 2018, SEMrush had up to 30 important tools.

SEO quake plug-in

Recommended index:

It is a Chrome plug-in, and you can see the approximate data statistics of the site on the search results page, similar to the Moz Chrome plug-in. Its data source is SEMrush, so the data source is reliable!

SE0 powersuite (https://www.link-assistant.com/))

Recommended index:

This is a very powerful collective tool, link analysis is very good. Mainly Rank Tracker,WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, Link Assistant and so on, each of which has a separate software.

Ahrefs (https://ahrefs.com/)

Recommended index:

At present, one of the best Google SEO integration tools, but also my favorite tool, Taobao on the purchase of services, a month is only 50 yuan. The timeliness of the data is very good, the link analysis is very good! (just buy this tool directly and use it. I really like it too much.)

And their blogs are full of practical information.

Smallseotool (https://smallseotools.com/)

Recommended index:

Really praise a compliment, completely free, foreign trade dog flying brother the most commonly used! It is different from other website analysis is very awesome, this is a collection of N multi-SEO tools: text content tools (plagiarism check, grammar problems, pseudo-original, word count statistics, etc.), keyword tools (keyword ranking, keyword analysis, related keyword search, keyword competition, etc.), external chain tools (external chain checking, deadlock checking, link price calculation, etc.), as well as website management tools and website analysis tools, The function is very complete, very recommended!

Spyfu (https://www.spyfu.com)

Recommended index:

Strictly speaking, it is a keyword tool, understanding keyword PPC bid and so on, but also has other functions, data lag, is not particularly recommended!

Serpstat (https://serpstat.com))

Recommended index:

This tool is slightly better than SPYFU, the data lag, but more complete.

Sistrix (https://www.sistrix.com/))

Recommended index:

Similar to SEMrush, ahrefs.

Website data analysis tool

Google Analytics

Recommended index:

The greatest free data analysis tool, more than 10 times better than Baidu statistics! Do the tools that Google SEO must install! Tools that must be installed! There is a Optimize tool in it, which is very good.

Mixpanel (https://mixpanel.com/)

Recommended index:

A very professional third-party data analysis tool, a commonly used growth effect detection tool for growth hackers. It is compatible with A / B Test, effect and can be monitored.

Website traffic ranking analysis tool

Similarweb (https://www.similarweb.com))

Recommended index:

Similweb is doing better and better. Techcrunch’s website ranking data interface uses Similarweb.. Website ranking / regional analysis / traffic source and breakdown, I believe that every competitor analysis will come here to have a look.

Alexa (https://www.alexa.com))

Recommended index:

Alexa was the dominant family in the early days, and the ranking of websites is basically here, and the Chinese version of the Alexa ranking in Chinaz’s data comes from his data. The data are slightly inaccurate.

Now won by ecommerce giant amazon!

Only the best foreign trade SEO tools are introduced, which can already be used. If you have a better one, you can comment on it. If you have a SEO tool that you don’t know how to use, you can leave a message!

I have sorted out a “summary of common tools and common resources for foreign trade promotion” to help you find the tools you want.

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